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Today I would like to share with you an older dream with words from God, the Father.  The message of the dream imagery, along with the words He speaks, create a very clear, compelling request that we would all do well to heed.  It is a longer dream, so without further ado I present it for your discernment:

Insinuate by Johnny Hart

Insinuate by Johnny Hart*

MAY 3, 2005

Dreamt I was sitting at a table, telling a friend of my unusual dreams of God levitating me and speaking messages through me.  All of a sudden God entered me again with a powerful force and levitated me.  I was again slightly alarmed at what force was possessing my body.  I blessed myself and repeated “Jesus Christ” and said a few Hail Mary’s. Then the Prescence shot me out of the area I had been in.  I trusted it to be God and my body was in His power.  I said:

“What would you have me do, my Father?”

I hung suspended in the neighbourhood of Heart’s Desire.  He took my body, still levitated, and shot me through a gap between two houses.  He brought me to the edge of a cliff drop-off behind these homes.  There was a river there.  I trusted He would not let me fall to/in the water below, but I was a little disconcerted as I was quite high and the edge was rocky with water below.  But God paused here, as if waiting for my permission for Him to lower me off the cliff.  Even though apprehensive because it was a long fall I agreed and He descended me.

He took my body at a powerful speed into/above the river.  There were tall rocky cliffs on either side and we were in the middle of the river between Heart’s Desire and Stonebridge.  There was a computer set up in the middle of the river.  I sat possessed by His spirit/levitated – not touching the water, but on the surface and God controlled my body while a screen clicked on.   It showed many icons.  They all looked army green.  I clicked on an icon to open it.  It became as if a video game, which surprised me.  It showed the player surrounded by many larger creatures – beasts.  The beasts were surrounding from all sides and converging and swallowing the poor person that was the player.  The game was being lost.  The poor pitiful player would attempt to go to one thing in the world after another.  These worldly amusements looked like small slightly coloured prizes/attractions.  Each was a small icon like the symbols you try to click on or eat in a video game to win points.  But the player couldn’t make it do much at any of the icons because he turned from one to another, trying to flee these army green beasts and they were totally surrounding him.  Defeat was imminent and unavoidable.

The beasts were coming at the player from all sides and hemming it in and devouring it.  I saw this happen and then God lifted me away again, possessing my body and levitating me up the other side of the cliff to go warn people.  He shot me through the streets to the people.

I came to a table at a fork in the road.  One road went up and the other down – a high and low road, if you will.  The low road ran along beside the river I had just left.  There were many people around this table, some sitting, some standing.  Some people I knew and some I didn’t.  I started to speak God’s words/warnings to them.  I spoke of the impending Day of Judgement.  I spoke of the need to repent.  A girl I know, who I knew was a regular attending Catholic, started to cry and believed my words and what was occurring through me.  Her heart was softened and moved and she was amazed.  Some others stood/sat dumbfounded and stupefied at what was occurring and being said by me.

Another man, who I knew was Catholic, but did not know, sat laughing and mocking me and my warnings (mocking me as the witness).  God spoke to him through me and said:

“You call yourself a Catholic?  You will be sorry on the Day of Judgement!”

He said this because the man did not heed me or the warnings.  Then God levitated/moved me through the streets and I continued to proclaim my messages as He spoke through me.  The last, which I spoke aloud as I rose from sleep, was:


This was in reference to the fact that Judgement was imminent/very near.


The Unique Snowflake of Your Soul

The Unique Snowflake of Your Soul

The message of this dream seems pretty clear.  Examine your hearts!  Where do you think you stand on the path to holiness, which is the calling for each one of us?  Many people think holiness is only for a certain few chosen ‘saints’, but this is not the truth.  God has created each and every one of us for holiness.  But what is that, exactly?  It is to become, with time, grace and effort, a unique expression of love.  They say that there are no two snowflakes created equal.  To try to register this fact is mind-boggling!  How much more wonderfully complicated and wonderful are you – a unique human being!  There is no other you!  God has created you (and I believe I was given a little scientific vision of the ‘how’ which I will share down the road).

