The Hour of Change

This short segment describes the many agents of change and upheaval in our world in the present hour, and also warns of coming turbulent waters of change. However, it also brings the joyous word that the Lord is ever present and is powerfully at work with His own waters of grace.

This segment is a call to deepen our faith in Jesus, for I truly believe the time for shallow faith, or ‘sitting on the fence’ is past. It invites those who may be new in their Christian faith to anchor their decision for Jesus and dive deeper. It is especially a serious call to those who have not given thought to the spiritual life.

I also share personal indicators of how the Lord is moving mightily in my own life, with a hint of coming filming of several profound experiences of the Lord, with words of love and warning for the world.

At this time of Advent we anticipate the coming of the Lord at Christmas. Though filmed earlier this fall with thoughts to releasing this segment prior to now, it is fitting that through some technical difficulties and delays we were not able to release this segment until now. The season of Advent is particularly a time of preparation and waiting for the Lord. Prepare well now through this Advent season, and begin the journey if you are new in faith. The Lord will never disappoint.


This segment features a recent message from our Lord Jesus through the visionary Luz de Maria de Bonilla. It is a loving, but serious message from our Lord, exhorting us not to fear, but to return to God as the times are decisive.

He warns that many are not paying attention to the signs of the times – particularly signs of coming famine. He warns that lamentation and social revolts will be throughout the earth. He also speaks of diseases and the coming ‘mark’ that people will be forced to take to procure food and medicines – a mark we know as ‘the mark of the Beast’.

As serious as this message is, Jesus asks us to pray and tells us that we will not be abandoned no matter how severe the moment may be: “I am your God and I will never abandon you.” Many times we have been warned of coming times and the need to make a firm choice for God, but also reassured that we do not need to fear and that we are strongly protected by those unseen agents of Heaven – angels, and by our Father, our Lord and our mother, Mary.


This segment features a recent message purportedly from God regarding the ‘grace of the present moment’. The visionary, Maureen Kyle-Sweeney and the ministry, Holy Love, are currently under investigation by the church and so this is presented for your discernment.

In this loving message God speaks about the grace of the present moment and that each present moment will never come again in the same manner with the same graces. It is hard sometimes to feel that present moment sufferings are grace, but I share that this has been reiterated to me by a former spiritual adviser, that ‘all is grace – all is gift.’

This message is one of a loving Father with concern for the welfare and especially salvation of all his children. I share this to highlight loving, hopeful messages even though we have entered dark times. Should you wish to have a look at the messages and ecumenical ministry, Holy Love, please discern for yourself at http://www.holylove.org.