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We are excited to share this new premiere special, “Covid 19 – Two Years Later: The Signs of the Times.” In this special premiere we feature several guests from a variety of Christian backgrounds as they share their perspective regarding the struggles of the past two years and perhaps offer some insight as to the bibilical timeline regarding the signs we are seeing emerge in our times.

We will also briefly look at the prophetic as we explore the massive changes in our world the past two years and where it may be signalling we are it with regard to the prophetic timeclock.

We are pleased to welcome guest speakers Reverend Joseph Kiirya of River Jordan Ministries, Pastor Henry Yoder – all the way from Idaho, and a Catholic sister in Christ that we have chosen to keep anonymous.

We hope you will truly benefit from the encouraging witness of our guest speakers and be bolstered in your faith, or perhaps the search for faith, should you be embarking on the journey of investigation for the truth of God.

God bless!


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This short teaser segment gives you all the information you need to know regarding our live interactive premiere special, “Covid 19 – Two Years Later: The Signs of the Times”, which airs Wednesday, March 16th at 7:00 p.m EST.

This exciting premiere special will feature several guests with Christian perspectives regarding the past two years, a short look at biblical prophecy, as well as the signs of the times and where this all may be leading. It will also feature the ability to interactively chat with myself and other viewers while watching.

Just find the video on our Channel this Wednesday, March 16th, and click to join the countdown to launch at 7:00 p.m EST to join our exciting premiere special, “Covid 19 – Two Years Later: The Signs of the Times.”


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