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This segment shares a very recent message from our Mother, Mary, through the visionary, Angela – Our Lady of Zaro. In it Mary testifies to our need to avoid the occult and stay close to her son Jesus. This is of course shared for your discernment as part of ‘private revelation’.

As this segment continues the theme of Part I in testimony to the truth of the spiritual battle, it discusses the truth of Satan & demons, and also the reality of Hell and the experience God gave me – two ‘tastes’ of Hell. It also shares some discussion of near death experiences and the witness of many to the truth of life after death. I feature particularly another book that recently came my way: My Descent into Death: A Second Chance at Life by Howard Storm. In it he shares his near death experience that included both heaven and hell, and his gratitude at a second chance at life and the ability to decide for God.

As part of this ‘expose’ this segment discusses the tactics of Satan and our need to be aware and discerning, and focused on our own personal growth in holiness as we can effect great change in the world as we grow and pray and become more fully united with the purposes of God in service to Him and our neighbour. It discusses also the role of Deliverance Ministry in general and of course our specialists in the Catholic church in deliverance – Exorcists.

Mary through this message and through my testimony, urges us to deepen our prayer – and it highlights especially the call to and power of the Rosary. She calls us not to follow the false and futile beauties of this world, but to focus on Jesus, and also to pray for our priests, and not to judge them. In essence she and this segment are again calling all to choose good & God, step out of sin and dangerous practices such as the occult, and to rather place our trust in our Heavenly Father – who loves us immensely and desires nothing but that we repent, choose Him and ‘come home’.


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This first segment in our All Hallow’s Eve Special discusses the truth of the spiritual battle that all humans are immersed in. It discusses the truth of the ‘dark side’ – the reality of the existence of Satan and demons – but not to inspire fear; rather to inspire awareness that we are each engaged in this spiritual battle whether we know it or not, and that we, once we decide for God, actually are in the place of greatest safety in this battle and also in a place of great power to effect change for ourselves and others.

This segment shares three personal experiences of the truth of the battle and highlights the power I was shown by Jesus and God that we each have as sons and daughters of the Most High, once we step out of sin and decide for God, Christ and holiness.

This segment is a powerful witness to the fact that YOU have great power that far outweighs any evil power, but that you have to ‘exercise’ your power by choosing to pray and work with the Holy Spirit, not only in your own growth in holiness, but also in your personal efforts to become an aid to draw others out of danger and into a relationship with Jesus – through prayer, sacrifice, witness, trust and divine surrender, so that God can use you mightily in this hour in the way He wishes. If there were ever an hour where this divine surrender and trust are needed, it is our hour!

Lastly I wish to remind everyone that YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS HOUR! God chose to have you born and living in this time – so I invite you to rise to your calling in our times mightily! To help you in this I draw your attention to a book that recently came my way that I am finding to be a powerful aid and so I offer it for your discernment: “You Were Made for this Moment: Courage for Today and Hope for Tomorrow” by Max Lucado. You can find it here on Amazon, and as well likely in your local bookstores.

Stay tuned for our next All Hallow’s Eve segment which will follow shortly in preparation for All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Blessings!


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This segment testifies to many experiences of Mary, and as well the truth that Mary has been given to us by our Saviour as a Mother. Mary, as Mother, wishes nothing more than to lead us into deeper trust and relationship with Jesus, and in this segment I testify personally that through the past 21 years of journey with Christ, Mary, His Mother, has done nothing more than to lead me deeper into Christ.

This segment also testifies to my personal witness that Mary is one who is to be deeply respected and loved as the Mother of Jesus, and also as our mother – one who seeks nothing but our welfare, and as the Mother of Christ, is the Ark of the new Covenant – and a sure place to place our trust – and often the first place Jesus wishes to bring us to in the path of purification to the Father, so that we might be in the safest place possible, as He was provided for by her in His own personal life journey on earth, with Mary and Joseph in the Holy Family.


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