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I sit to write and publish today when our headlines are screaming of chaos – most recently in Egypt.   I believe it is only a matter of time before this chaos starts to spread West…However, since I never watch the news, never read the paper and barely catch the headlines at the grocery store and am the farthest thing from a political commentator you’ll see, I will stick to preaching the things that God has sent my way:  Warnings.  Warnings from our Father who loves us but sees us making terrible choices and going down very wrong roads.  Our times and our hearts must change. 

I have heard lately from the latest message from Medjugorge, reputedly from Mary, that the spirit of God is changing the hearts of many receptive souls.  I was overjoyed to read this.  Things can be changed.  It starts with you!  If each of us decided to try to be good and live by God’s law of love, we would be well on the road to having the peace and security we crave…It must start with each of us!  Until it does I continue to sound the alarms I have been given…

Sunday, February 27, 2005

 I dreamt I was in an apartment in a tall apartment building.  I walked toward the television set and something highly unusual started happening to me.

An entity entered me after I had walked to this spot.  As it did, blood started dripping from my eyes like blood tears.  People began to notice this and as they did I walked around the room and started heading to the doorway, strongly reciting the Hail Mary and blessing myself.  The force that entered me was so powerful I was at first shaken and not sure what was happening – I continued to bless myself and recite because I was concerned that I was being entered into by an evil force, not a good one.  This force was MOST POWERFUL and then it levitated me in the room in front of several people.  I knew then at this point that it was not Satan entering me, but God.  What a powerful force!  But this time an angry, stern reprimand and warning message was delivered.  I started to tremble even as I recorded this dream because of destruction all over the world that was a later part of this dream…This was no gentle force of God that entered me this time, of the gentle Father speaking to His beloved children.  This time was scary because of the power, force and anger.

The people in the room called to others in the building to come and witness what was going on with me.  I was brought to the doorway and saw a rough, biker type there, listening to my message.  The man was so rattled at the message God delivered to him through me he changed and became clean – clean-shaven in clean clothes and very contrite.  The man wanted to know how to change the message I was delivering for him and God’s answer was:


Then the dream changed and I was in this huge penthouse apartment on the top floor.  It was full of people and many rooms with a wild party going on everywhere with every decadent behaviour possible – drugs, rampant alcohol abuse, orgies – everywhere completely decadently out of control.  I walked around as an observer, not a participant.  I couldn’t believe how terribly everyone was behaving.  It was after this wild night of partying coming up to morning.  I was sitting on the top floor with some people, talking, and all of a sudden we could see water rise up and over the penthouse windows.  A cry of alarm went out.  The water rose over the top of the skyscraper.   The building shook and trembled but held.  I looked out the window and saw other skyscrapers had stayed standing as well.  Then, though, I saw to my left side – as if in the air – an Asian looking reporter.  She was delivering a news message and reporting that other parts of the world had been destroyed by this cataclysm of major proportions.  She rhymed off countries of most severe devastation as I listened:  Iran, Turkey, Greece…I don’t remember the others, but it was elsewhere as well.  This was a huge, global news event.

I then came to the ground level and went out to survey the damage of the city I was in.  Skyscrapers had stood but there was still extensive damage.  There were immense road upheavals and ruptures – as if an earthquake had struck.  There were small fires and wires and twisted, buckled roadways from underground upheaval.  I saw the subway had been really damaged – underground destruction.  Roads were completely impassible.  I surveyed this damage with shock, disbelief and dismay and then I realized I must write this in my dream book immediately (while still in the dream)…

This was a most upsetting dream experience, as you can imagine.  For some people in the world this dream experience has been a horrifying reality.  We cannot afford to sit in complacency.  Seize the moment and the warning – one of many I have sounded and will continue to sound.  God is not happy with our bad behaviour!  Sigh.  If I could but give you a picture of the beauty of heaven, you would gladly turn…The things of the world will never fill your aching empty hole.  Dare for a moment to believe that I know what I am talking about and trust me.  Turn to God with even the feeblest of efforts and you won’t be sorry.  I promise.  I assure you.  I care.  I know what I am talking about.  You can count on me – even if you have no one else…Don’t wait, as these words from God himself urge:

 Tell souls to have recourse to My mercy while there is still time for mercy.  I love you and you are mine.” Sunday, March 6, 2005




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