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We’re excited to announce our new Shop, from our sister ministry, Sister†Hood (excuse the pun…).  Our Shop features important spiritual warfare, protection, prayer & inner healing resources designed specifically for these times.  Please click here or the image above to be directed to our Shop, featuring many items available by donation purchase online, and now able to be shipped directly to you.  For outside of Canada, please email thedeliverancenetwork@gmail.com.  We are also always happy to welcome your donation to support our ministries!  Our items include:

  • Exorcism Blessed Sacramental Kits, which include Exorcism Blessed Holy Water and Salt with Blessing Prayer for sprinkling of the elements.  Blessed by Roman Catholic Priests using the Old Roman Ritual
  • Exorcism Blessed Oil – 1 oz Amber bottles of Exorcism Blessed Oil blessed by Roman Catholic priests using the Old Roman Ritual.
  • Exorcism Oil Blessed/Consecrated Wood Icon of the Holy Family – recommended in each home for protection
  • The late Exorcist, Reverend Joseph E. Kane’s book, “Your Light Shines in My Darkness – Spiritual Warfare”.  Includes detailed examples of the enemy’s tactics and powerful prayers for protection – recommended by the former Chief Exorcist of Rome, Fr. Gabriele Amorth
  • Blessed, hand decorated, one-of-a-kind devotional candles – minimum 51% beeswax
  • Sister†Hood Ki†s – Tools for Prayer, Spiritual Warfare & Protection & Inner Healing – can be used by men or women individually or at group meetings
  • On the Path to Calvary: Inner Healing via Stations of the Cross” book by Heather MacPhail – Excellent step-by-step resource for inner healing, designed for use in the traditional practice of the Stations of the Cross
  • Empty Amber 1 oz glass dropper bottles – perfect for homemade recipes of the Oil of the Good Samaritan – important protection from plague and disease

In addition to these powerful resources, we recommend prayers and methods of both consecration to The Holy Family, and information on how to consecrate your home and land as a refuge (resource: http://www.countdowntothekingdom.com).

For any questions, shoot us an email at thedeliverancenetwork@gmail.com.  Blessings!


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The Deliverance Network is pleased to present two new specials, “The Times” and “The Storm“.  With so much change and upheaval now, and especially unprecedented changes within our church and faith lives, as we are unable to celebrate Mass in many parts of the world now due to the Covid-19 crisis, it is ever more important that we stay strong in our faith and seek to grow closer to Christ this Easter Season.

The Times” contains several amazing experiences of angels, as well as testimony to the need for people to listen to witness to the truth of God and seek to amend their lives. It highlights continued warning of the shifting of the period of Mercy to a time of Justice, with a detailed experience of a vengeance angel and how prayer is urgently needed as it can mitigate our current circumstances. The overall message is that we should not fear as we are highly protected once we choose Christ. On the contrary; our firmness in faith and prayer is ever more important and can achieve much.

The Storm” contains a very recent spiritual experience of God where I was shown that it is now ‘night’, with a new part of my call and work for God to feature warning that we have entered the time of the “Sorrowful Hearts of Jesus & Mary”.  It also shares a night vision of a broiling time of evil that, like the Covid-19 virus, comes from East to West.  However, it also shares encouragement and exhortation from God that we must ‘prepare our hearts’.  This preparation entails what we have always been called to do, and that is to repent of any sin, believe in the Gospel, and seek to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Truly our call is to become what Jesus is…Love.

“The Times”


“The Storm”


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Blessings this Easter season from The Deliverance Network!  Charlie & I are happy to share Part 2 of our Easter Special – “Jesus is Risen and Still in Charge! – Part 2.

This segment shares with the viewer several experiences of Jesus and Mary, as well as spiritual attack from Satan, and demonstration of how Jesus intervenes to protect us, and how we are all powerfully protected once we choose Christ. It also shares an interior spiritual peek of the upheaval and changes in the church, with witness of how we are to go forward and stay strong in our faith despite current circumstances.


A Deliverance Network Easter Special – Jesus is Risen and Still in Charge! – Part 2


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