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My beloved children the work of the lawless one is in your midst. So many are being deceived! There is much more to come. The time is coming when Truth will visit every soul. At that time each soul will have to decide—are you with me or against me? My children, great horror will descend on the chosen of God on these days—but also great glory. I tell you the glory will be far greater than the horror and will be more glorious even than what emanated from the saints and martyrs of the early days. God will be glorified in his holy ones! They will be strengthened in every way to withstand and to triumph over the enemy completely. Fear nothing, dear children, but place all your hope, trust, joy, and gratitude in my merciful heart. I am near to you always—so near! You are my beloved little ones. Draw near!” Pelianito, Message from Jesus, July 14, 2013

In Catholic circles there is a purported visionary named Pelianito that I recently stumbled upon:  http://pelianito.stblogs.com/.   The reason I quote a reference to her website here is because of similarities of some of her messages to some horrifying dreams in my vast collection spanning the past thirteen years or so.  As I am currently in the series called “The State of Chaos” – a name that came to me immediately in prayer when I wondered what to call it – I find myself hitting the climax of the dreams of this nature with three horrifyingly vivid dreams that I experienced in June of 2007.  My previous writing shares the first and today I share the second, experienced June 19, 2007.

As always I leave the discernment to the reader and definitely do not share the things I have experienced to inspire fear.  Rather I share to help souls prepare, lead souls to the goodness and truth of God and if at all possible help aid and enlighten souls as to the protection afforded by Jesus. Without further ado, I share the next consecutive dream in the series and ask all to reflect seriously upon the state of our world, warnings from other Christian corners and even secular observations at the gradual stripping by governments of our basic fundamental freedoms.  I sincerely hope it is not leading into the worldwide oppression shown in several startling dreams, but as always err on the side of caution in helping my fellow man…I would much rather look like an idiot if nothing serious comes to pass in the coming years, but at the very least perhaps I will have helped some if it does…

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I had another nightmare so horrific I don’t even want to record it.  I sat to type it immediately as I woke because it would be faster.  I did not write it first.

I dreamt I was in a convent in downtown Ottawa I think.  I didn’t know it was a convent until after some spiritual stuff started happening.  I just remember being in a building and discussing my knowledge with some people.  I was with a boy who told me that he could hear and see demons talking.  I realized he had this special sixth sense or innate ability that he could just do and I took it seriously and I asked him what they said and what information he could pass to me.  He said a demon named Ba’al spoke to him (Baal (/ˈbl/ bayl; sometimes spelled BaelBaël (French), Baell) is in 17th Century goetic occult writings one of the seven princes of Hell. The name is drawn from the Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians.,: Wikipedia, 2013) and I immediately cautioned him to invoke the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over himself for protection.  He then said to me: “He’s here now.”  As soon as he said this, the demon tried to take possession of me.  I could not move my lips to speak the the invocation of protection out loud as the demon had descended to try and invade my head first.  As I tried to move my lips to speak I could barely move them.  I instead invoked the protection in my head and he immediately had to leave.

I told the boy,

“Did you see that?  This is what you must do.  You can invoke the protection in your head if they try to attack you and you don’t have the use of your mouth or body.  You don’t have to do it out loud – you can do it in your head in spirit/thought and it will still work.” (Note – to do this all you need to do is ask Jesus to cover you with His Precious Blood)

I then asked him the information the demon spirit had told him.  Then the dream changed and I started to see demonic forces growing and taking possession of people (yes unfortunately this does happen in our world already…see the information on this website on the book written by Rev. Joseph E. Kane – former longtime exorcist with the Diocese of Ottawa).  I sat then at a convent window with the window open and my dream binders and information all about me on a table.  I was with nuns and we were going over what I had (dreams and information) and I started to exhort and warn people of what was coming.  Three black ladies came up that I thought were religious so I started to warn them, but they were everyday people who were out shopping who could not appreciate the warning.  I thought they had come to me for guidance, but they had just stopped in curiosity as my voice started to be heard in the street.  I warned them in a simple way though to listen to what I was saying.

