The Power of God

This segment features an excerpt from an Exorcist in the Catholic Church describing the ordinary aspects of our faith that protect us from the Evil One. It also features a warning that the snares of the Evil One are varied and ‘slick’ and purposely designed to try to trap souls in their weaknesses.

The segment also shares a couple of my own personal spiritual experiences highlighting a coming political, ‘Nazi’ type theme, and that period of Totalitarianism that I have witnessed to many times in the past. It highlights also though, the fact that we have the true power in our relationship with and choice for God, and that we have nothing to fear if we stay on the side of true safety with our Saviour and the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus.


This segment, filmed from home as we are in a state of lockdown, features a very strong recent message from St. Michael the Archangel through Luz de Maria de Bonilla, warning us of the urgent need to convert and to become aware of the times we live in.

It also highlights the need to forgive, love our neighbour and practice mercy. It testifies as well to the truth of our spiritual battle and the need to attend frequently or return to Mass (even if online), take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and to testify to our faith and stay faithful to the Magisterium of the church. It also testifies to coming events and the imminence of the “Warning” or “Illumination of Conscience”, spoken frequently of in a variety of prophetic circles.

I also share a couple of my own experiences testifying to remedies we have available to us, such as prayer and fidelity to Jesus and the faith, as well as prayer to Mary as Undoer of Knots, and a word from Heaven advising that we will be given supports to journey through the times we have arrived in.

This short segment shares a very strong word and urgent message from our Lord, through the visionary Gisella Cardia. It is a heavy word – one that I am sure Jesus wishes He did not have to impart.

The essence of the message is that all need to be prepared for the coming ‘storm’ of events. It also carries a word of chastisement for those who have chosen worldly riches and done so by ‘trampling’ on their brothers and sisters and children. He warns that the world will change as we have never seen before – something The Deliverance Network has been testifying to, especially in the past year or so.

He urges all to listen in order to be saved, and so not to lose our lives – no small statement, indeed.