This episode details several profound experiences of Mary, mother of Jesus, and glimpses of her role in salvation history. It also highlights the ‘School of Mary’, continued warnings for our times, and a message from Mary that illustrates the importance of our striving for the virtues of the spiritual life.

Season Two – Episode Six – Profound Experiences of our Mother, Mary – the Ark of the New Covenant



As mentioned, I will be on filming hiatus this summer, in order to spend some wonderful quality time with my family.  However, we will still be releasing some previously unseen clips from our vaults, as well as blended clips from interviews we have conducted in the past, including with the well known evangelist, Mark Mallett.  We will also delve into some of the darker experiences God has shown me regarding coming times – times that will feature challenge, but also a call to rise and shine!  For as the darkness becomes heavier, so too shall the light within each of us who have chosen Christ shine more brightly to beckon all those who do not know Christ.  These heavier segments will feature the light and the hope of the visions and messages I’ve received from Heaven to show us that we are not alone!  We are solidly safe in our relationship with Jesus, surrounded by the grace of God and the companionship and protection of our Mother, Mary, as well as the powerful protection of angels constantly warring on our behalf…

A Look at What’s Coming to The Deliverance Network this Summer!


This episode from The Deliverance Network, in answer to a question from a viewer, contains my testimony to several of the experiences of Heaven that have been my most beautiful and profound, and also features what I treasure most on Earth!

Some of My Most Profound Experiences of Heaven and the Things I Treasure Most on Earth