If I could convey one thing to you on this website, it would be to not sell yourself short for the faintly coloured little worldly amusements that you think fulfill you.  You have no idea what an empty, rattling, tin cup you really are inside until you find God – love!  We were each created to be filled and with this love that is God.  Without it, we are pitiful players, desperately going from attraction to attraction trying to fill ourselves up.  Think about it for a minute.  Where do you think the disordered, unhealthy addictions come from?  They come from the deep internal knowing that we have been separated from the thing that created us – God – love.  The aching chasm deep in our souls can never really be filled with anything else that makes us whole – satisfied.  Think about the food addictions, alcoholism, sex addiction, thrill seeking, power and money addictions, and I could go on and on and on.  Why is it never enough?  Why doesn’t it fill the hole?  Why do we wander from one faintly blinking icon attraction to another, only to still feel that something is missing?  Because it is!!!

I know it isn’t ‘cool’ these days for many people in the world to hear teaching about God, let alone Jesus.  Mmmmmmm.  Whether it’s cool or not, the fact is still that we are all empty, rattling tin cups when we look elsewhere for the thing our heart truly desires and was created for.  Love.  Please don’t wait ’til you’re faced with your mortality to contemplate this fact.  Please don’t miss the entire lesson of your life here on earth – seeking God and growing in love.  God is an atom bomb of love!  I, in my finite, limited existence, do a paltry justice to God in trying to describe the things I have seen.  An atom bomb of love is the closest thing I can think of to describe Him, as it is the biggest explosion of energy and power that I know about in the physical sense. 

As we head towards Easter, I think next week would be a good time to share with you an early experience I had – an experience my spiritual director calls a night vision.  It was a definitive experience of Jesus and the love that is His Sacred Heart, that made me truly aware of what a rattling, empty, tin cup we are without God.

I think all we need to do is examine our hearts and do as He asks…repent and prepare our hearts


*To see more of Johnny Hart’s work please visit www.johnhartstudios.com.

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Man Asleep

Man Asleep

In last week’s writing, “Unprepared”, I shared with you a very recent spiritual dream that showed various segments of the population and their state of spiritual unpreparedness for coming times.  It showed many people in the world are spiritually ‘asleep’.  But what does this mean?  To be spiritually asleep means to be devoid or unsure of faith in God and belief in a life to come after this earthly one.  It means being unconcerned about spiritual things altogether and living preoccupied solely with the things of this world.  Someone spiritually asleep may stumble across this article and say to themselves “Don’t bother me with this stuff.”  I understand.  I was once spiritually asleep!

The process of waking up for me happened gradually, before I started experiencing the profound things of the last nine years or so.  It seems to happen as we go through life and start to hit some really bumpy roads.  I think this is why God permits the bumpy roads.  It serves to mold us, change us, wake us.  If life was a smooth superhighway of good times, what nudge would we have to think about our spirits?  For others, though, the bumpy roads make them lose faith.  Sometimes it takes witness of someone they trust or a personal moment of grace to make them start to ponder these things.  I remember hitting a point in my mid-thirties, after quite a bumpy ride myself, where I was more awakened spiritually, but didn’t know God was real.  I still remember the day I stood in my laneway saying goodbye to a good friend after an afternoon chat, saying “You know – if God and this spiritual stuff isn’t real, then it should be.  If we all lived with love, what a different world this would be.”  It wasn’t long after that day, that I received my first real ‘taste’ of proof (see My Angel Story).

My gratitude for this ‘proof’ is profound.  I shudder to think that I might not know all that I know today.  I shudder for the people of the world that do not know and do not care to know.  I shudder because I am starting to see and believe that my calling in this fledgling ministry is to help other people to know before it is too late.

