Christmas Hope!

This segment features a short inspiration of hope this Christmas season, and an exhortation to put Jesus in the centre of the manger of your heart in order to have the peace the world cannot give. It also features a short message, for your discernment, from God the Father, through the visionary Maureen Kyle Sweeney, from the mission, Holy Love (check it out at http://www.holylove.org).

This segment speaks to the need to reach out to our Father constantly throughout our days in order to bring the Father into all of the situations and difficulties of our lives, as He can aid us in ways that we are unable to aid ourselves, and can often mitigate the difficult circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in – especially in this difficult time in the world!

This segment focuses on the joy of the Christmas season and invites all to bring Jesus into the centre of their lives, so that this joy can be lived out in service to others as well – not only at Christmas, but throughout the year! Merry Christmas!


This short segment is a simple reflection from this Christmas Eve that is intended to take us deep into the spirit of the Christmas solemnity. It shares a few resources and blog post from a website you might want to check out: http://www.mycatholic.life.

It also reflects again on the God of great reversals and the book by Max Lucado, You Were Made for This Moment, and as well urges each viewer to recognize the great dignity and beauty of each of us as created in the image of God. This segment offers the uplifting truth and repeated message that you are loved!; Loved and known so intimately by the God who created each of us, and Who desires that we be with Him forever in Heaven.

It shares a simple reflection of how the shepherds must have felt that first Christmas…going on through the normal course of their lives, when suddenly the God of the universe intervened and called them to a magnificent event. It is the same calling that God sends to each of us today – to discover Jesus amidst the journeys of our own lives. May God bless you & Merry Christmas!


This second part of our Christmas Special focuses on the hope, joy and thanksgiving that we should carry in our hearts as the feast of Christmas approaches.

It shares a couple of short experiences of Heaven and as well some words from the evangelist Mark Mallett, who is another voice on the watchtower witnessing to our faith and to the prophetic pulse in our times. You can find out more about Mark Mallet by visiting his website at Mark Mallett and as well by visiting Home – Countdown to the Kingdom.

This segment is all about testifying to the truth that God is mightily at work in our midst even amongst our difficulties, and that He is bringing about wonderful things despite the tribulation of our times. It is a segment that offers hope and encouragement to hold fast to the faith in your journey, and to make time for prayer and silence this Christmas season so that we stay tuned to the quiet voice of God during a bustling, busy time. May God bring you peace and blessing, especially as we celebrate the joy of Christmas!