This segment testifies to many experiences of Mary, and as well the truth that Mary has been given to us by our Saviour as a Mother. Mary, as Mother, wishes nothing more than to lead us into deeper trust and relationship with Jesus, and in this segment I testify personally that through the past 21 years of journey with Christ, Mary, His Mother, has done nothing more than to lead me deeper into Christ.

This segment also testifies to my personal witness that Mary is one who is to be deeply respected and loved as the Mother of Jesus, and also as our mother – one who seeks nothing but our welfare, and as the Mother of Christ, is the Ark of the new Covenant – and a sure place to place our trust – and often the first place Jesus wishes to bring us to in the path of purification to the Father, so that we might be in the safest place possible, as He was provided for by her in His own personal life journey on earth, with Mary and Joseph in the Holy Family.


This segment shares many of my experiences of God the Father, but also my testimony that, as much as I have experienced Him, to be able to truly more fully know Him, remains for us in the next life – the Beatific vision.

It is my testimony to the truth of the Father, as one Person of the Holy Trinity, but also my urging for each of us to strive to deepen our relationship with and choice for God the Father, for it truly is in this choice that God the Father Himself works cooperatively with us in bringing Him into closer relationship with and union with Him, which should be the goal of all persons – not just a few.

God the Father truly beckons all humankind into relationship with Him – especially in this hour which is such a late one, and such a serious one for each soul. May God bless each of you on your journey to the Father, and may every blessing accompany you as you seek Truth.


This segment features one of my early experiences of Heaven, with a warning that a time of Justice is coming, and an experience of all of Heaven weeping at these times. It also shares the urgent need for all to repent of sin so as not to be unprepared for the coming times, and definitely to be as prepared as possible by lighting the oil of the lamp of faith, and cleansing each of our souls from the stain of sin, so that we are not ones to be found unprepared ‘in the middle of the night’ by the thief.

This segment is another urgent warning from Heaven that we must choose to repent of sin and choose God and hold fast to our faith, in order to be in the true place of safety for ourselves, but also to be purified willing vessels that bring the lamp of faith to those around us.