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As we are now well into the series on our adversary, Satan, today’s sharing highlights increasing spiritual persecution and increasing spiritual protection.  As well I must point out that this series is by no means the focus of the website, just as Satan should never be the focus of our thoughts.  This expose is one that has been discussed, approved and confirmed by my spiritual director as a much-needed enlightenment for a world that is disinclined to believe in the spiritual world, particularly the real existence of malevolent spiritual beings.  It is in that vein that this information is offered – as light for those who are unaware, as testimony for those who do not believe, and means for deliverance for those who are afflicted.  To that end I realized it would be convenient and timely to have a Spiritual Warfare First Aid Kit easily accessible on this site for a quick reference in cases where one is experiencing spiritual attack.  Click the link to access this ‘checklist’.

I have been fortunate to have a very holy, knowledgeable priest – a retired exorcist – as my director.  As most people know, exorcists in the Catholic Church are about as experienced as one can be in disarming the enemy of our souls.  They have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that I believe can be helpful to many people.  So while I would never recommend anyone seek to read their experiences to give time, attention and glory to Satan – as that would take the focus away from where it should be – God.  The particular specialized ministry of exorcists, however,  is of great value in helping souls to turn away completely from evil and grow in holiness.

It is my hope that this website will be a valuable vehicle for the sharing of the life experience of another one of those specially called priests, my director – Rev. Joseph E. Kane – so that his knowledge will not be lost in obscurity, but available to help many souls now and in the future.

In the following dream experience I wish to highlight and reiterate that holy forces surround us and we need not fear the darkness of the night, particularly the thick darkness gathering in the world:


I dreamed I was in my father’s living room in Heart’s Desire by the large stone hearth.  There was a rock band with me.  One of it’s members was into the dark arts.  I opened a page of a newspaper – I think it was ‘The Sun’.  There were voodoo charms all over the page.  This dark arts rock band member (all the members of this clan were also dark somehow) became excited and wanted to try to curse me.  I wanted to close the paper, but he took a charm from the page – or the page that had charms and voodoo relics.  As soon as he did this to try to post a curse against me, the date of his death came up on the page.  It was only a few days away.

Then, next thing I know the voodoo curse/hell’s legions/Satan’s minions start to shoot sharp red arrows at me.  They bounce right off me without even touching me (like an invisible shield is around me).  One after another they are fired at me, but I am strongly defended.  Angels are then shown – white – rushing in front of me to block all shots.  Then I see a huge horned beast with a foul face – hideously scary and huge – rise up behind the stones of the fireplace.  The large stone hearth now looks like a medieval castle with lots of windows so I can see his rising behind the bricks through all the windows.  He is emerging to attack.

Other good angels come, but the power of this beast is so strong, some are blasted and turned smoky black as they are hurled away off to the side after being fired at (not destroyed but taking much heat if you will) – so much so that another good angel has to join forces with the original one defending me to assist.

The power of the good angels overcomes the attack of the bad, but the ‘heat’ is being increased so to speak and the fight is becoming more intense.  However, I am still completely unharmed, safe and unable to be touched.

I am starting to hear from readers, even though this website is a fledgling one, and I am concerned by the stories starting to trickle in from everyday people who are experiencing things of the enemy and not sure where to turn.  Many are distraught.  It does not need to be this way!  The power and love of God are for all!  God loves dearly all the souls He has created and He wishes not even one to be lost – even those currently serving ‘the other side’.  In an earlier writing, Unprepared, I shared a dream experience that showed that one of the current groups of the population that is in the greatest need of prayer are those practicing witchcraft and the occult.  Indeed, their families are also in need of prayer as I cannot imagine the difficulties they face, seeing their loved ones travel down a dangerous path.

It is my hope that the information shared today and in the future will be of great service to many suffering untold difficulties in their personal lives because of the action of the enemy.  Know that my prayers are already with each of you every day and that I will pray for special intentions if they are brought to my attention.

God bless you all.


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This week’s writing is for all those souls out there who have said yes to God and may be experiencing escalated attack of the enemy because of it.  I believe this particularly occurs with souls who are called, or who will be called, to work in a greater way for God that results in a great loss to Satan’s kingdom.  In my case I am beginning to realize the reason I have experienced so much attack personally over the past few years is 1) because of the things God has allowed me to experience and 2) because I am sharing these experiences – writing to illuminate as many as will listen.

I share the following experiences in order to show you the protection available to us, and to teach you how to call on greater protection, should your need increase in proportion to your mission.

