Check out our full interview with well known Catholic Evangelist & Singer/Songwriter, Mark Mallett.  The Deliverance Network was pleased to have the opportunity to interview Mark recently, and we know you will be inspired by Mark’s witness, teachings on our faith and his perspective on the prophetic pulse of the world and Catholic faith in our times.  Blessings!

Sister†Hood, my partner ministry to The Deliverance Network, was honoured to bring the well known Catholic Evangelist & Singer/Songwriter, Mark Mallett to Ottawa last week for a week of mission talks & performances.  I had a chance to sit down with Mark “Up Close & Personal” to interview him about his faith journey, powerful mission, and thoughts on our times – both in our church and in the world.  Enjoy this sneak peak interview segment as Mark shares stories of his spiritual journey and upbringing in the faith!

Enjoy our latest Youtube segment on The Deliverance Network, our Easter Special – “Seek the Shepherd”.  May you experience joy and peace in the Risen Christ this Easter Season.  Stay tuned for our next segment on The Deliverance Network which will highlight and commemorate the upcoming Divine Mercy Sunday.  Easter Blessings!

This episode shares warnings of a coming ‘storm’ – spoken of by many mystics in the church.  It also shares divine inspiration as to how to prepare for this upcoming ‘hurricane’ and that the true preparation is in being in the right place with God; Obeying his Commandments, seeking to develop a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and repenting of any sin and staying in the true place of safety, ‘the Ark’ of our times – in the heart of Mother Mary and in intimate relationship with our Creator.

Season One, Episode Five contains some powerful experiences of Jesus that I wish to share with the reader to encourage all in their faith walk.  Please share with your friends and family to spread the Good News!  Our last segment of Season One – Episode Six will be aired very shortly, and then Charlie & I look forward to sharing Season Two with you.  God bless you all in your journey!

Enjoy Part II of our Christmas Special:  The Face of Jesus.  And may you all have a most joyous, peace-filled Christmas Season!

Charlie & I are pleased to share with you this Christmas, Part I of “A Christmas Special:  The Face of Jesus”.  Part II will be released shortly.  We wish you all a most blessed, peace-filled Christmas season!