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I have a feeling that this year, 2013, is going to be the start of the time of decision – decision for or against God.  I believe it is going to be increasingly difficult to stay luke-warm and not declare which camp you are in.  The world is slowly in the process of declaring that there is no God, nor a need for God.  Luckily God does not depend upon our declarations for His existence!  The paradox is that the more He is done away with, the more human hearts will seek His presence in a false, worldly placebo.  There can be no empty heart, for it was created to be filled.  Ah, what shall you fill your heart with this year?

Many in the church quietly speak of a coming time of spiritual enlightenment where God will dispense a special grace to every single soul, enlightening them to the truth of His existence, as well as illuminating the state of individual hearts in His perfect light of truth…Visionaries have spoken of it being a profound moment of unmistakable awareness of one’s own soul as it appears to God…A vision of this experience to come can be found on the website “Words from Jesus” and I offer it here for your discernment and especially for those who might not have tripped upon it otherwise.

Many in the church are now, of course, also talking about the startling abdication of Pope Benedict.  Many are the predictions regarding the church and papacy in the coming years…I think part of this decision for or against God will be tied up with the decision to cling to our faith in times perhaps not far off.  As always, I continue to share startling dreams; dreams which perhaps have been given to prepare us for times that very well may be at our doorstep:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dreamt I was in my kitchen and saw a teapot on the stove that made no mark where it sat, but when placed on the table it would make a mark – ie. because it was a hot object filled with hot steeped tea and would leave a ring mark burnt into the table – something like this…

Then just before I awoke a line was spoken exactly verbatim, but I do not know by whom:

Something of the Lord will be made manifest.”

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dreamt I was reading an old religious book.  I was in a house.  The book had a black cover.  I came to a page that had a picture of Jesus.  It was on the right hand side of the open book and was a full page picture of the full man Jesus.

As I gazed at it the page started to bleed real blood.  Drops at first from one spot, then rivulets of blood that started to run down the page in large amounts.  I held up the book and it dripped off the page and onto the table I held it over.  I cried out in alarm and amazement and joy (at seeing Jesus – even like this) and called for others to witness what was happening.  I screamed out loud that the picture of Jesus was bleeding. 

In the picture it gushed from a slice-like wound in His Sacred Heart.  It was on the left side of His chest (more left than I thought His heart would have been anatomically).  The wound was a straight completely vertical cut-like wound that appeared to have small horizontal stitches across the length of it.  All the blood came only from this wound in the dream.  I turned the book upside down to try to stop the flow of blood, but it only ran and dripped off the other way.

I immediately began crying and pouring out my love and sorrow to Jesus – apologizing for the sins of mankind.  I had taken the book and carried it around the table as it bled while doing this – apologizing & crying etc.  Then in the dream I remembered my dream of Dec. 16, 2006 where someone had said a line:  

Something of the Lord will be made manifest.

I was so overcome with emotion and was thinking that this was the incident that the line referred to.  As I carried the book around what I think was a dining room table from the right front of it to the left front of it, it was revealed to me that this bleeding image was somehow tied to the year 1527 or that it would be like the year 1527 again.

As I placed the book standing on the edge of the table, open to the bleeding page, I started to kneel in front of it to continue praying.  People in the room started scoffing at me (I had been revealing a lot of hidden love, longing and hitherto secret holy attitudes at the manifestation of this blood as I carried the book around the table).  They started saying it was nothing – closing their hearts and their minds to what was SO obviously really happening.

I, however, ignored them.  I was SO overcome with love and joy for Jesus and kept continually, ardently and profusely apologizing for the sins and wounds of mankind.  In this dream I was struck most strongly by how holy Jesus is.

Since I do not know much of history I looked up 1527 on-line later that morning, looking for any significant historical events of 1527.  The only thing that came up was The Sack of Rome…

I cannot help feeling, as Pope Benedict has felt the need to be the first pope in some six hundred years to step down from the papacy, that this moment in time is tied to these first rolling drops of blood falling from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


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