November 5, 2003 – Early Morning

I had a dream that Satan attacked me again – it was worse than the last dream (see The Face of Satan – Part VI).  It was something like being held incapacitated while he attacked and tried to possess me.  I recited three Hail Mary’s as before and he left.  I was somehow in a church and a good entity came and was leading me down the stairs of this church.  He/she was telling me/teaching me that I must learn well to defend myself more directly against Satan.

I started to wonder if there were a quicker prayer to have Satan leave, as one is quite agitated when this kind of thing is taking place – even in a dream.

Upon waking I resolved to discuss these dreams with my spiritual director, Father Kane.  His advice, as I have mentioned elsewhere in this website, is to call on the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus.  He has also advised that it is helpful to pray this invocation over your conscious and subconscious mind, so that you will have extra protection while sleeping.  The daily prayer of dedication is helpful in this if you have time to recite it each day.


November 19, 2003 7 a.m.

I dreamt there were demons trying to attack me all over my house.  One particularly large force was in my bedroom.  I could feel his evil presence.  A character in the dream drew a very detailed artist’s picture of what he saw – it looked like a fire breathing dragon with the most hideous face – full of anger and malice.

I was agitated and was trying every kind of prayer – Hail Mary’s and asking the archangels for their protection…  It was as if I was undergoing rigorous training on how best to confront and overcome demons.   Father Kane asked if I had holy water.  I said no, but I saw that the demon was afraid of it (holy water), so I asked Father Kane to bless some for me and I started to throw it at the demon.

In real life this translated to having my home blessed by a priest with holy water and continuing to have frequent blessings with anointing oil.  Father Kane advises keeping holy water in your home and another friend suggested blessed salt (which I needed and used in a subsequent attack that lasted during Holy week one year.) 


Tuesday, June 29, 2004 approx 4 a.m. (at our campsite)

Dreamt Satan was harassing me horribly with many demons helping him.  A lot of chaos was being created and it centered around the back door entrance to my trailer, which is the master bedroom (where I was sleeping).

I called to a friend to come witness this.  Then Satan attempted to create more chaos in the room where I was sleeping.  I was becoming frightened as he was playing mind tricks with me.  I knew I had to get to Father Kane.

Then in the dream I left the trailer and went into some house.  An expert was there.  This expert knew something was harassing me, but thought it was of ‘this world’.  I saw the demons flying everywhere and said no, pointing to the ceiling where I could see demons flying and the areas of the ceiling would go black as they flew overhead.

I said to Father Kane, who was with me now in the dream:  “I’m so lucky I have you or I’d be lost and in big trouble without your help.”  I re-entered my trailer.  Satan stood before me and kept changing shapes and trying to ram at me from various angles.  He was seething in anger at me because I was entering a new phase of my service to God and was going to be taking many souls away from him.  I had some very special mission and Satan wanted to try to frighten me to get me to stop.  He was extremely frightening, but I noticed as he was trying to attack me like this that he could only get so close – there was a perimeter around me several feet wide that he could not enter or approach.  Nevertheless, I was agitated.

I rose forcefully against Satan, crossing myself and told him to go.  I told him that I WOULD NOT STOP my service to God.  I realized I had to face him directly – square on.   As I started crossing myself, I started calling Jesus.  Then a male angel appeared, surrounded by shining light, and approached Satan with some power and backed him up against a wall.

Then Jesus came in, dressed as I have seen Him before – in a plain, white, girded robe.  He came with other angels.  I was so relieved!  He defended me against Satan somehow.  Then He changed into a lamb and walked toward me.  As he got closer and my fear and sense of danger passed, I felt my feelings of love and longing for Him rise up and spill out of me.  I started saying:

I miss you so much, my Beloved Lamb!” (over and over again)

Still in the form of a lamb he exited my trailer by the same rear door the attack had started at.  I knew He heard my words of love and longing as He left, but He said nothing.  I could tell, though, that He accepted my feelings.  He had just come to defend me and left.

These three dreams highlight increasing personal attack and increasing personal strength in the spiritual battle.  Please take a moment to reflect on where our strength lies!  Help and protection is all around us.  We but need to seek it.  These experiences (and the experiences of many others out there who perhaps don’t speak about them) show that there is such a thing as spiritual warfare.  It is unfortunate that Satan does not always present himself as ugly (see The Face of Satan Part VI), but sometimes in disguise as good, making it hard to distinguish his works.  Most important though, is the truth that the power of God is much greater and that we have the protection of holy angels, Jesus and Mary in this battle.

If you are interested in further information on the issue of spiritual warfare, check out one of the links below:



May God bless you abundantly in your journey.



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