There is a book gaining popularity, especially in Catholic circles, called Divine Mercy in My Soul:  Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska.  It is one of the central books used in the Divine Mercy Cenacles, information about which can be found in this website.  It has received the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur of the Catholic Church, which is a declaration that a book or pamphlet is considered to be free from doctrinal or moral error.  In Divine Mercy in My Soul Saint Faustina records experiences and messages from Mary and Jesus, two of which I would like to share with you today, as I believe they will serve to illuminate experiences I share in this writing and those I will be sharing in future:

Write this:  before I come as the Just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy.  Before the day of justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort:
All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth.  Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time.  This will take place shortly before the last day. (Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul:  Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. c.1993 Congregation of The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy; entry #83)


Write down these words, My daughter.  Speak to the world about My mercy:  let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy.  It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice.  While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My mercy…(Ibid., entry#848)

I include these messages at this time for very good reason.  As difficult as it is for me to say this, and indeed difficult to have been living it, I believe my mission, and the mission of others (such as www.markmallet.com/blog/ ), is to issue warning and help prepare the world for our times, the coming times and God’s justice.  This is no easy thing and something I take very seriously.  Having said that I think most people need only look at the latest news forecast or read the latest headline to see that things in the world need to change, and soon, to steer us back to a better path of being.  God’s path.  Love’s path.  Because God is the best of parents, He does what any good parent does when it sees it’s child is behaving badly – He warns.  Because He is patient He continues to warn.  He admonishes.  Then,  if necessary, because His warnings are not heeded, He must punish in order to make the child aware of its errors and to correct it, in order to do the child a service in the long run.

Some of you may say at this point , ‘What warnings?’  To that I answer:  The Bible, the Church, evangelists, witness and example of good friends, personal moments of grace, recognized prophets, Mary in many apparitions throughout the centuries (notably at length in Medjugorje – www.medjugorje.org ) and let us not forget the inner bell of common sense!  “If God and this spiritual stuff isn’t real then it should be.  If we all lived with love, what a different world this would be.”  God is love.  God is calling us to love.  Having said all this, I feel it would be a disservice to you and a failure to fulfill my own calling if I did not impart to you some things that will probably feel like tough love.  In fact as you see the writings and sharing unfolding on this site over time I think you will feel like much of it is tough love.  However, I impart these things to you with love as warning.  I believe the current economic rumblings we are experiencing are only the beginning of waves of change.  Please take heed to the wake-up call and if you have already done so, please pray as much as you can for those who have not.  To that end I enclose two of many vivid dreams that I think have been given to me to share in order to do my own small part to encourage all to discern the times we are in and be prepared for them:

Woman Walking

Woman Walking


I had a brief dream of walking down a road and pouring out my love to Jesus – telling Him how much I missed Him and how I wished I could see Him more often. I was just talking out loud to Him as I walked – talking from my heart as I walked on this empty, open, country road. I saw no other people or buildings etc. It was clear, open and vast feeling. 

Just then I saw to my left this scene: Two cables – the end of the cables was anchored in the sky beyond my sight. Coming down on them were two cars or seats coming down from the sky on a diagonal, curving trajectory – like a descent on ski cables. Mary was in the first with Jesus directly behind her. Jesus was dressed in a red robe and Mary had her right arm up across her face high like a shield as they approached the road. She was shielding us from divine wrath from the Father from the sky as she came down. They appeared like poised, forward leaning statues in the seats as they were bearing down on the road in a very direct, purposeful trajectory. Even though I knew they had descended thus, it was their position at the road that was the focus (of where they are now).

I understood instantly the meaning of this vision: Mary has come first – shielding us from divine wrath (I was particularly reflecting in the dream at this scene on the fact that she has been appearing with such length and regularity and urgency at Medjugorje – www.medjugorje.org ), but Jesus is RIGHT behind her and when He reaches the road (they were both right at the edge of the road to my left as I saw this) OH!!!, the sadness for the world!!! Justice!!! I saw what His coming will be for the world in a moment of instant knowledge and sight in my heart – not a vision of events. I started to sob uncontrollably for the souls of the world – how upset I was in this moment for the world and its sin and unpreparedness. My heart and voice instantly changed its prayer from the loving talk I was having to Jesus to pleading for the world with sobbing tears of sorrow – sorrow that the world is so unprepared and in need of prayer. I also felt, and this has stayed with me, such profound gratitude to Mary for what she has been doing for us in shielding us – you should see how virulently she has been doing this!

