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In the continuation of this series, The State of Chaos, I will gradually share with you many disturbing theological dreams that I have experienced over the years.  I offer them for your discernment.  Even if they do nothing but spur you on to greater personal holiness, they will have done much.  If, on the other hand, they assist in your preparedness for changing days which many believe lie ahead of us, so much the better.

Anyone who has followed the writings on this website over the past year and a half  will already know that I myself wonder at the many vivid spiritual dreams I have been experiencing and truly wonder what it all means.  As I have grown on the spiritual path these past ten years I realize that the more I experience, the more I recognize I really know very little.  However, I have been advised by my Spiritual Director to share these experiences and occasionally ‘divine words’ as a service to witness and to help others to appreciate and grow in their own personal spiritual development.

The biggest thing I could say to you as I share these experiences over the coming months is to ask you to truly stop for a moment and consider what your spiritual life is like right now.  Do you even have one?  No matter what comes, attending to it seriously will serve you well for every day of the rest of your life, and your preparedness for the next life.

As a little impetus to start waking up spiritually, I offer three more vivid theological dream experiences, chronologically; the third ending with a message:


I dreamt that my in-laws were coming to visit.  As I walked in my kitchen in my home I wondered why the curtain was closed, even though it was daytime.  I opened it and saw why.  Someone had shut it so that I wouldn’t see and worry about what I saw.  I saw instead of the daylight that should have been there, that it was like night outside.  I looked up and realized there was a huge Star of David in the sky made up of stars.  I was shocked.  I ran to someone else in the house and asked what they made of this vision in the sky – what it meant.  The answer was “The Day of God’s Judgement.”

I went back to the kitchen door again and looked out.  The Star of David was still in the sky.  It was huge and unmistakable as the jewish symbol – The Star of David.  I recognized it instantly for what it was.  I stepped out on the back porch and looked up as I thought it was going to snow, but instead it began to rain down fire hailstones.  I said “We all have to get inside”.  I went to look out the front of the home and the star could be seen there as well – it was that big.  I started to prepare and began praying my rosary, asking particularly for Mary’s intercession for others to be more prepared.  I wasn’t overly afraid in the dream, but I was thanking God over and over again in great gratitude that He had led me to Him.

I couldn’t believe it.  The great and terrible Day of the Lord’s justice was here!  – On a regular day while we were all just going about our normal lives – very unexpected…

This dream left me very disturbed as it was extremely vivid and detailed.  Many times these theological dreams I share with you are very unlike will-o-the-wisp regular dreams – where you can hardly even remember what you dreamt about.  These are full, vivid, detailed – even containing verbatim messages.  It is these that I pay particular attention to.  I have a feeling it is not just my own personal power that is assisting me in remembering these types of spiritual dreams…And so I share with you another in a similar vein from a month later:



I dreamt I was in my home with my family.  I heard the news that Pope John Paul II had died.  I said to myself “God has taken him home – he has completed his mission”.  Then my father came to visit.  We started discussing the pope but I said very little because I wondered how long it would be before the signs in the sky started appearing.

All of a sudden, even though it was morning, darkness rolled over the sky and it became like night.  My family started to wonder what the heck was going on.  I could FINALLY speak because I had been expecting this.  I said “It’s starting”.  They asked “What?”  I said something about God’s coming – end times.  I picked up rosaries and handed them to people.  I said “We must pray the rosary”.  Then I said that there were going to be signs in the sky – a cross or a Star of David.  Inside I was thinking ‘wow, God didn’t waste any time after the death of Pope JP II to start the signs of the end times.

I then went to check on my children and make sure they were safe and cared for.  I told everyone to particularly look out for their children.  I put down the rosary and I walked with my family to the back porch.  I looked in the sky and saw God was moving the winds and the stars and He formed a circle in the sky – it looked like He was assembling the 12 signs of the zodiac and in the centre was the Hanukkah candle.  I looked up to God and said “What are you doing?!”  Then I yelled that I loved Him.  I didn’t care that everyone saw now my inner intimate childlike relationship with God.  I wasn’t afraid of what was going to happen, but I didn’t know what God was doing – the signs were not as I expected them.

Then my family and I went out into the street.  People everywhere were piling out of their homes to the street in confusion, looking up.  All were wondering what was happening.  I said to my family, because they asked:  “The only ones who are going to know what’s going on are those who actually read their bibles!”  I was prepared (as much as you can be for that!).  People started coming to me for guidance.

And without further ado I share with you an extremely vivid, powerful experience of God that came a while later – this time with a message:


The dream began with a fuzzy feeling that had something to do with being in the neighbourhood of Heart’s Desire.

Then I dreamt that I was thrown back paralyzed and I was lifted in spirit in a swirling vortex of shining white letters that looked like an alphabet swirl made of shiny alphabet star-like letters.  It was like I was being lifted up with or among the letters, swirling around in a centrifical motion upward.

I asked what these letters were.  They were all the letters ever spoken/made.  Then I came to an opening into high space out of the centre of this vortex and I was hurtling through galaxies and systems.  I came closer to a light and expected to see God.  Instead I saw many swirling high winds/black tornadoes (maybe 5 or more).  They were spinning and hurtling at high velocity and they spoke (very loudly, firmly and sternly) and said:

NO MORE!!! THE TIME HAS COME!  NO MORE BAD THINGS ARE TO BE DONE ON THE EARTH!  THE TIME FOR BAD THINGS TO BE DONE ON THE EARTH HAS COME TO AN END!!! (the last sentence was harder to remember – how often is it you get dictated messages in a dream???! – but I have typed it exactly as I recorded it upon waking).

(I could particularly feel my mouth hanging open very wide and rigid before I was lifted up in these swirling alphabet letters that seemed to swim in a swirling vortex around me as I rose in the centre of them.  I was lifted very, very high and very far away at extremely great speed.)  I was lowered back to my body immediately after the words were spoken to me – just like that – boom – with no backward travel.

When I brought this dream to my spiritual director and inquired about the symbolism of the shining white alphabet letters he remarked that it symbolizes God as the Alpha and the Omega.

If I was a betting woman I would say it would be best to prepare yourself spiritually so that you are more prepared to meet God than you are today.  In the end, the choice is yours.  All I can do is stand as a witness to the truth of God as I have experienced it.  I am very glad I am here, knowing what I know, and not in the place of spiritual slumber that I was in in earlier days.  Whatever comes I personally plan to try and take another step forward in spiritual growth and holiness with every day that I am given.  Even if that means I come to a ripe old age and pass peacefully in my sleep, at the very least it will have led me to be a better neighbour along the way to everyone I met!

‘Til next time.  God bless!


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