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This short five minute video provides information regarding resources available through our ‘sister’ ministry, Sister†Hood, for spiritual warfare, spiritual protection and inner healing.

Please go to the Sister†Hood – Shop, to purchase important books and Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals and other products for Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Protection and Inner Healing. Our Shop includes Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals of Holy Water, Oil and Salt, with blessing prayer, available by donation. Also available are Exorcism Oil Blessed/Consecrated Icons of the Holy Family that Fr. Michel Rodrigue advises should be in each home to protect against coming chastisements. Also on our website is important information on how to consecrate your home as a refuge using these Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals. The two books available are important resources for spiritual warfare, prayer and inner healing:

Reverend Joseph E. Kane’s book – “Your Light Shines in My Darkness:  Spiritual Warfare” and Heather MacPhail’s book – “On the Path to Calvary:  Inner Healing via Stations of the Cross”.

Five Minute Video Clip featuring Information on our Shop

 Books & Exorcism Blessed Sacramental Kits Available for Spiritual Warfare, Protection & Healing


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This episode features a powerful message from the Virgin Mary through visionary, Edson Glauber – published recently on Countdown to the Kingdom.

It also shares several of my personal experiences of Mary and how delicate, holy, humble and beautiful she is. This sharing is a call to all to seek to understand our Mother and her role in our lives, and to grow in respect and love for her, which is the dignity that she is owed as the Mother of our Redeemer. Most importantly it highlights the call to pray, pray, pray and seek to be aligned with Heaven in the work of our own salvation and the salvation of others.

Season Two – Episode Five – Mystical Experiences of the Virgin Mary – Our Mother & Jesus’ Mother


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My videographer and editor, Charlie, and I have continued to film despite the difficulties in the world recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  In fact we have been able to carve out even more time for filming this spring, and so are pleased to bring you several new segments on The Deliverance Network.  Our filming will cease today for the summer break, but several episodes of great importance for our times will be released over the summer, so stay tuned, and pass the word to your circles, for we definitely live in very definitive times, and it is of utmost importance that everyone consider their spiritual journey NOW and their relationship to Jesus Christ…

This episode contains uplifting, powerful experiences and testimony to the truth of angels, but also a sobering warning as to the times that have now arrived at the doorstep of humanity. For those who have not yet heard of it, this segment also contains the important prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. St. Michael is particularly a Champion, the ‘Prince of the Heavenly Host’, sent from God to help us in the spiritual warfare of our times, as the inner locution/message from God the Father I received January 10, 2008 shows:

Take heed O children of the wind, for your time draws near. The Vicar of My Son immolates the people. You, my sentinels in the watchtowers have this to say: Pride and prejudice shall be no more. Bastions of security will be found amongst the cities at the gate. True Presence of My Son becomes a grace for all peoples. Rivers flow in the desert.

You are called to the watchtower, O sentinel of my people. The hearts of many grow weary and peace stills. Guard your hearts, for the thief is coming in the night. My time is at hand. Grace flows like a river in a desert. Wildflowers grow. Precious the one who, though weary, immolates my people.

Have faith, My child, for my grace is upon you and you shall see rest. Soon, very soon, I tell you, peace will come to all peoples, for the Day of the Lord is at hand and His justice is sure. My Heart grows weary at the sight of so much abomination and My Hand can hold no more. Rise, O you peoples of the East, for the betrayer is at hand, ready to knock on your gate.

Precious the few who stand. They will be like mountains. Gather my people, the elect, from the four corners of the wind. Make ready, for the Day of the Lord has come.

Bastions at the gate give heed to the battle cry, for High and Mighty is the Lord. He has heard My people cry. Great rain falls upon the peoples and the just shall have their reward. The time draws near for the Prince of the Heavenly Host to be a champion for the people. The cry of justice is heard. With a shout does He spring forth upon the people.

Make way, O you land of Jerusalem, for my people cry. No more is there to be bloodshed and war and abomination in the sight of the Lord. My hand rests. True to the Word of God. Amen”  God the Father – January 10, 2008

Season Two – Episode Four – Powerful Experiences of Angels & Warning for Our Times


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