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Yet again I have come to write about difficult things.  I share today the next very difficult dream that fell in succession in June of 2007.  While I share these things I truly believe that we as a collective human body have far more power than we realize to alter the course of humanity – specifically with prayer.

I have done much reading in the field of metaphysics and Quantum physics over the years, as my desire to delve deeply into the truth of our existence has not just ended with very vivid supernatural experiences.  Truth is truth.  We know much more about our world and the nature of our existence than ever before, but I believe we have oh-so much more to learn.  And learn it we should before we unravel this beautiful universe that was given to us by God.

I speak specifically of the great power of prayer.  Even mainstream secular society is buzzing at “The Secret” and ‘the power of intention’ and ‘directed thought’ etc…What more is this but prayer?  I believe very strongly that an American theoretical physicist by the name of David Bohm was onto a great theory that helps explain the puzzle of our existence and nature of our being.  This piece, rather than being contradictory to the timeless teachings of religion, specifically Christianity, rather enhances it.  I give you a quote from Wikipedia that explains why I see a connection between this physicist’s work and the teachings of religion – particularly on prayer:

Bohm views physical processes as determined by information of more and more subtle levels which interact, and does not limit this consideration to matter alone. In an article of 1990, A new theory of the relationship of mind and matter, he resumes his view that there exists a close link to mental processes: “the whole notion of active information suggests a rudimentary mind-like behaviour of matter”. In his view, mental processes as well can be understood as representing levels of activity of increasing subtlety which act upon each other. He recalls that thought is intricately connected with physical reactions, as is known from everyday experience. Yet on the mental side, action as response to information need not be immediate; rather, in some cases at least, it can be mediated by “suspension” of physical action and the resulting train of thought. Bohm suggests that the mental and the physical sides, which he sees as two “poles” of a unified whole, are closely interlinked and that “at each level, information is the bridge or link between the two sides”. A relationship between the mental and matter may exist at indefinitely great levels of subtlety, while nonetheless each kind and level of mind may have a relative autonomy and stability. His article concludes with the statement that “knowledge of matter (as well as of mind) has changed in such a way as to support the approach that has been described here. To pursue this approach further might perhaps enable us to extend our knowledge of both poles into new domains”.[22]

As most devout Catholics know, there have been an explosion of Marian apparitions throughout the world in the past century; particularly growing as our knowledge and use of it for evil has exponentially grown.  In all these apparitions the Virgin Mary says many things, but always places great emphasis on prayer: Pray, pray pray!”  I have personally followed several purported visionaries and anyone else who does knows what I say here to be true.  So I ask you, why her overwhelming urging that we pray?…

I believe it is because she knows what we are only tremblingly stumbling upon in our investigation of reality by learned minds.  Directed thought – which is prayer – creates and changes our reality.  I believe it is somewhat like being a lucid dreamer in a dream, although we just do not know that we are ‘lucid dreaming’!  I share this belief with you today only because God has seen fit to show me many things over the past 13 years.  I recall particularly one dream where I was shown energy waves, assembling energy particles and then finally a ‘finished’ assembled state of those energy particles into a ‘thing’.   Scientists are already revealing that everything that we think of as ‘solid matter’ is in fact just arranged energy patterns.  Because I have experienced so many mini-enlightenments through dreams, it has spurred me to do my own reading and research into time, theoretical physics, quantum physics and metaphysics.  However, I am no scientist.  I am just a muddler who is trying to assemble a picture of the elephant by examining the trunk and the tail (science and religion) and everything in between!  It will be for the continuing evolution of humanity to use any fodder my experiences may have provided to the truth of our existence to broaden the picture of our reality.

I share this with you to urge you to pray!!!

I do not believe humanity’s course is set.  I believe prayer can make the greatest difference!  Because of what I have experienced and because I am Catholic I believe strongly that the prayer of the Rosary is one of the most powerful we can utter.  I know non-Catholic Christians usually have a problem with this, but indeed look at what it is:  On a surface level, it is simply our prayer that Mary (who we all agree was the Mother of Jesus) pray for us!  If Jesus loved His mother more than any other human, will He not especially be attuned to her prayer?  Will her prayer not be an incredibly powerful directed-energy-thought?  Secondly, in a deeper way, the rosary leads us to the life of Christ as we meditate on the mysteries of His life.

As a former Protestant, I do not really understand why non-Catholics have such a problem with this prayer.  My feeling is that they do not understand prayer well enough and do not understand Jesus and the love for His mother well enough either.  It is much simpler than all the rhetoric tries to make it. In reality, all prayer is intended to lead us to Jesus.  This can help us in the dialogue as Christians – Mary always leads us to Jesus.  Prayer is also our speaking to God and developing a very personal relationship with Him and the person of Jesus Christ.

Regardless, as I sat to write today, this is the ‘gumball colour’ that dropped out of the gum machine when I sat to pray for guidance in my writing today and subsequent sharing of my next dream experience.  I believe this was Holy Spirit directed, because while I share some difficult dreams (which I always say could just be completely only my own inner fodder), I believe we have incredible power of prayer at our fingertips…or thoughts which can have an immense impact on the direction of the course of humanity.  I particularly offer a challenge to the MEN of our generation to get praying!!!  We women are getting tired!!!  I offer a challenge indeed then to all humanity to get off their couches and pray – for good of course!  There are already too many people out their praying and directing their thoughts to evil…as we see splattered on our news every day…

And so with all of this in mind I share another difficult dream which perhaps can be changed (if it is a portent of the future and not some bit of undigested cheese) by ALL OF OUR UNITED THOUGHTS, PRAYERS AND EFFORTS!  Heed my words so we don’t have to remember this dream later as being reality!

Friday, June 29, 2007

I had another nightmare of the start of world domination by evil black forces and black-suited men – militia.  They streamed over the sides of buildings very suddenly into the streets and started rounding people up.  These black outfitted men were EVERYWHERE in the streets.  There was also something to do with hand gestures.

(I have been personally wondering about this as being a future method of communication among these evil forces – am hearing about it in a few places that I believe are ‘dark’ or satanic and in masonic rituals and meetings)…

I then saw stages like doorways from one time to the next.  I saw “Upper Daylight”.  I saw that there will be three stages of daylight like the three stages of the paleolithic period.  There will be ‘upper’, ‘middle’ and ‘lower’ daylight.  I said to myself as it began:

If this is upper daylight, I don’t want to see middle and lower!”

I was at this point watching a militia-type situation unfold, but it was scary and unpleasant with fighting etc.  I then saw a stream of people as they began to trek – seemed like away from cities to remote areas.  I saw them coming.  I was with people doing battle – on the inside of some kind of building.  A communique then came to me that Pope John Paul II had left a detailed written account of visions/information for us in this future and it was being held in an archive somewhere.  He had written a lengthy, published article and it was in something that looked like a magazine.  It was brownish and had a circle on the front and it had his picture on it.  Somehow someone who worked in archives was able to smuggle out a copy to me for “us common people” for our information and help in defending against what was coming:  Upper daylight first, then middle, then lower…

As a final note, a priest mentioned to me that  Pope John Paul’s understanding of prayer was that, “our prayers are answered in prayer.” Pope John Paul II seems to be saying that prayer is not so much that we try to bend the will of God to our desires but that, in prayer, we come to know God’s will and desire for us…

Oh how I feel like Scrooge these days!  How I long for time to not bear me out and for me to discover I was only dreaming…But just in case,



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