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It is not always an easy thing to be one on the watchtower warning of times, times to come and the need for change in human hearts.  At times I feel that this little endeavour for God is lost in the oblivion of the internet and falling on deaf ears of those who trip upon it.  The further along time marches and the deeper I see our world plunging into error, evil and darkness, the harder it is to be a forebearer of light and warning in that light.  I have come to a time in my chronological sharings on “The State of Chaos” where I truly fear for the things I am about to share.  I really do hope they are not glimpses into our future, but rather just a bit of undigested cheese (remember the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future from Scrooge?).

I leave the discernment to the reader and share anyway, in this writing and coming ones, some highly disturbing dreams that occurred in near succession several years ago.  I share them not to scare, but to inform and aid – if they are indeed portents of our future.  And remember:  God and the forces of good are always far stronger and ultimately victorious against any evil.  I have seen this personally many times in my own spiritual battle.  The forces of evil hate me for the things I am doing for God, but they are unable to lay a finger or breath upon me due to the protection God affords me.  I have been very blessed to see the ‘insides’ of this spiritual battle.  All things are allowed by God for His purposes and His ways are far above our own.  In the end, putting your trust in God is the crucial decision.

I know many of you out there do not believe that there is a spiritual battle going on at all.  Many of you are consumed with the busyness and worry of daily life and nary give it a thought.  I am here to stop you and say – whoa!  Right here and now – Whoa!  Your entire life IS the spiritual battle – all of your present moment decisions and which force you let influence you, as I discussed in the previous posting.  Please heed my witness and examine your own life and conscience and what you truly believe is your purpose on earth.  Like the child in the womb that believes this is the sum of their existence until they are born and thrust into something much, much more…so will your spirit be thrust into something much, much more one day.  I guarantee it.  I live it with my life and I witness it to you in truth today.  Your death is not the end.  In fact, it will be your beginning.  I care where that beginning is, for it will also be your forever….and forever is a very long time indeed.  Please, please, please, consider what you love.  Please choose to love love.  In choosing to love, you automatically choose God and that is what your destiny will be full of.

I read recently a witness of a doctor from South America who was suddenly struck by lightening.  She was Catholic, but very much not in shape to go to heaven.  I share here her story, for it horrified me and I strive to live in love…may it be another witness to you all.  Her story can be investigated and proven.  I urge you to read it, for she died and was destined for hell, but was spared by the grace of God and her fellow men’s prayers.  I think it will be well worth your read if you are not sure what to believe about life and death and your purpose here.

And so without further ado, I share next a very vivid horrifying dream which I really do hope is not a glimpse of the future, but just in case…

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I had a nightmare so horrific I don’t even want to write it down.  I typed it as soon as I woke up.  I dreamt I was in the Jock River swimming with children and other people.  I was resting on the weir mostly, watching other people.  There were people swimming all over in this river, boarding and boats driving people around at high speed.  I was surprised they didn’t run each other over and hurt each other – they were kind of being careless and oblivious to each other.

I was surprised people were swimming in this river as it was polluted and had been declared unsafe even when I was a child in the 60’s.  People were swimming in it today even if this was so and even though it didn’t look polluted on the surface, it was so.  On the other side of the weir garbage had accumulated.  People were lost in recreation oblivious.  I saw that something was coming, however.

As I looked up to the sky, black blobs materialized from another atmosphere/plane of existence.  It was a like a scene from War of the Worlds.  They became like parachutes of beings dropping in completely with surprise – surprise worldwide attack.  The sky had been clear and then boom – there they were – people were calling them the ‘incredibles’.  Before their appearance they had strategically placed (what looked like) record players – boxes of some kind that had circular turntables that were science fiction looking, but these boxes with the circular turntables served a purpose for checking or communication or something.  They were on almost every street corner – all over the world.  I became aware that an evil world invasion was starting and immediately rushed to my home to be with and protect my children.  (In real life, my close girlfriend had the exact same dream up to this point within two weeks of my having it (previous to mine) and we live in different cities so we had no way of knowing until I shared this with her after I experienced it – she awoke at this point though and did not dream the rest as I did).

I came into the house and rounded up the children.  I had been in the neighbourhood of Heart’s Desire as I did this.  Once inside the house it was a home I did not recognize.  There were a few other people there who were not family members.  The beings that had dropped from the sky then became humans that were evil and demons in the guise of humans and they were systematically going home to home to make sure each human was caught up and converted to their ‘control state’ – something they did to each person to make them like automatons – under mind control? Not sure…However they were no longer themselves and unable to help themselves or recognize that this had been done to them.  I knew what was coming and how to defend people and myself from these beings/evil.  As they entered our home I rounded up the kids and as they tried to perform some incantation/ritual/procedure to convert us, I invoked the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over all of us.  They immediately stopped (and the bandleader looked like Satan at this point).  They sort of sighed in resignation that they could not do this to us – they could not touch us one bit.  We were able to walk out of the home with them unable to touch/convert us.  There was one man who had been visiting us – a friend.  He was hiding in the ceiling in a hidden space almost like a scene out of Anne Frank (although the space was a mock ceiling not a mock wall).  He knew they were close to finding him.  I told him repeatedly before I left for him to invoke the protection of the Previous Blood of Jesus over himself and that they would be unable to harm him.  I repeated it over and over and over again so that he would remember it in his duress.  He started to as they found him and though they attempted to attack and hurt him, I think he escaped safe with us and we walked out of the house.

As we were in the streets we saw that this martial law type situation had descended all over the world systematically almost simultaneously.  It had been very carefully and covertly planned and executed swiftly.  I saw these boxes on almost every corner and the people walking about like automatons.  We were free still and were escaping to somewhere in small groups to band together without being seen or recognized (that we were still free and not under the regime/mind control).  We had to be covert and careful.

I woke up in horror!!!

What can I say, except that if there was ever one of my dreams that I hoped was just a dream it was this one…but if a day ever comes that looks like this one, remember well the protection given in this dream:  Ask God for the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus.  In this spiritual battle it is the ultimate bandage in the spiritual first aid kit.


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