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 Sack of Rome, by Amérigo Aparicio, 1884

The Sack of Rome

The most recent dream sharings on this site show a “state of chaos” in the church.  In addition, I have already written a little of my own observations in my church each Sunday; observations that show most people in the church don’t seem to have more than a superficial faith life, let alone a deep relationship with Jesus.  My feeling is that the time for superficial faith and a superficial relationship with Jesus is coming to an end.  My recent writings led me to think again of the very vivid dream experienced in January, 2007, which showed an image of Jesus with a vertical slice like wound where His Sacred Heart is, and that at first drops of blood run from it, but then it becomes as if a river.  This particular dream, found here, ended  with the very specific warning that it was going to be like the year 1527 again.  1527 was famous for, unbeknownst to me, “The Sack of Rome“.

I have since read, in various places, of warning bells from those watching the worldwide political scene, of covert plans for a One World Government and One World Religion; plans for a global “empire” that leave no room for Christianity and the Catholic Church as we know it.  In fact very recently a purported visionary in the U.S. allegedly received this important message from Mary regarding these and coming times:

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Fatima and is surrounded by the Rosary of the Unborn. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Dear children, thank you for answering My call to come here* on the Feast of the Holy Rosary. If I could summarize the thirty years of Messages given this visionary,** I would say they are all contained in the rosary. Every mystery is a reflection of Holy Love. The rosary is the anchor of the Remnant Faithful amidst a sea of lies and confusion. Entrust the faith of your hearts to Me, the Protectress of your faith, and do not be misled by those who do not know Me.”

“Dear children, every rosary you pray from the heart is Heaven’s weapon of mass destruction against evil. The evils of the day demand your attentive prayers, your aggressive prayers. Do not allow Satan to discourage you by way of hopelessness.”

“The world without your prayers would be the definition of hopelessness. Evil would prevail in every heart. These days there are whole areas of the world where this is so. The news is filled with every sort of evil plot and action on the part of individuals and certain groups. These cannot be explained away in any manner except to acknowledge Satan’s influence over hearts. These events must encourage your prayers, not discourage them.”

“Dear children, God has given you some good leaders, but their voices have been overpowered by the din of liberals. Many who are now in leadership roles are only politically motivated and do not lead towards the welfare of the world. This generation has been given the gift – the weapon – of the Rosary of the Unborn. Use it to defeat the evil that politics has put in place. It is your lifeline between free will and God’s Divine Will. Do not allow the issue of the sale of body parts from unborn children to quiet down. This is a glimpse into the reality of the evil of abortion.”

“Through the prayers of the rosary every evil that threatens life as you know it can be defeated. The rosary can expose the evil that is in hearts before it spills out into the world. A devotion to the holy rosary is a special sign of predestination.”

“Dear little children, you do not realize the threat of evil all around you. You do not realize how much I need your prayers. Please join Me in the destruction of Satan’s plans which begin by presenting good as evil and evil as good, and end in the condemnation of every soul. Devote the rest of your lives to Satan’s defeat by praying the rosary.”

“Solemnly, I tell you that within certain hearts there is the desire to create a New World Order, a One World Government, even a One World Religion. I have come to you today to plead for another common agenda – one of world prayer that evil is recognized and exposed. In a combined world prayer effort through the holy rosary, this can be accomplished. Only by recognizing evil can Truth be victorious.”

“Let your rosaries unite and encircle the globe.*** Never tire of giving Me one more ‘Hail Mary’ towards this cause. I am asking the holy souls in Purgatory to support you in this prayer effort.”

“Today, on the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, I come to you with Heaven’s global call to arms. Yes, dear children, arm yourselves with the rosary – a simple but effective solution to earth’s woes. Each one of you has been chosen to receive this call and to act upon it. This is a globalization not designed to hand over power to a few, but to all who will pray the rosary from a heart of Holy Love.”

