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Welcome to Part I of III of our All Hallows’ Eve Special.  Segment I is titled “The Spiritual Battle” and is the sharing of some of my personal God-given experiences of the nature of the spiritual battle, and the difficulty of the narrow, uphill climb.  It is shared for your discernment and as an aid in your own spiritual journey, and in witness to the hidden spiritual warfare that surrounds us.  The spiritual battle is something all of us are engaged in as human beings. It is our spiritual growth in our lives here that ideally should bring us to awareness of that battle and a choosing of sides – God, Who is Love and His Son, Jesus Christ, or evil.

By right of our baptism, all Christians are called to work for the Body of Christ in our own growth, spiritual development & deepening of our relationship with God. Then, in turn, we are called to be of service to others. It is essential that we all become aware of the truth of this spiritual battle, so that we can be drawn into the safety of a relationship with God, and be a beacon of light to others.

I hope this witness helps you in the narrow climb of faith and holiness, and offers encouragement to persevere through the twists & turns of the spiritual journey we call life.

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