This flash scene was like a reminder to me that the cry of prayer now should be urgent intercessory prayer for the world to help it prepare for His coming because He is not at the top of His descent; He is not in the middle of His descent: He is right at the edge of the road!


The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time


Words heard from Jesus in a half wake-half dream state.  I did not see Him:

Bring forth the sands of time to compassionate My Wounds.”

 ‘The Sands of Time’ is defined as follows:

“The Sands of Time is an idiom meaning that time runs out either through something reaching an end or through a person’s death.  It comes from the sand used in hourglasses, an ancient way of measuring time.”  (www.UsingEnglish.com)

I feel these two experiences go hand in hand and create a very compelling urgency for our times.  They represent the passing of time – that our world is not as stable as we think.  These and many other experiences that will be shared in future leave me pondering my situation in the world before God and I share them that you may ponder also.


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The Sign by Johnny Hart, www.johnnyhartstudios.com

The Sign by Johnny Hart, http://www.johnhartstudios.com*

Today’s writing will focus on a very recent spiritual dream, which I think, significantly, has come to me during the season of Lent, when we are focusing on the need to go deeper in the spiritual journey, regardless of whether you know you are on one or not.  I find it interesting to note that this dream contained what I would describe as a chart, delineating and identifying differing groups of humanity based on where they are at spiritually.  The nature of this chart is significant as I specifically intend for this website to be of avail to all peoples, regardless of where they are at in their spiritual journey.  The only way to recognize this significance is to follow this writing through to see the all-humanity encompassing nature of the dream’s symbolism.  The dream, in essence, speaks of a sign to come for all humanity in the not too distant future.  I was not given detail of what this sign is to be in this dream, nor of its timing.  However, I was shown in explicit detail the groups of humanity that would be the most unprepared for its coming.  Read with me…


I saw a flash scene that had to do with religion in the world now and its stages with relation to about four different sets of people – humanity.  The scene I saw was like a page with a chart on it with boxes indicating subsets of people and stages/information of where people are at.  I remember the information regarding the first subset the most vividly.  The chart showed the subset – in some cases with a ‘title’ – and then the next two columns showed two different questions.  Under each question a picture displayed the ‘state’ of that group of humanity based on its response to the two questions.  This response ultimately determined how their state would be when this ‘sign’ comes to all humanity.  Follow this through with me as we examine the first sub-group in the chart:


Beer & Pizza Set

Beer & Pizza Set

The first sub-group of humanity that was shown to me at the top of this chart was a group that was labelled as ‘The Beer & Pizza Set’.  Now let me state right here that this does not refer to truly spiritual people who also happen to like pizza and beer (I happen to personally love my pizza with white wine…).  It was made quite clear to me in the dream that the ‘beer & pizza set’ are those who don’t think much past the pizza and beer ‘downtime’ that each weekend brings.  They are those who do not look at, in any way, the spiritual side of life.  This distinction is exceedingly important as we examine the information the dream contained in their regard.

I was then shown a question in the next column with regard to this ‘subset’.  The question was:  “Do I go to Church at All?”  Then, because they did not, I was shown their spiritual state, with literally a picture of their ‘state’, which was sound asleep:

Man Asleep - Guardian Angel Waits

Man Asleep - Guardian Angel Waits

The second question in the next column over was: “Do I even think about these things (religion)?”  Because they did not I was again shown a picture of their spiritual state – sound asleep:

Man Asleep - Guardian Angel Waits

Man Asleep - Guardian Angel Waits

The last column showed the state of each subgroup and whether or not they would be prepared for the sign to come.  The ‘Beer & Pizza Set’, not surprisingly, had ‘unprepared’ written under this column.  This is extremely significant as they were almost as unprepared as the fourth group of humanity that I was shown.  But first I have to say that sub-groups two and three were next in the chart – somewhere in the middle – and I was shown nothing about these two groups.  However, I think there is significance in the placement of these groups.  I think they signify people who are ‘somewhere in the middle’ with regard to their spiritual life.  Because of the times we are in I think it important that people seriously examine what they believe about the life of the spirit, so that they are not floundering ‘somewhere in the middle’.  The times that are coming may not permit a middle ground.


