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Calling All Intercessors

With today’s writing I would like to highlight the extreme power each individual has as an intercessor in prayer.  The definition of an Intercessor is:

a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.”

As spiritual beings living in a physical world, we have yet to fully understand the true nature of our ability to intercede in events through directed thought – ie. prayer.  But that doesn’t mean our power as intercessors is any lessened.  All that is required is faith and trust…and a little bit of pixie dust?

I don’t mean to be facetious, but what ‘if‘ your prayer could literally sprinkle graces where they were needed because your trust and faith was profound and the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, had a vehicle to do profound work?  I am reminded of the faith of the Centurion:

Matthew 8:5-13New International Version (NIV)

The Faith of the Centurion
5 When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, asking for help. 6 “Lord,” he said, “my servant lies at home paralyzed, suffering terribly.”

7 Jesus said to him, “Shall I come and heal him?”

8 The centurion replied, “Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed. 9 For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and that one, ‘Come,’ and he comes. I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.”

10 When Jesus heard this, he was amazed and said to those following him, “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith. 11 I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. 12 But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

13 Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.” And his servant was healed at that moment.”  Matthew 8:5-13

But how does one get this kind of faith?  The answer is by seeking the One behind the veil – Jesus.  Once you know Him, all things become possible, because you know He who can answer all prayers, and you trust Him to do that which is Good, because He is all Goodness.  Then, your prayer truly becomes most powerful, as it was with the Centurion, who having Jesus in front of him, sensed by meeting Him that He had the Power to intervene.  He knew Him face to face.  And he knew there was something extraordinary about Him that meant all he had to do was ask, in faith.

And he was not wrong.  This is proved by Scripture in Matthew 8:5-13 where it tells us that the Centurion’s servant was instantly healed.  This power of intercession did not end with the times of the Bible.  This very power of intercession still exists and is accessible by us today through the same faith.  We have but to exercise it, and trust.

This is an apostleship I have personally taken very seriously now for 17 years, since my call to be an intercessor, under the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood.  I simply believed, picked up my rosary and started praying.  And wow, how things began to change!  My beautiful, glorious Lord revealed Himself to me most mightily after that, as anyone who has followed this blog knows.  However, the results of my prayers will only be known in eternity, though I am sure they are known now to the God I have followed since that day.  And though I don’t often know the who, what, where and when of my intercessory effort, I trust God to put it to the greatest Good.  In His Omniscience, He knows far greater than I where to apply the graces I pray for.  Such was the case in a powerful dream experience of my Beloved Jesus in 2008.  What it fully means and what it prevented or postponed, I will only know in eternity:

September 8, 2008

Dreamt I came upon a large, large room, like an auditorium in a building, where many were gathered sitting at tables.  A friend of mine remarked that she had met a wonderful teacher there – Jesus.

I went immediately to where she pointed, for I longed to see Him so desperately as I love Him SO!!!

I saw Him from a distance sitting among people at the tables.  I believe they were Christians.  I expressed something to my friend about how – “Isn’t He the most beautiful thing!!!  How can you even bear to see Him and be around Him so lackadaisically/casually?!”  My ardour was such that I could not bear seeing Him and yet ached to see Him!

He saw that I had seen Him thus and knew that I was approaching the area where He sat.  He got up before I came near and went out the furthest door from me, which was near the front of the auditorium by the stage.  He was dressed in a simple white robe.  As I knew He was going out this door and exiting the building, I exited the door nearest to me to catch Him outside as He exited His door.  I called out to him, “Teacher!”.  As I came outside, however, I saw that He had disappeared the moment He exited!  I knew He was purposely keeping Himself hidden from me and I fell away into a street from this courtyard area just outside the right side of this building and I stumbled away  in gasping, soul-wrenching sobs that wracked me to my core.  I could not even breathe.  I cried and gasped and pounded stone & brick walls as I flung myself into an alley where no-one could see my flagellation and gut-wrenching moans and sobs of inescapable agony at not being able to see and be with my Beloved.  The pain was excruciating!!!  I have never cried or sobbed or gasped for any reason in my life such as I have this night for love and longing of my Holy Jesus!  It is because I love Him to such a degree that my pain is so great.

As I stumbled down this alley, I came to an alcove and spent myself in gasping, agonizing sobs at Him hiding Himself from me.  As I was able to breathe again I realized I had no choice.  I had to accept this and walk back out on the street where the people were.  My friend had just stood by watching me as I cried so – very surprised at how violent my love reaction to Jesus was.

I walked back up to the area I had come from and was aghast to see that a crucifixion was being prepared.  It was for a fat lady who sat at a long table eating and drinking and joking about the fact that she was going to be crucified.  She was so hard of heart that she was even joking that her family wouldn’t have to pay for her burial costs, etc.  I was aghast!!!  The woman was so hard of heart, flippant and in denial – right up to this last supper before her crucifixion!

I turned to my left and saw Jesus sitting at a long table facing her as Judge.  Onlookers stood all about watching this scene, almost in entertainment and doing nothing to intervene.  I began to plead the woman’s case.  I was begging and pleading with such ardour and fear for the woman that I completely forgot my own longing as I addressed Jesus – only completely aghast and concerned for what was unfolding before me.  I pleaded desperately with Him to have mercy and distinctly remember saying (roughly):

JESUS!!!  It is to such as these that the state/depth/fate of hell belongs, as their heart is so hardened that they cannot even soften their hearts facing their own crucifixion!”

I begged with Him because of this, so that the woman might have a chance, and not go to hell.  I stood between Jesus and the woman and pleaded her case as a desperate intervention.  Then I pleaded again for a different reason.  I saw before me or was shown two pictures of Christmas food – Christmas celebration scenes of Christmas food.  I again spoke to Him saying:

How can her children celebrate Christmas if she is crucified?”

