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I wanted to share today an extremely timely writing on the subject of the Occult and deliverance featured recently on Spirit Daily.

Just last week my young reporter friend, Charlie, and I premiered our second Documentary in the Series, “Messages From Heaven“.  This second Documentary, titled “The Face of Satan & The Reality of Hell” served as witness to the phenomenon of prophetic dreaming, true experiences of Satan, demons & Hell, the dangers of the Occult and stories of deliverance.  It also featured some of the life and work of the late Reverend Joseph E. Kane, an Exorcist with the Catholic Church, who spent many years in Peru working against witchcraft, voodoo, Satanism, possession and oppression.

Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare)

His book, “Your Light Shines in My Darkness:  Spiritual Warfare” is his testimony to the very real existence of Satan & demons, the truth of Hell and the need for deliverance.

Reverend Joseph E. Kane. Photo taken while studying @ the Vatican in Rome.

While it is extremely rare to actually become ‘possessed’, many can become ‘oppressed’ through gateways that are opened by dabbling in the Occult.  Father Joe’s book features very easy to read stories of possession, oppression & deliverance, as well as useful prayers, and is a must read for anyone concerned about this issue.  In the Catholic church, particularly, Exorcists are the specialists trained to work with heavy cases head on.  However, there are also many good deliverance prayers (see Catholic Warrior) and ministries out there to aid in deliverance from oppression and sins that have us bound.  The Unbound Ministry is starting to receive more attention, and I believe the need for deliverance ministry in general will become even more widespread in times to come (see also the local Ottawa Holy Spirit Healing Clinic), as people have lost sight of the reality of ‘sin’ and no longer even believe in the existence of Satan or Hell.  This opens us up to greater spiritual danger as even the sense of sin is being lost.

I will be posting the link to the recent documentary released on this subject very shortly.  It is just another small work to try to testify to the reality of spiritual warfare and the truth of our existence.  We didn’t just end up on this planet by accident, and we don’t cease to exist at our death either.  This life is our testing ground to make the decision for or against God; for or against evil; for or against sin – those transgressions against the Ten Commandments which are essentially transgressions against love.  In a nutshell our entire existence is about learning how to love, and what we do here determines our eternity.  Though God loves to death (literally in Jesus’ death on the cross) all of us, He won’t violate our free will.  Throughout our life and even at our death (particularly check out the witness and book “Divine Mercy in My Soul” of the Catholic Saint – St. Faustina Kowalska) God sends forth waves and waves of His love and mercy to help us choose Him and Heaven, but in the end whatever we choose, He will respect.

Satan unfortunately does the exact opposite.  He hates us vehemently, and I know what I am talking about as I have experienced him and his attack many times with glimpses into the spiritual realm.  Caricature aside, he is extremely vile, seething in anger, voracious for our demise, utterly despicable and horrifically evil.  I cannot paint a bad enough picture, to be honest.  He does everything in his power, with many demons helping him, to tempt people to sin and evil.  He literally delights in our destruction – something he is so smug about – especially as he watches us kill ourselves with hatred, warfare and sins such as abortion.  He mocks everything holy and particularly has furious hatred for those who work powerfully for God.

But don’t let this make you afraid.  I have also seen how utterly powerless Satan is against those who have chosen God.  We are so highly protected, and the great power holiness has against Satan is something he wishes us not to know.  You and I crush him to the floor with our faith and our prayer in God.  There is nothing to fear – unless of course you haven’t chosen God and worked to rout out sin.  Then, unfortunately, to one degree or another, Satan has you somewhat ensnared in one of his myriad fetters.  Hence the need for our Christian deliverance.  Please check out the resources provided in this writing and on this website should you need assistance in becoming free.

Lastly, I leave you with a prayer to aid in deliverance and faith from another deliverance website, http://www.jesusdelivers.com, so that even if it be the only thing you can utter because it happens to be right in front of you, I trust that God will use this small wedge to open the door of your heart to the most beautiful and unimaginable thing:  Freedom, peace and Love, by knowing the One Who is Love, our beautiful Father who waits for you

Confess the fact that Jesus loves you and repeat the following prayer every morning both in your heart and out loud: “Lord, I cover my mind, emotions, body, soul and spirit with the precious Blood of Jesus

Feel free to send a prayer request to our hotline as well, but know that we are already praying for you.  God bless!




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