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I finally found a moment, in what has been an incredibly busy, crazy year, to sit and continue writing and share my spiritual journey.  When I last wrote – almost a year ago (!) – I shared a dream of Mary and the devotion to Mary as Undoer of Knots.  How much we need this devotion in our world today after unfolding events – particularly in my own country and city of Ottawa this past week.  The world seems to be unraveling with dizzying speed – even in my own little corner.  Canadians particularly this past week felt first-hand, in a horrifying way, the effects of evil – evil that arises out of the hearts of men.  It is getting harder and harder to not walk in fear.

However, we were not made to live in fear, but to live in love, peace and harmony.  It is a difficult thing to live in love, peace and harmony when your neighbour lives with hatred and fear, but again, it is out of the hearts of men that the condition of the world emerges – out of each and every heart.  That means that your heart makes a difference.  Your heart is the difference.  Your heart is the difference between hatred and love; evil and good; mistrust and trust; dissension and harmony; fear and peace.  It makes sense then to start with your own heart.

A friend of mine recently commented how shocking it is that only one evil person can create such enormous chaos, heartbreak, fear and pain with actions that emerge out of that heart, as we saw in Ottawa this week.  I admitted that this is true, but pointed out then how much power can emerge out of the heart of one who seeks to do good.  The balance is in the number of hearts and their choice for evil or good.  Every heart that decides to pursue truth, goodness and love automatically changes the direction of the world and the course of humanity for the better.  That is why I seek to spend as much free time in prayer and loving service as possible.  I have chosen that the intention of my heart and its actions are good.  Does this mean that it is easy?  No.  Does this mean that I do not ever make a mistake? No.  Does this mean that I am perfect – heck no!  But what it does mean, is that I try and never stop trying.  Every present moment is each person’s choice to try.  As we look at the world around us, it is ever more urgent that it be your choice to try.  This is what Mary is asking each soul to do in her purported revelation recently to a visionary in Medjugorje:

Dear children! Pray in this time of grace and seek the intercession of all the saints who are already in the light. From day to day may they be an example and encouragement to you on the way of your conversion. Little children, be aware that your life is short and passing. Therefore, yearn for eternity and keep preparing your hearts in prayer. I am with you and intercede before my Son for each of you, especially for those who have consecrated themselves to me and to my Son. Thank you for having responded to my call.”Message of October 25, 2014-www.medjugorje.org

Most people don’t tend to stop and think of how short and passing their life really is – without faith in a life after this one, that is too scary a thing to contemplate.  The reality is, as we have seen this past week, none of us really knows when our moment to leave this earth will be.  It makes sense then to start now to look at the inner person – the soul – and make an earnest effort to discover truth.  If one sets that intention, I guarantee you it will lead to Jesus.  I also guarantee that no matter what happens to you after that, it will also lead to peace – a peace this world so obviously cannot give.  Our time is short.  Some difficult things lie ahead.  However, God is amid it all.  It is only this knowledge and surety that keeps my feet firmly planted on the path of good, despite the world around me.  May this surety and peace come to rest in your heart and may you choose love and goodness, no matter the days ahead.

Having given this encouragement to begin or deepen your spiritual walk, I now share again difficult things that have been part of my spiritual walk for some time, and a continuation of my series on “The State of Chaos”.  Whether these crazy things I have dreamed become part of our reality or not, only time can answer.  However, I continue to stand as one who gives testimony to the deeper truth unfolding here – our spiritual truth – underlying spiritual truth that is hidden in the events of our world, but of utmost importance to each and every person.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dreamt I was with friends/teammates.  I was in the neighbourhood of Heart’s Desire and I was going to help my son deliver a newspaper route in the neighbourhood.  He had just been given the job.  I said I would help him do it.  It was on an early morning route – the Globe & Mail, but I wanted to deliver it now while it was still daylight the day before to get a head start/jump on things.  I had the news the day before – I had it ahead of time.  There were only eight papers in the bundle.  We started to deliver the news and the dream changed.

All of a sudden out of the sky – clear – from nowhere – materialized and then dropped, were hoardes of giant yellow helicopters.  I knew they were the “black blobs” of the worldwide invasion dream (of Tuesday, June 12, 2007), and that it was the start of evil round-up and domination.

As I walked hurriedly with my group of friends/teammates, I started to warn them and any who would listen to invoke the Protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over themselves – exhorting firmly, loudly and urgently.

Men streamed from the helicopters and they all had guns – like machine guns slung over the shoulder like militia/army – guerilla looking.  They were rounding people up and killing some.  It was chaos as people churned through the streets, afraid and unaware of what was occurring – looking for safety, but not knowing the real danger of the underlying evil behind all this.

As I went with my friends/teammantes, some got picked up – one perhaps killed.  I was exhorting a friend, Margaret (in the dream – means “Pearl”), to do the invocation.  She was a little embarrassed at me throwing “religious stuff” at hear.  I insisted.  I could see what was happening.  The ones not protected by Jesus were targeted and able to be seen and rounded up, questioned and killed if these militia men wanted to.  However, us who were protected by Jesus and ones who called on the Protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus, even as this was descending and unfolding, were all of a sudden completely immune as well.  I saw:  It was as if we were/became like invisible to this descending evil invasion.  They looked right through us and had no ability to harm us/touch us.

It was an eerie sensation being in the middle of this churning fear, chaos and horror in the streets – watching what they were doing to others that either chose not or could not hear the warnings – and being “invisible” and “untargettable” by this invasion hoarde.  My friend listened to me at the very last second and did as I said – mostly only because she found herself facing one militia ‘unit’ head-on directly and she fearfully did it to try to save her life – even though she didn’t really believe it would work.  She was instantly immune and became ‘invisible’ to their gaze and sight.

I saw another situation involving two men just before I woke.  It is hard to explain.  It was the fact that there had been two men – linked for some reason, but not sure how or why.  Then I saw the first of the two.  They (the militia) had got to him and he had been attacked.  He had the life sucked out of him and he had been bent and flattened and they had put him on ice in a locker with a glass door but he was not dead.  He was a prisoner of their forces.  The second man, who had the name Gary (means spear+brave) in the dream, took my advice and walked away with me and with others who were escaping.  We were free – we had become invisible and unable to be harmed or even targeted and we walked away free – gathering together – going somewhere, but I know not where.  I woke up.

Since I never read the news, watch the news, or listen to the news, I am very, very ignorant of worldwide events…but when I start to look for photos to use on this website, I am often linked to news websites that relate to the dreams I share here – and I am often shocked by what I read that is going on ‘out there’…and how it correlates to my dreams…but I still continue to hope, watch and pray – for discernment and courage – and hope that you out there are encouraged to also watch and pray, and to grow in love and spiritual deepening to face whatever lies in the days ahead.


*N.B.:  At the present time this is the first posting on this website not reviewed by my Catholic priest director/s, as he recently retired, and I am in the process of waiting for God to provide a new one. All postings without review will be noted as such.

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