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I share an Ecumenical (non-denominational) website this morning that I have spent a couple of years reading, watching and discerning, and my belief is that it is a little first aid from Heaven. For those of you who don’t have faith, check it out for yourself…for those of you who do, I hope it is of service (and pass it on!).

As y’all who know me know I say what I mean, and can be trusted, I say…take a pause from your busy lives and read a little. So many people ask me how I do what I do in a day, week, month, year…and keep on smiling…It is because I found out all the rumours are true…God exists. What peace it brings in this messy world. ..yours for the asking…





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As anyone who has followed this little blog for God knows, I have been slowly unfolding chronologically by series, the vast vivid dream & supernatural experiences that have been part of my reality for the past 15 years.  Today is no different.  Many years ago, when I sat with my former director, Fr. Joseph E. Kane of Ottawa, I asked him how to go about organizing and disseminating what is a vast collection of spiritual dreams and experiences.  He responded quite logically by saying to start with the things I was experiencing now and bring in the past experiences as they tie in with them.  After many years I see now that I didn’t really have to worry about it too much, because the great Orchestrator has been working all along way ahead of me behind the scenes, for the unfolding of the things He wishes, in the time that He wishes.  I see the synchronicity today as I continue to share chronologically dream experiences that form the series on “The State of Chaos” – a title for this series that came to me quite unexpectedly as I prayed before I sat down to start Part I so long ago.  I follow the advice of Father Kane by sharing two quite recent startling dreams, tied in with the third that was next in line for the series from 2007.  As I share these three dreams today, I leave it to the reader to see the clear pattern and warning that arises from all three.  There is little time left to choose which side you are on.

Sunday, September 23, 2007 Approx. 8 A.M.

I had a brief dream of walking down a road and pouring out my love to Jesus – telling Him how much I missed Him and how I wished I could see Him more often.  I was just talking out loud to Him as I walked (as I often do in my day to day routine when I’m alone) – talking from my heart as I walked on this empty, open, country road.  I saw no other people or buildings etc.  It was clear, open and vast feeling.

Just then I saw to my left this scene:  Two cables – the end of the cables was anchored in the sky beyond my sight.  Coming down on them were two cars or seats coming down from the sky on a diagonal, curving trajectory – like a descent on ski cables.  Mary was in the first with Jesus directly behind her.  Mary had her right arm up across her face high like a shield as they approached the road.  She was shielding from divine wrath from the Father from the sky as she came down.  They appeared like poised, forward-leaning statues in the seats as they were bearing down on the road in a very direct, purposeful trajectory.  Even though I knew they had descended thus, it was their position at the road that was the focus (of where they are now).

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I understood instantly the meaning of this vision:  Mary has come first – shielding us from divine wrath (I was particularly reflecting in the dream at this scene on the fact that she has been appearing with such length and regularity and urgency at Medjugorje), but Jesus is RIGHT behind her and when He reaches the road (they were both right at the edge of the road to my left as I saw this). .. OH!!! The sadness for the world!!! Justice!!!

I saw what His coming will be for the world in a moment of instant knowledge and sight in my heart – not a vision of events.  I started to sob uncontrollably for the souls of the world – how upset I was in this moment for the world and its sin and unpreparedness.  My heart and voice instantly changed its prayer from the loving talk I was having to Jesus to pleading for the world with sobbing tears of sorrow – sorrow that the world is so unprepared and in need of prayer.  I also felt, and this has stayed with me, such profound gratitude to Mary for what she has been doing for us in shielding us – you should see how virulently she has been doing this!!

This flash scene was like a reminder to me that the cry of prayer now should be urgent intercessory prayer for the world to help it prepare for His coming, because He is not at the top of His descent; He is not in the middle of His descent; He is right at the edge of the road!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Dreamt myself and my family were in a church – seemed united for some reason.  We left to go out for something.

 We got in our van and drove a short distance to get in a boat to row across to some small platform/area – like a wooden pier that was positioned in the water not far from the shore at the edge of a lake – it was beautiful – lots of greenery and lush areas and we took our whole family across to this little pier for some kind of picnic/outing.  We all took off our shoes as we climbed on the little ledge that was there to step on as you pulled up your boat.  For some reason we did not wear our shoes on this platform.  As we were on it – Guy and I with our children – Logan had dumped out a small bag of toys to play with and we were enjoying the lovely skies and water peacefully.

 Just then though I looked back towards the shore because I could sense/hear(?) an immense, sudden storm brewing behind us.  Guy and I both turned and what I saw made me and him very alarmed.  An immense storm had brewed up over the shoreline and it was dark, dark, dark and vicious looking.  It appeared to be heading this way quickly – so quickly I feared we would never have time to get in our boat and row the short distance (maybe 20 ft) to shore to get in our van/shelter/safety.