“It is my joy to be with you today and to tell you that I am taking all of your petitions into My Immaculate Heart to present them to My Son in Heaven. If you are living in Holy Love, dear children, you will find it easy to be united through the rosary, and this campaign to make the rosary a global weapon will be successful. Fear nothing but trust in God’s grace.”

“Today, I’m extending to you My Blessing of Holy Love.”  Mary to visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle – http://www.holylove.org.   October 7, 2015
Feast of the Most Holy Rosary

This call to arms, which I believe emanates from Mary, is a call to all who will listen.  I have personally heeded this call for 15 years now.  I believe the number of souls who hear the call and answer with their fiat will turn the tide in this battle.  The holy angels also battle alongside us, and much aid is being sent from heaven in many places now throughout the world.  We have but to listen and discern, and not quench the spirit of prophecy.  I have seen this aid from heaven myself, in the hidden hand of God who has sent repeated dreams and experiences to guide me in this complicated journey – dream experiences like the following that helped me in the discernment of the formation of this website (even now I have to chuckle a little at the symbolism of pencils…not pen; doesn’t that accurately portray the backspace and erase buttons on the computer keyboard?!):

October 31, 2007 approx. 6:12 a.m.

I dreamt that I was led to a table by a young man with dark hair.  He had something for me.  It was a small rectangular box and it was like he was forming it as I sat, or filling it with something I was to ingest.

I wondered what he was doing as he was preparing this box for me.  I knew he was an angel.  I then said the prayer to discern spirits (the one I know and use in real life – found on this website here), and I even apologized to him as I recited it, but knew I had to be careful and discern spirits.  He did not disappear when I finished the prayer.

Instead he turned to face me head on (we had been sitting side by side and he was looking down toward the table as he formed, filled, and brought this box for me).  As he did I saw his full face and he had the bluest eyes I have ever seen and the most exquisite love poured forth from them as he looked at me.

He gave me the box that I was to eat the contents of.  I inspected the box as he gave it to me and opened it.  It was full of the most delicate filaments (like very fine sticks).  I wondered what the filaments were made of before I ate them.  I turned the box to the back and saw the label, which said “lead”.  I wondered then if I was being lead poisoned, as consuming all this “lead” would surely give me lead poisoning.  However, I was corrected, for the angel told me that the lead (these many filaments of lead like the kind that you fill refillable lead pencils with) was to fill many, many pencils.  He disappeared and I woke up.

The timing of this dream was no coincidence, as I had been discerning with my Catholic Director how to share the many vivid dreams and experiences I had been receiving, and I had been told by God in a dream that:

The time has come for you to share that which you have been receiving.”

In the end I believe anyone following this little blog for God may have already ‘been receiving’ their own little internal promptings from God to prepare them for the spiritual warfare of our time.  We live in an age of unprecedented evil, with no immediate signs that it is going to improve.  However, I know God has His own agenda at work here in our world, and that many people are being formed, groomed, “lead” and confirmed by signs too numerous to count, as to the veracity of their call.  The times are urgent, my brothers and sisters.  Those of you taking the time to read this are already enlightened enough, and interested enough, in the spiritual battle to make it to the end of this writing.  I ask you then to discern carefully, with your own spiritual director, your call in these times.  Consider joining the Global Holy Rosary to defeat the unprecedented evils of our times.  The bounty at stake is souls…souls of your children, parents, family members, friends, coworkers, and yes, enemies.

I leave you today with the following “message” purportedly from our Lord, that echoes the call to souls to fulfill their missions in this time:

Ephesians 4:1-3 I therefore, the prisoner in the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

“Beloved child, the Body of Christ is being torn from without and within. Ponder these words (from Scripture). Do not be one who shreds the Body from the inside, as one who eats glass. Be as humble, sweet, and trusting as an infant at the breast. Do not pull away from the breast to wail over things that are not yours to change. Focus on what has been given to you. Do that well and completely and you will have peace and joy. You will be building a peaceful kingdom. You will be a herald of the Triumph of the Immaculate. Man your own tiller and no one else’s and you will be living in the will of God. Shalom, dear child.”http://pelianito.stblogs.com/



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