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This episode features an exploration of our times with regard to the Covid-19 virus and talk in prophetic circles of coming events. It also contains some excerpts of detailed dream ‘visions’ I have received regarding our times and coming times. As this segment explores some of the harder, more difficult crosses we may experience – and in fact are already experiencing with Covid – it also features ‘what to do!’…remedies already given by Heaven and concrete steps and applications we can do to prepare to face these times with solid trust in God. While our biggest need is to deepen our faith and prayer life, and live a life free as much as possible from sin – the need for the confessional – our call is also to become the strong prayer warriors we were born to be for these times. In this special segment we will also feature some messages and prophetic voices from the watchtower. Overall this is a message of hope and encouragement for all who seek to know and understand the spiritual ‘current’ and the truth of the spiritual battle of our times. It is a call to be armed, powerful and ready to be a strong advocate for humanity and allied with heaven for the spiritual battle of these ‘end times’.


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