Witchcraft & The Occult

Witchcraft & The Occult

The Fourth subset I was shown are those who are most seriously lost and in need of prayer.  This group was shown to me as those who practice witchcraft and those involved in the occult.  I was shown that this group is the most astray and unprepared for the sign that is to come.  However, I also find it shocking that the ‘beer and pizza’ set are almost as lost as these.  Take a minute to let that sink in…


I was then shown that humanity is at a certain stage of our growth and development.  I saw this as I looked at the bottom right hand corner of the chart.  I saw that a sign was to arise – I believe in the sky in the East, although I would hate to be quoted on the ‘East’ part.  All I can say for certain is that I was shown that a sign is to come soon and that the subsets I was shown above indicated whether the person in each subset, in their resultant state, would be ready for it.


The most obvious next step is for each person to examine himself with the light of honesty.  Where do you think you fit on the chart?  Because I was not shown anything with regard to those honestly striving for holiness, I would imagine they are the most prepared for coming times.  But what if you are not one of those?  All I can ask is that you get off the treadmill of your life and wake up.  We are all going to die sometime.  Running on the treadmill faster is not going to make you forget that fact forever.  Wake up.  You are here for a purpose and the life of your spirit and how you nurture it is of great importance.  If you have not done so already, you need to visit “Underwater Journey, posted in ‘Encouragement’ to find out how to wake up.


Prayer Warrior by Teruah-dancer

Prayer Warrior by Teruah-dancer

For those of you who have woken up and are striving for holiness I think the needed response to this posting is to pray for those sub-groups of humanity shown above who are ‘unprepared’.  I would imagine the ‘beer and pizza set’ and ‘occult/witchcraft’ set are the unlikeliest ones to be visiting this website.  So how are they going to be helped by this information?  The answer is by your prayers and good example.  I ask you to literally pray for the beer & pizza set.  God knows who they are.  God knows how to answer that prayer to everyone’s best advantage.  We don’t need to know, but we do need to do it.  Someone’s prayers helped me and someone’s prayers helped you to be where you are on the path of holiness today.  Our calling is to help our brothers and sisters find the path and walk it.  It is a difficult path, but it is the path to true life!  Please help your brother and sister find their way.

With regard to the ones most astray – those following witchcraft and the occult – it is even more imperative that they receive our prayers.  I believe this has also been a request of the Blessed Mother, Mary, at Medjugorje:

Annual apparition to Ivanka – June 25, 1996

The apparition took place in her family home, and lasted seven minutes. After the apparition, Ivanka said that this had been one of the most beautiful apparitions that she had had up to the present. As well as this, Our Lady thanks us for our prayer and for our love and desires that prayer and love become interwoven into every day. In conclusion, she invited us to pray for those who were under diabolic possession. (www.medjugorje.org)

I would imagine this is the group most unable to help itself.  Having said this, I must issue an important word of caution.  Father Kane refers to prayers for this kind of circumstance as ‘heavy prayer’.  The enemy of our souls, Satan, and the unholy angels (demons), do not appreciate our attempts to take away his followers.  It is very necessary to arm ourselves with protection before engaging in this type of prayer.  The simplest way is to ask Jesus to cover you with His Precious Blood before any prayers of this sort. 

I also wish to be clear about our role as prayer warriors.  Most of us are not called to be exorcists.  The Catholic Church has specific protocol and certain priests whose ministry this is.  If you personally feel there is someone you know who needs this kind of help, you must approach the church in their regard in order to protect your personal safety.  Do not attempt rescue yourself.  Our battle is against powers and principalities of darkness that are almost completely unknown to us.  I have seen in the dream state quite a bit about these powers and principalities and plan in future to do a whole series of writings and dream sharing called “The Face of Satan”, in order to share my own, limited personal experience and knowledge in this area.  In the meantime, see Father Kane’s book here for more information.

It is my hope that this dream and the information it provides has given you some personal direction in your spiritual journey.  Next week I will share an older dream with words that came from the ‘Good News Reporter’, Jesus, that shows the consequence of not waking up…


*If you want to see more of Johnny Hart’s work (The Sign), please visit www.johnhartstudios.com

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