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We hope you enjoy watching Episode Two of our first season, and that it provides inspiration and witness for your Christian spiritual journey.  If the spiritual journey is not something you have given much thought to, it is my hope that my witness will niggle you to make your own search for the Truth.

Over the years Charlie & I have filmed in all sorts of weather, and filming this project has proved to be no different!  While we enjoyed wonderful sunshine, the wind was not our friend!  Luckily only a snippet or two are a little hard to hear. Have patience as we fine tune our filming process, and enjoy the video!   Please feel free to send questions or comments to thedeliverancenetwork@gmail.com.  God bless!



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I am excited to report that my young reporter friend, Charlie, and I have finished filming Season One of our new  Deliverance Network Channel on Youtube.  We hope to have six episodes each season for you and will likely release them weekly.

This Channel will be a vehicle for sharing episodes of recreations of my many mystical experiences of Jesus, God, Mary, angels & Satan & demons.  Many of the experiences will share words and messages from God of importance for everyone – especially considering the precarious times we live in.

It is my hope that my witness and our Channel be a support and inspiration for your spiritual journey, and that you share it with your friends and family.  I cannot stress seriously enough the urgent need for everyone to recognize that their life here on earth is a spiritual journey, and that our collective choices for good or evil have an immense impact on our world, future, and indeed our individual eternity.  It is of extreme importance that mankind take heed to the call to repent, make or renew a commitment to love, and search for God and follow His Commandments.

I personally take this responsibility and work quite seriously, and promise to deliver you Truth, as I have experienced it these past 18 years, under the wonderful direction of many Catholic priests.  I would be lost without their valuable direction, training, advice and guidance.  A special thanks as well to Charlie Senack for the amazing job this young man is doing in filming, editing and producing this work.  Please feel free to post your comments and feedback, or send us an email at thedeliverancenetwork@gmail.com.

*Editorial Correction – Closing credit should state St. Patrick’s R.C. Church, not Fallowfield United Church.  We hope to correct the video as soon as Charlie has a free moment! For an overview of our Channel, please check out the trailer below. God bless!

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