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It’s been a few months since I’ve published!  Summer is always a busy time with my large brood and that ‘school’s out for summer‘ time of year.  But now everyone, including myself, are nicely back into fall routines and I finally found a moment to publish the dream I promised in my last writing.

This series “The State of Chaos” has dealt with an unfolding of some rather disconcerting dreams – ones I hope do not come to pass.  Today’s dream sharing is no different and it concerns specifically the Catholic Church and the ‘remnant’ of believers that many are writing about today.  It’s a long detailed one so I will just dive in and share:

Friday, May 23, 2008 approx 7:15 a.m.

Dreamed I sat at the front of a very large, beautiful stone church which faced a sea (in Europe).  It had big circular columns with vertical ridges (Roman/Greek looking architecture) and was made of a beautiful whitewash stone.  It was a head church there.  It was so magnificently beautiful how it sat directly on this sea/channel to the sea.  There was no road in front of it – the sea water/bay was literally at its steps (it sat directly on the sea).  Ships were everywhere on this body of water in front of the church.  There were large cruise ships and smaller boats – it seemed a shipping lane.  As I stood at the front left of the church I marveled at the beauty the people in the church had, but I believe it was largely unrecognized.  I told someone how lucky they were to have such magnificent beauty in this church; its magnificent stature and view on the edge of this sea.

As I looked I saw the ships were all roaring about almost in circles in front of this church.  It was teeming and a little chaotic.  Then I saw two ladies at the front left of the church jump into the water to receive/retrieve something flashing just under the surface of the water.  They each retrieved a small sword like a dagger.  I wondered why.

Then I saw the ships all start to leave this bay and head out the channel to sea.  I then saw something of a large scale was being done/coming.  It was coming up from under the water.  I saw a long black pipeline, which curved and arched up out of the water and back under, directly in front of and close to the church – at its steps.  It was a semi-rigid massive (long) tube/pipe rising out of the pristine glorious bay – it was sunset.  It looked like the back of a long snake or serpent arched out of the water, but it was made of heavy plastic tubing.  I could not tell where it began or ended, as most of it was under the water.  But now, as it was rising up, one could see how massive it was – even just from the portion showing.

Someone saidHe’s heating up the water!”  A dark force was doing this.  I saw the horror and danger of what was coming.  I found myself on a small area of rock that started to break off from the front of the church and was starting to drift into the sea.  I jumped off the piece being broken away and swam through the heavy, darkening salt water to get to the inner church.

As I went to the inner part of the church I saw a priest check on the altar/chamber for the Blessed Sacrament.  He was checking, almost like a custodian/caretaker priest – solemnly, steadily and peacefully doing this even though he knew the force and ripping away was happening.  He was checking to make sure all was still intact with the Blessed Sacrament and the altar and the chamber it is kept in (don’t know the word for it).  It was almost like he was the sole custodian in the church now that the front was being ripped off.  The priest was black, older and looked like the actor, Morgan Freeman.

I swam back to the front piece to see what was going on there.  The entire front was ripped away from the back/inner church/sacristy.  I saw many people in this front portion, getting ready to have a dance or party.  I saw a band there – they were in recreation.  They didn’t seem too concerned, if they noticed at all!  This whole front was being ripped/torn away by a dark force – someone operating this underwater pipeline.  The heating of this already heavy salt water would make the swim to the anchored inner church/sacristy/sanctum VERY hard for people.  Not many would attempt it (or even notice or care), but would float away with the ‘front’.  Again I saw the horror of what was happening and turned to jump off my piece of rock (which had drifted a little further as this whole front was ripped away) to swim back to the inner church left behind.  The swim was harder and slower, but I did it anyway.

This time I saw what looked like a child’s playhouse (seemed plastic) with walls, but no roof.  It was set up in the altar area to the left of the Blessed Sacrament (as I faced it).  The playhouse sat empty and the mother left it after being in it for some time for some healing purpose/healing time.  Something about the playhouse was therapy for the mother to heal from the loss of her child.  She had had to grieve the child’s loss and accept it.  This mother was part of the inner life of this church.  The time of this work was over now and I saw her walk over to the other side of the altar, to the right of the chamber with the Blessed Sacrament.  She sat down at a round table on this other side and sat to eat a meal prepared – seemed a bowl of something.  She was there quietly, steadfastly, peaceful.  She said not a word.  Neither did the priest.  They just kept to the duty/place of the church in this remnant left behind and waited.  I stayed there with them. 

I wanted to share this dream directly after the last sharing a few months ago to highlight the importance of our times and our choices:  In it, God had said to me:

Save souls from drowning.

With my life, my prayers, my ministry and my witness I am doing everything I can to do just that.  Oh, if I could but share with you at once all the beautiful dreams, visions and experiences I have been graced with these past 15 years that show the overwhelming beauty, goodness, wholeness, sweetness, power, wisdom and love that truly are our God!!!  My prayer is that you open your hearts – even ever so slightly – to the possibility that God is real, so that He can gently ply your heart with His graces to bring you forward on the journey of truth while there is still time in your life to do so.

But as it is, the time is short and the times are evil.  Everyone feels it – even the most spiritually blind.  Hunger then, and thirst for goodness.  Don’t give up.  If you search, you will find it.

I leave you with two recent writings from others who I believe are experiencing valid phenomenon of God’s power in the world today.  Heed their words which are, in my opinion, words from God himself:

Image result for jesus

Beloved, you belong to me and I love you. Then why be afraid? If you belong to me, then all that happens to you is in accordance with my will. Therefore, maintain your integrity, repent as soon as you sin, and draw ever-nearer to me. In that way, no matter what happens, you will know true peace. My children, it is no small thing to belong to me. Those who belong to me—especially those who live most perfectly in my will—I use to great advantage in the work of the kingdom. Now you in the world are engaged in a battle never before seen. Those to whom I have permitted a glimpse of it in advance have recoiled in horror. Yes, there is much more to come. But you have an advantage over those who glimpsed it as a future event. You who are living through it, you who are mine in the world, have unprecedented graces at your disposal. I love those who are my own in the world, and I will love them to the end of their earthly journey. This too is grace. For the love of Christ is an impenetrable shield. Do not fear the enemy but cling to me as I cling to you, and you will know unending joy.” September 2, 2015. http://pelianito.stblogs.com/


I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“These days the air is filled with an invisible threat to the health of many. It is pollen. But I tell you, it is not as great a danger as the invisible forces of evil that threaten the salvation of souls. The pollen affects the breathing of those who are allergic to it. This then is a warning sign to take precautions against exposure. But evil is often insidious and disguised as good. Too often souls do not recognize the signs and symptoms of being exposed to evil.”

“Once again, I offer you the protection of Holy Love which is the winnowing fan assisting you in separating good from evil. Once again, I remind mankind that if you do not recognize the enemy, you cannot defend yourself against it. These days, evil has infiltrated the media, leadership and every walk of life. It is difficult, at best, to know whom to trust, since evil disguises itself in so many ways. This is why the standard of Holy Love is so important and so under attack. Decades ago you never would have believed that something like Holy Love would be opposed.”

“This opposition is a sign of the confusion that has overtaken hearts – a confusion which misleads through falsehood. If you do not see Holy Love reflected in the hearts of your leaders, if you only see ambition and arrogance, you must not support such leadership. History proves this True.”

“I offer you the wounds of My Mournful Heart to console you amidst the perils of these times. Be wise in the choices of this age.” September 9, 2015. http://holylove.org/messages_by_year.php#bottom


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