There were many onlookers around this awning-covered patio/courtyard area at the front of the Christian filled building Jesus, as Teacher, had sat in at the beginning of the dream.  This Judgement scene was taking place right outside the front of this building, just around the corner from the door He had exited at the right side near the front of the building.  The onlookers were not under the awning, but in the street and all watched the proceedings, thinking to themselves, “What difference is this girl going to make in changing His mind?!!”  They had seen my love for Christ and my ardour, but had not understood it.

As I stood before Jesus now, seriously pleading for the woman’s life with all the passion that the love pain had shown, they were shocked at the very great power that I had before the Lord.  As we all waited a moment in expectant silence for Jesus to speak, He, facing the woman, said:

The sentence is dismissed.”

I was filled with such great relief, but knew the story was not over.  The woman had been spared this crucifixion/punishment, but needed to change her hardness of heart and take seriously the urgency of the time and the great pardon that had been granted her.  I vowed and was somehow granted to use the time to help the woman see and change her hardness of heart before it was time for her death.  The onlookers were absolutely shocked I had such intercessory power before Jesus.

I woke up with a start in a state I cannot convey…tears of joy, relief, gratitude, passion, longing, renewal, redoubling of intensity and effort all intermingled into one ball of disbelief and hope…

I lay down on my floor in an exhausted heap with a picture of my Jesus with His Sacred Heart exposed at my head and re-consecrated myself to Himself and Mary, and vowed that I would spend every last fibre of my life in His service and in service to the woman…

I leave it to others to interpret and discern who the ‘woman’ is in this Jesus experience, though I could speculate that she stands for the hard of heart in the church and in the world who do not take the spiritual journey seriously…

However, the importance I wish to stress with this sharing, is that it is a wonderful, serious responsibility to stand in the gap for others as an intercessor, and when prayers are answered it can be a wonderful feeling to think our faith in God helped make a difference.  The more difficult thing is to accept and understand when seemingly our prayers are not answered.  This too, though, requires trust – trust that God knows far better than we what circumstances are best allowed with His Permitting Will in order to save souls.  With God, it is always about what is best for our soul and ultimately the salvation of that soul so that it can join Him in Heaven.

This is where seeking God and getting to know Him more deeply, and following Him and His Commandments more closely is so important.  When you align yourself with all Goodness and build a relationship with Him through prayer and the practices of our faith, you come to know Him more fully and with that knowing, comes trust.  This trust is faith.  And that faith, once deepened, can become a faith that can move mountains – whether you see the results or not.  I have seen this firsthand and share another spiritual experience that showed how very important it is that each of us work seriously to deepen our relationship with God; That we seek to follow His commandments and become deep and solid in our faith so that we can access the Power of God – His Holy Spirit – in an ever more powerful way.

We are in a time in history where perhaps it has never been more important to turn thus towards God, and, once turned, to help your fellow man do the same.  This creates a domino effect of God’s power working in the world.  Through you.  Through me – a literal string of dominoes setting off waves of change in our world – for Good!  But we must deepen our faith to increase our intercessory power – especially for times here and times coming:

Sunday, August 11, 2013 @ my Campsite

Dreamt I saw a woman in a room who was possessed to some degree.  I knew a priest was in the room and he was preparing to do exorcism rites.

There were several Catholic faithful in the room as prayer intercessors.  I saw they were there to pray to help in the rite of exorcism.  However, I then saw that there was a stream of people coming who were all possessed to one degree or another.

I knew the exorcism rite was being started by the priest, but I didn’t see him doing it or the nature of the prayer.  The extreme focus of the dream was my ‘inside’ view of the power/Spirit emanating from the faithfuls’ hands as they prayed.  It was so weak!  I saw very little power or strength of prayer rising from their upturned hands!  It was so remarkably weak as their faith was correspondingly weak, so as to almost be completely ineffective.

I was then called or brought forward to do this kind of prayer as it was becoming very urgently needed and as I lifted my hands to pray, I saw very, very, very great power and Spirit rise from my hands, and it was this level of prayer needed and able to free those possessed.  Satan was very unhappy with my being brought forward (as my writings on this site have shown!), and a great deluge of attack was directed at me by him and demons, as I started to do this, but I was specifically sought and needed for this work as the prayer and faith of some of the other Catholic faithful was SO very weak!!!

I was quite surprised at this.  I did not see anything personal about the priest’s prayer life in this dream, but knew it was a priest performing exorcisms, and that I was desperately needed for this (kind of intercessory prayer).

Personally, a later dream from March of 2015 confirmed my call from God for this heavier kind of prayer, or deliverance work, and opportunities have come my way coincidentally to act as an intercessor in this deeper way.  This website, my prayer life, my women’s group – Sister†Hood, the documentaries I have started filming (watch for our next being released December 7, 2017:  “Messages from Heaven:  The Face of Satan and the Reality of Hell” – which will also focus on the dangers of the Occult), prayer requests and many other hidden actions are the many ways I am being called to stand in the gap for others.

While it is true that not all are called to be heavy prayer warriors or intercessors in deliverance, all intercessory prayer for our brothers and sisters is of vital importance for the salvation of souls and the shaping of our world for the better.  Only the most spiritually blind would deny the swirling storm clouds of evil and chaos seen in almost every region of the world.  Only the united effort of those willing to make a difference on the side of good, through conversion, action, faith, service, our mass offerings, sacrifices and prayers will help in overcoming this storm surge.  Join hands with your Christian brothers and sisters and commit to serving God and the world in being the intercession that you wish to see.  There is no other way.  May God bless your efforts – and your faith!


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