This short segment shares a very strong word and urgent message from our Lord, through the visionary Gisella Cardia. It is a heavy word – one that I am sure Jesus wishes He did not have to impart.

The essence of the message is that all need to be prepared for the coming ‘storm’ of events. It also carries a word of chastisement for those who have chosen worldly riches and done so by ‘trampling’ on their brothers and sisters and children. He warns that the world will change as we have never seen before – something The Deliverance Network has been testifying to, especially in the past year or so.

He urges all to listen in order to be saved, and so not to lose our lives – no small statement, indeed.

*We make a particular note to all viewers that all information is provided for your own discernment, and that any medication, supplements or medicinal plants that the viewers might be interested in should be discerned directly by each person with their own medical practitioner or doctor to determine safety and suitabilty for each person’s medical situation, prior to use. All information provided in this segment is only to pass along information, and is not in any way intended as medical advice.*

This segment features another urgent message from Mary, our Mother, through the visionary, Luz de Maria de Bonilla. It speaks of coming difficulties, the need to stay firmly entrenched in our faith, and the increasing need for our prayers to help mitigate some of the coming circumstances, and aid in the salvation of souls. I also share my own testimony to several experiences of the heavenly, and the need for us to practise wise discernment in this hour and to pay attention to the uniformity of the messages that are coming from a variety of ‘sentinels’ on the watchtower. It is precisely in the commonality of the messages, and of course their fruit, that one is able to help discern the truth coming from all corners of the world in our time through a variety of messengers. It is no small task to ferret out truth amidst so much confusion and lies, abounding in our world in this time. *Lastly this segment, through the message to Luz de Maria, speaks yet again of the suggestion to explore the use (individually by each person in consultation with their medical doctor) of a variety of medicinal plants for help against disease.

This segment features a detailed, lengthy message from our mother, Mary, to the visionary Luz de Maria de Bonilla. It warns of our need to steep ourselves in prayer and stay close to her Son, so that we are not led astray by diabolical deception. It also speaks of the situation in our churches, to which I add an experience of my own showing a great ripping away from the church. The message is highly reminiscent of the book of Revelation, and specifically addresses Revelation 13:16-17.

The strong warning from Mary urges prayer and speaks of Communism, but also promises divine protection for all who seek it. In this strong message Mary also asks for prayers for Mexico, and the United States. She also speaks about the scourge of disease and the recommendation from Heaven of the use of Pine, and as a support I also reference a resource from Countdown to the Kingdom – Medicinal Plants. I always advise that everyone must speak to their doctor regarding their ability to use any substances prior to use, and this information is shared only for the information and discernment of the viewer.

Lastly this message again asks us not to fear, but to place our trust in Jesus and stay close to Him no matter the coming storm of events. For more information about Luz de Maria de Bonilla and her messages, please visit https://www.revelacionesmarianas.com/…​.