 We frantically began packing our few belongings – we had little – but were trying to help Logan gather up his few small toys – even Lego on a wooden pier!  It was hard because we were trying to make sure he didn’t lose any over the side, but we had to leave now!!!  There really was no time at all to gather one’s possessions – it was urgent, urgent, urgent – leave immediately without looking back type urgent!

 As we gathered his few toys, one small man fell to the edge of a crack of the pier – I yelled to Guy to try to save him from falling, but the toy man slipped and fell in the now dark, murky water.  Logan cried and wanted to try to have him retrieved, but we both said (despite the shallow water) that there was NO TIME and that the man could never be saved anyway – despite his smallness and lightness as a small toy, he sank right to the bottom.

 I then peered over the railing of the pier to look at our eight sets of shoes all assembled on the little ledge and I wanted to be sure to not knock over our shoes as we would need them, but as I was surveying them I turned and saw the immense storm was no longer over the shore where it had been approaching from, which made no sense.  I turned around to look out over the water and saw something I have never seen and believe does not exist in nature.

 I saw the storm cloud had coagulated and centered over the water some way out and it billowed and churned like slick black oil in the sky, from sky height right down to the water level.  When I first saw it, I thought tornado forming, but it was much worse than that.  The large black as oil cloud started to churn and separate into pieces as the whole cloud moved in churning/turning over on itself pieces that started to slick off from the cloud – hard to describe.  Essentially like a very black storm cloud of huge proportions that started to break into pieces/disseminate and the pieces were like oil – thick, black, crude oil in the sky rather than vapour.  In this initial instant that I saw the cloud/storm thus, I knew it was of God/had to do with an action of God – hard to explain.  Then as I further watched, the cloud’s churning slick oil offshoots become a twisting cyclone circling/churning mass that had turned into millions (it seemed) of black crows/birds.  They then began flapping and flying off from the centre/swirling cloud and they billowed out in an expanding circling manner of dissemination that was only clockwise.  But as they expanded off the centre cloud, they started to spread out and these were going to all corners of the earth – EVERYWHERE!!! – EXCEPT…on the lake and platform me and my family stood on.  We were now, I saw, completely safe where we were and this storm was and would pass right over us without affecting us at all.

 As the birds reached where we stood on the pier (in their disseminating pattern), I saw they were millions of black crows and they were EVIL.  I heard one crow just as it flew over our heads – and I stood horrified at what was now hitting the earth – like nothing of its kind ever seen before – even as we all stood and knew we were somehow safe from it because of where we stood.

Dream of Friday, November 14, 2014 – approx 6:45 a.m.

 I had a dream that I was at the back of some room/church for a retreat, and I sat in the very last pew/row. It was a room full of spiritual women. As I sat in my back pew with my spiritual ladies, waiting for whatever was next, suddenly a most powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit came upon me, and filled me – my whole body felt electrified and tingly and completely surrendered to God’s power – I was completely docile. As it came upon me, I waited for the familiar thing that would then occur when this happened (as it has before in dreams, but it has been a little while).

I was then raised up (levitated) and my arms spread out to the sides as if on a cross, and then I was laid on my back as I levitated into the air. I was in a room that was set up like a church, but wasn’t – it had a wide centre aisle with rows of seats on either side, with a stage at the front. As I was raised up and started to be brought to the front near the stage, just before I was moved by God’s power down the left aisle, I saw one of my closest friends come to me/this room because she heard about this that was happening to me and wanted to see and hear – she brought a couple of people with her too. I did not speak to her, because I couldn’t if I tried – my voice was completely mute as it was God’s voice that was going to use me. So I spoke to her not, but was surprised and gladdened that she was there.

Then God moved me down the left aisle around to the very front of this room full of spiritual women. Many looked around wondering who I was and where I came from, as I’d been quite hidden and humble – always at the back. They were shocked to see such an action of God’s power be brought forward in their midst. Me, for my part, just lay docile and united to my God for whatever purpose He had, to use my person and my voice, and I knew He was going to speak to the peoples through me.

As He/His Spirit brought me to the front by the stage, He began to circle me in a 360 degree manner with my arms raised slightly higher – He began to speak through me:

The first thing He spoke about was the immense and total love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all mankind. This message was for all mankind. He spoke through me about His immense and bursting love for His creation of mankind – the creation that had been made in His image. He spoke this love as he circled me, as if spreading this message of love in a 360 degree circle to all directions.

Then He spoke about how it was EXTREMELY important that mankind listen to Him immediately or very dire things would happen. His message through me was to be summed up in these three things in this order:

 1.His immense, immense love for mankind.

2. His love for this creation (mankind), created in His own image.

3. His stern, urgent warning that we MUST listen to Him immediately. There is no time now to wait.

After He circled me saying these things, He also brought me down the right and left sides of each audience side of the pews as well to spread this message as He spoke – and down the centre aisle as well. Then I woke up and recorded the dream immediately…

All I can say to you this Holy Week is, what will your response be?


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