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In the long overdue continuation of The State of Chaos Series,  I share with you today a vivid dream experience I had only a little over a month before the horrible trajedy of the Indian Ocean tsunami.  It, coupled with a few other dreams, came together for me in a very compelling way as I witnessed in horror, along with the rest of the world, the great devastation this event in our history caused.  One of the other dreams around this time had to do with an earthquake and I knew it was connected to water.  At the time I wondered what on earth water would have to do with an earthquake.  Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I realized the connection…

I am the first one to say that I don’t really know why I have experienced these disturbing, sometimes prophetic dreams, but I will continue to share these with you as I believe it is  prudent for me to continue to sound the warning to clean up our lives and believe in and choose God – a warning that is coming from God through many avenues these days, for those with ears to hear:

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Dreamt I went south for a holiday.  I was walking on a wharf that somehow had an inn or hotel rooms which were starting to be flooded and under water.  The water had not flooded out the ability to live there, but the tide was rising – flooding was occurring everywhere and it was time to evacuate.  As this was determined all of a sudden as I looked North a floodgate was removed and water came rushing down from North to South in a huge way.  I started to head North for refuge.

Then I was shown a map of the world.  All the lower hemisphere or lower half of every country was filled in with red colour and the top half was white.  The bottom red half denoted where flooding was and in turn death and destruction.  The top half of each country which was white denoted life.  It appeared as if half of every country or its population had been destroyed by this flood.  Then someone said ‘watch what that flooding and destruction does to the wind – meaning the wind would come to almost a complete halt.

I was shown at this point God’s fury.  I was shown His great anger and chastisement of the world.  Then I wondered where there would be safe refuge because people were hastily evacuating north, but the people north were trying to move south or down because of some other damage there (not flooding).  In other words there was no safe place to run from what was besetting the world.  Then a line I know from “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” went through my head (Mary’s words).  They were:

Don’t worry, my children who are living the proper life.  You will be spared.”

Then the dream changed again.  I was trying to fix and hold in place wood stairs so that children (the ones fleeing the destruction) could climb to safety to this higher ground in some barn or loft.  It appeared to be the loft of a barn, but a safe, clean, dry, white one in good condition.  However, the upper last stairs were all rotted through and breaking from previous damage and were crumbling.  It was not going to be safe anymore to climb, but because of catastrophes hitting the earth, people were now panicking and running up these stairs (rather last minute I might add) for refuge and safety.

I was at the top of the stairs – lying facedown with my arms overhead across the last few wood planks or stairs that were rotting through.  I was holding the stairs together and trying to secure them with my bare hands and my body acted as a bridge, so that children could continue to climb to safety, but I was nearing the end of being able to hold the rotted wood stairs and nails together (who isn’t feeling tired and worn out these days in this spiritual battle?  I’m hearing this from fellow Christians on many sides).

I yelled out to Man to bring his tools and wood to come build some new safe stairs.  Man came from another room and said angrily:

 “Don’t bother me with this stupid stuff now – I’m sleeping!”

(Indeed many are spiritually asleep and probably not happy with me for sounding an alarm to try to wake them up…)  But I yelled back to Man:

But you must!  The stairs cannot hold out any longer – children/people will die when the stairs finally give way and they will fall to their death!”

Man was still furious at his sleep interruption and my bothering him for something he considered unimportant.  So I called to others to bring me wood, saw, pencil, nails and I was going to build three new stairs and nail them in place – all while I lay in the stairway using my body as a bridge.  YOU CANNOT BELIEVE THE DETERMINATION.  And the thing was I was going to be able to do this thing that seemed impossible.  I was just going to do what needed to be done – even if others were ignoring the danger and urgency and belittling me and treating me badly for calling out the alarm…

And so I am lying in the gap with this website – calling out to others to come with their tools (prayer, rosaries, sacrifices, masses, love for neighbour) and aid this spiritual battle for souls.  Believe in God’s existence!  Believe in heaven!  This is not your homeland!  Start praying for your fellow man once you yourself have woken up and turned your life around for good.  Be another bridge for souls to come into God’s barn…I myself am very grateful for the suffering and prayers of others that led to my conversion ten years ago.  The rest of my life will be spent being a major domino in the chain.  I know it must be hard to read these writings of mine and see a little with the eyes that I see God and times with.  However I am just an extension of the arm of God that beckons you to wake up and beckons you home…

Til next time, God bless you all!




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