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In the few years that I have been sharing writings and dreams on this website it has been my fervent wish that they serve as witness to the truth of the spiritual life and help people come out of their worldy fog and wake up spiritually.

It is only so long that one can live on a junk food diet of all the things that the world tries to fill us with.  One day we hopefully wake up and say – ‘okay, enough is enough…I want more than this for my life!’

Are you ready to wake up?

There truly is so much more to your life than the surface day to day.  Are you starving for spiritual food yet?

My goal is only to be a helping hand or guide…someone who entered the depths because I said ‘yes’ to God and wanted to delve deeper into the truth of our existence and grow spiritually in love.   I go back again to a huge catalyst to my spiritual awakening – my angel experience.  I encourage you to read it today if this is your first time visiting my little blog for souls and God.

And so without further ado I share additional spiritual dreams, given to me I believe, to help guide people into a better life:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dreamt I was showing a young beautiful little blond girl around a home that she and her family had moved into.  It was a very old home with lots of interwoven pipes that wound up circular staircases.  The staircases were hard to climb (just like the spiritual life!).  As we climbed I was like a tour guide.  Then I was out on the street and was before a friend’s parents home.  I was grieving for them because they died in a fire, but not because they were burned; they died from smoke inhalation because they were asleep and didn’t hear the warning.

The character I was shown was named Adam.  I saw his body in an armchair.  He was reading a book about a food he liked and had made a note to himself to buy it.  Then I saw a man who was a news reporter and he was reporting on his death (and his wife’s) and describing the scene.  He spoke quoted words below to describe why and how this man (Adam) had died as he had:

You will be punished for hearing not, and listening not to that which you heard.”

I observed this scene as a third-party and recorded it.  I grieved for the foolishness of Adam’s death and the death of his wife…They had been sound asleep concerned only with worldly things and had failed to hear or heed the warnings and so perished).

From what I understand from my own spiritual experiences and the words and experiences reported by others…a large portion of the human race in this time is spiritually asleep.  Consumed by the smoke of worldly possessions, passions and distractions – pursuing anything but growth in love – love of God or neighbour….how many aren’t even bothering to try to find God?  How many are even questioning whether He exists?  I find it quite foolhardy to trip along blindly in life with no regard to where it is all going.  Life is hard!  The world is full of sadness, disappointment and outright evil…Don’t you want some help?

I urge you not to cover up God.  And so does God…I share next a dream given to me by God with a warning from His very mouth through mine:

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I had a dream where someone led me to a doorway to see something.  As I entered the room I came to see a lake in holy ground.  It seemed to be Middle East I think for some reason.  I stepped in and was on sand – an embankment of sand was in front of me before and leading up to the edge of this huge lake.  It was an ancient lake and I think it was God.  It was dark and overcast everywhere over this lake and in this area.

 I asked, “What is this lake?”  I don’t remember an answer, but started to cry with dismay as I saw what was being done to/on this lake.  I spoke to God as I approached the lake and said “Papa, what are they doing?!” because it was not good what people were doing to God.  I walked out onto the lake – on the water first and then started to be walking on a flat white wooden platform with walls that covered the lake completely from left to right and out into the horizen.  Men were building and constructing a platform that completely covered the lake and they were walking on it/on God, which they should not be doing!  I was so aghast!

I said to the men as I walked – “You should not be doing this!”

I went a little further and came to the other side of the lake – still completely covered by these platforms.  The front-most platform became someone’s living space – specifically saw a bedroom – a woman’s I think, but it was not mine – don’t know whose.

The lake was completely covered over here with no sign that there was even a lake underneath – walls, floors – all closed in.  I saw the woman here in her bedroom with a single bed and a lamp on a night table.  I think the room may have been blue and white. (Hmmm…is it a coincidence that the bedroom was completely closed in with no God/lake to be seen and that is where one sleeps?…)

I saw this and then walked back to the original side of the lake – the part before men covered the water and it was clearly shown to be a HUGE lake of rippling water – but all dark and overcast. 

I entered the room I had come into this vision or showing by.  As I walked through the door I saw a character – Hunter – pass me the other way – going through the door I had just come back through.  Her hair was all cut off short for some reason.  Then I stood at another doorway to my right and waited for God to enter me again (I could feel Him coming) and use me to speak as I anticipated was coming.  I always stood at the ready for this.

Sure enough His spirit entered me after I walked through this doorway to the right and was in another room where the other people I had been with were not.  He entered me again and levitated me off the floor and moved me firmly back through the doorway to the room where the people were as I lay back in the air with my arms spread out as if I was on a cross.

I saw people I knew from my life – my husband, our children and other people.  As God entered me, flew me around and levitated me in front of them people started paying attention.  It was unmistakable that God was doing this through me because of the fact that I was levitated and moved by an unseen power.

I then spoke what God wills me to speak:  I said, looking at the people in the room:

God speaks through me.”

And then I spoke God’s words directly to the people in the room:

You must remove this.  It is not good for thee.  You cover Me with your platforms.”

I then woke and recorded the above immediately.

All I can ask as I re-read this and share it with you now is this:  What platform are you covering up our God (who is LOVE) with?  You must dig beneath and seek to love – love yourself, your God and your neighbour.  It is not an easy thing.  Seek help for the journey, but do not delay in setting your foot upon the path, for the time is short.


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