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As life gets busier for all of us I will streamline the sharing process and without much preamble just share the spiritual dreams I experience and leave discernment to the reader.  As always each writing will be approved by a Catholic Church priest prior to publication to ensure all stays in alignment with our faith.  Without further ado I share a dream experience that speaks of a coming intervention by God that many in Catholic circles are expecting – the enlightenment of conscience… When?  Only God knows:

Friday, January 6, 2012 – Feast of the Epiphany

Had a short dream this morning.  I was talking to a friend and then saw in the night sky the aurora borealis – green, glowing lights.  It started to flare.  I excitedly told the person I was with this.

Then as I turned again as this was unfolding in the sky in the East, I saw the world in the sky – literally the globe hanging suspended at a distance where the aurora had been.

Then I saw the most amazing thing.  I saw God’s light completely and blindingly explode over/in the whole globe – His light completely covered it in an instant!  As it completely covered the earth I was immersed in the light and power of God…as it started to come down on me I was surprised…’already?!’…I said.  ‘Oh I didn’t realize it would be this soon, Father!’  Then I was completely immersed in this light/love/power/Presence and I started to rise up in spirit with it/in it…then I woke up.

The most startling aspect of this dream experience was the nearness of the light that God is planning to inundate the world with to wake up the consciences of those spiritually asleep…

I now share the next chronological dream experience from my years of recordings that was next on the slate to share before I experienced the one above…coincidentally or not, they seem tied together…

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Dreamt I was in a house in a neighbourhood.  It was the middle of the night – 3:30…and all of a sudden the sky became lit up as if it was day.  People wandered outside in great confusion as to what was happening.

GREAT signs were in the sky.  I said ‘Oh my God, it’s Christ’s cross!’.  There was a huge cross laid lengthwise (lying) across the sky.  It looked wooden but like a ghost cross – all made of sky elements.  I stared to cry and exclaim ‘Oh Father!  I had no idea it would be so soon!  I did not expect it so soon!’  It had been delayed/postponed, we had been given the grace of time, but now it was here.

There were things attached or appearing at the cross beam end which faced my vision that I did not understand.  It was figures of men, one after the other, that reminded me of constellations for some reason – they were clear shape outlines, like ghosts – like the cross – Apollo, Hercules?  Fuzzy.  Several appeared one after the other at this part of the cross.  I continued to exclaim and proclaim to all around me that I had been expecting this.

Then a strange sight indeed took place in the sky in front of this cross – a vision of successive animals was seen (animals/species of the earth).  They each (one of each species) came forward and kneeled over mankind in the sky as if testifying and spoke, each in turn, of the evils perpetrated against them by mankind – man’s sins.  Many varied animals/species of the earth came.  They each appeared in turn in colour in the sky that was just grey with slight cloud and the cross and crystal clear ghost-like symbols of these men/constellations.  I remember specifically (maybe because I think it was last) a horned rhinocerous, but coloured orange and black (I think like a tiger – not grey).  He was a most large animal testifying.

The animals’ testimonies could not be heard by any of the humans of the earth as they each testitfied, but as we watched we could see their mouths moving in speech and I just KNEW somehow that this was what each was speaking.  After each had appeared (like a flashing picture line-up) the scene vanished and the sky was left with the IMMENSE cross hovering.  Most people began to be afraid and started questionning their lives/religion.  Some still ignored/denied and walked away stone-faced, unwilling to believe what was unfolding in their day.

I alternatively cried out in fear and joy – fear for the denunciation that was coming to the earth and exhortations to my fellow-men to repent, and joy that I would so soon see my Beloved Jesus.

I said to any who would listen :

“I believe this cross will be in the sky three days with continuous daylight.  Then, however, there will be three days of darkness”

What emotion I felt.  I still cry as I type this dream!

Then I think it became as if we were on a large boat in a house/neighbourhood.  I heard an immense noise of wind at the front of the boat.  I went to the bow and saw and felt God’s spirit – with immense power and speed rushing around and around me at the front of the house/boat/neighbourhood in a large circle.  Massive winds of immense force, energy and power.  I felt as if or knew that God was preparing to lift me and others out of the earth to take us away…

It was then that I rushed back to the back/middle of the boat or into the house/neighbourhood to try to bring as many with me as possible.  It was world chaos at this point as people wondered what was occurring…I however sat and looked at the cross in the sky, telling those close to me how excited and eager I was to see my Jesus, because, for me, unlike others, His coming again would be a great, great joy, fulfilling much hidden, lengthy, longing…

I submit all entirely as witness to my faith in order to help prepare as many as have ears to listen for whatever lies ahead – witness to the truth of our eternal destiny and perhaps a voice to help souls give pause and thought to where their path is leading them…


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