This segment shares a solemn commemoration of Good Friday as we pause to pray and remember and give thanks for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday. It also shares a personal experience of Jesus passing through the ‘gate’ so that He could purchase for all humanity the redemption through His sacrifice.

This segment also highlights a message from Countdown to the Kingdom through the ‘Californian Soul’ that ‘sees’ numbers from the Blue Book, originally given to Fr. Stefano Gobbi. The message illustrates powerfully that Mary has been given to all humanity as a mother – a mother that we should seek to grow in relationship with, as relationship with our mother benefits us greatly in our walk to become like Christ.


This segment continues the exploration of practices to grow in holiness and the need for devotion to our mother, Mary to help us in the spiritual climb. It addresses again the need for prayer and the practice of humility and the other virtues, and as well witnesses to the great benefit of a spiritual director. It also speaks to the need for us to be healed of our wounds, as they can be openings for the enemy to detract from or discourage the path of holiness.

This segment also covers the topic of discernment and the importance of giving God your ‘fiat’, as well as some practical suggestions for spiritual protection. We share as well, at the very opening of the video, a prayer to discern spirits, which I have personally found very helpful in the spiritual battle. I highly recommend memorizing it, so that it can be brought to use at any time that you might find yourself in the midst of spiritual attack:

If you are of my Lord Jesus Christ, then you are welcome, in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit (making the sign of the cross). If you are not of my Lord Jesus Christ, then by His Holy Wound, Agonizing Passion, Cruel Death and his Glorious Resurrection, you are to be gone now, in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.”

Origin Unknown


This Holy Week Special, Part I, focuses on a variety of suggestions and spiritual experiences that highlight the ways we can work cooperatively with the Holy Spirit to grow in holiness. It examines several of my spiritual dream experiences – including one of ‘consummative union’, shares the example of the experience of others, and features a message from Mary that speaks about the need for prayer to grow in holiness and avoid the traps of Satan.

This segment also demonstrates our need to go both inward and outward as part of that growth, and as such it highlights the need for us to be of service to others as we follow Christ. Part I will be followed by Part II, as a wrap up to the reflective and penitential journey of Lent.

Our apologies for the late upload of Holy Week & Easter segments here at The Deliverance Network. It has been a busy Easter!