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This segment features a recent message from our Lord Jesus through the visionary Luz de Maria de Bonilla. It is a loving, but serious message from our Lord, exhorting us not to fear, but to return to God as the times are decisive.

He warns that many are not paying attention to the signs of the times – particularly signs of coming famine. He warns that lamentation and social revolts will be throughout the earth. He also speaks of diseases and the coming ‘mark’ that people will be forced to take to procure food and medicines – a mark we know as ‘the mark of the Beast’.

As serious as this message is, Jesus asks us to pray and tells us that we will not be abandoned no matter how severe the moment may be: “I am your God and I will never abandon you.” Many times we have been warned of coming times and the need to make a firm choice for God, but also reassured that we do not need to fear and that we are strongly protected by those unseen agents of Heaven – angels, and by our Father, our Lord and our mother, Mary.


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This segment features a recent message purportedly from God regarding the ‘grace of the present moment’. The visionary, Maureen Kyle-Sweeney and the ministry, Holy Love, are currently under investigation by the church and so this is presented for your discernment.

In this loving message God speaks about the grace of the present moment and that each present moment will never come again in the same manner with the same graces. It is hard sometimes to feel that present moment sufferings are grace, but I share that this has been reiterated to me by a former spiritual adviser, that ‘all is grace – all is gift.’

This message is one of a loving Father with concern for the welfare and especially salvation of all his children. I share this to highlight loving, hopeful messages even though we have entered dark times. Should you wish to have a look at the messages and ecumenical ministry, Holy Love, please discern for yourself at http://www.holylove.org.


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This segment features a message from St. Michael the Archangel through the visionary Luz de Maria de Bonilla. This is again a strong message and warning to be prepared for the times that are coming and in fact are already unfolding.

He warns that “fraternity among God’s children is paramount and unity is necessary in the face of the onslaught of evil that wants to destroy and divide the works of our King and Lord, Jesus Christ.

He warns that ‘what is coming are the fiercest trials and the fiercest assaults that humanity has faced in this generation.’ It is not the end of the world, but moments of trial, accompanied by a moment of truth (the Warning), when we will look at ourselves and see that we have rejected the truth and not prepared ourselves. He advises that we do not have a long time to wait, and again warns of coming famine and economic collapse, along with the separation of the wheat from the tares.

He leaves us with the loving warning to remain on spiritual alert and to not depart from our faith so that we do not wake up being part of the tares! He leaves us with the loving words:

Without fear continue with firm steps and in haste. Continue to hope, not despairing, but trusting in the Trinitarian Will. You are loved, therefore I bring you words of eternal life, calling you to conversion. Come; Embark on the true path, the one that leads you to meet our King and Lord Jesus Christ. I protect you, I bless you. Do not fall prey to fear. My heavenly legions keep you protected.”


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