This episode features several experiences and inside glimpses of spiritual warfare, the nature of the attack of evil against Christianity in our times, and remedies and resources to be more prepared for the spiritual battle. This episode also features words from Heaven testifying to the truth of Jesus present in the Eucharist, as well as a warning from God that humanity must urgently wake up to the truth that our lives are a spiritual journey, and that humanity cannot afford any longer to remain spiritually ‘asleep’.

It is ever more urgent that all peoples listen to the truth that they must seek to go deeper into the truth of our lives on earth, and begin to pursue the spiritual journey and relationship with the Creator, our loving Father – God – who seeks relationship with each and every one of us, and desires so fervently that we all come to learn to love, for our lives have great purpose and eternal destiny…


This episode contains a recent lengthy message from Mary to visionary Edson Glauber, featured on Countdown to the Kingdom. It also features a manifestation of our Lord that is an explicit warning for times coming. I also share an inside glimpse I was given by God of the behind-the-scenes spiritual battle, and that though the heat is rising in this battle in our times, we are highly accompanied and defended by God’s angels.

This episode contains strong warnings of coming increased persecution, but this should not cause us to fear! This episode continues the urgent exhortation and reiteration that it is not time for us to ‘retreat’ from our Faith, but instead the time for us to stand ever more courageously so that we can be in alignment with the battle call from Heaven for our times, and be victorious in Christ. We must stand not only for ourselves, but for those we bear witness to in hope that there is purpose to our existence, and an even fuller life after death. We will all be given the aid and direction that we need from Heaven as circumstances unfold in the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.



This episode features an experience of Sr. Lucia of Fatima, with a warning and reference to the times that we now find ourselves in, and that they are highly tied to the apparitions of Fatima. It also contains a detailed inner glimpse I was given of the spiritual journey we each travel – the great ‘race’ described by St. Paul, and assertion that we must forge ahead bravely through this race, and not allow ourselves to be trapped in fear, but to instead seek deep intimacy with God and persevere in the struggles of life in faith, knowing that we are never alone!

Season Two – Episode Eight – Experience of Sr. Lucia of Fatima & a Glimpse of the Spiritual Race