Then I noticed two police officers come up behind the ladies as I spoke to them and they winked at each other.  It seemed as if they were on the inside of evil, some of them, and knew what I could do and what I knew.  One of them tossed a loonie at me as a donation and I refused to accept it as I thought they were trying to pay me for my services of witnessing, etc.  I said I under no terms would take any payment whatsoever for this work.  Then I realized that he wanted to give a donation to the convent and this was acceptable.  I started to think then that I had been wrong thinking he was evil because of the winking and I realized that it would be very difficult to know who was good intentioned and who was possessed/evil and posing as harmless/good.

I then went to a government office with a black fellow who was a clerk or officer or something.  I was trying to get him to listen to me.  Most of the people in this office were on the side of evil and ready to step into position to serve their evil master.  I exhorted this fellow that he must leave his office now and head for safety as a worldwide invasion/persecution and attack of evil was coming.  He left with me and I told him I knew of a safe-house to go to.

It became chaotic and teeming in the streets as we headed to a Catholic safe-house.  The priest there did not know we were coming, but had prepared for it.  We entered the home, but it became small after we entered.  It became such a small living quarters and I wondered how many souls would be able to ride out this evil time there.  There were quite a few eastern women coming and going and they were somehow connected to this safe-house.  The place then became as if in a lock-down situation.  We looked out the window at what was occurring in the world and even though I felt alone, vulnerable, insecure and afraid, I knew and trusted God and Jesus and knew that we had the best protection and help available from/in God.

After we entered this safe-house it became covered over and hidden as if we were under a mountain that was like white rock.  We had an observation window though that could look out and see what was going on in the world.  I then spoke to the priest in the safe-house about how we would know whom to trust as people would start to come to find the safe-houses to escape evil.  I expressed concern about demonic forces posing as good to try to break into the safe-house.  Just then I saw an investigative reporter who had a microphone and was reporting on what was happening in the world.  He was an investigative journalist of sorts who was trying to locate the safe-house and report what was going on accurately.  He said, “Man, these safe-houses are hard to find!”  He then climbed over our mountain and took out a pick axe and started chipping away at the area over the top of the safe-house, which I was upset about as I was worried he would expose the safe-house.  I became outside at this point watching to see if he would uncover it.  He dislodged a large chunk of the rock covering, but didn’t know he had found the safe-house as the back door entrance was exposed, but wasn’t in his view in the area he dug.  I knew that it was exposed though, so I went up to the back door to warn the priest that the back door of the safe-house was exposed.  It was not open or unsecured even though it was in sight, though.    It was like a very well sealed metal time capsule door of some sort with high security locks and a security window that he could see out of.  I knocked at the door insistently and he could see it was me so I was let in.  I told him it was only a matter of time now that people would start to find us.

We then looked out the front window of this tiny apartment and saw that people now knew there was a safe-house in their area and started to come from the streets – large groups of people walked the streets in uncertainty, not knowing where to go to safety.  I realized though, as they started to make their way to our safe-house, that we would have to have a method of discernment:  Discernment of who was safe to let in, as some people were possessed by evil and wanted to enter in disguise to the safe-house to penetrate it and were not really people escaping the evil seeking refuge.  I believe we started to say invocations of the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over all who came to us to enter and we were able to discern and unmask the demons and possessed at the door.  It was quite a scary challenge coming up though.  I was scared at all of this starting to happen, and yet I had inside knowledge in this battle that I was able to help and guide others with…

What a horrific, horrific dream!  I almost didn’t record it because I don’t want to influence anyone as I feel this may just be coming from my subconscious fears out of all the discussions and meetings I have had with my spiritual director and adjunctive director these last two months (even though we don’t discuss anything like this!)…but I err on the side of caution and I typed it today anyway even though I don’t want to remember this dream at all!!!

Honestly, I truly understand that the average person who has not experienced the things I have does not even believe in the existence of evil, demons or Satan as entities in truth that influence our world.  I am here to stand firmly and say that they are wrong.  The Catholic Church staunchly teaches it and I have experienced too much myself to deny their existence, or the truth of the existence of hell, for that matter.  Satan has craftily created a world where almost everyone believes he is a myth.  But I ask you, where does all this evil come from?  Why the continued need for exorcists and the growing number of people experiencing unexplained evil?

I know that I am not the only one out there who knows this truth…what we need is a band of voices standing as one witness to the truth of the existence of evil spiritual forces…I have had several people write me from across the world who have experienced or have had a family member experience possession and attempted possession…Now don’t get me wrong…It is not easy for evil forces to possess someone…this is a doorway that has to be opened by the person themselves through dabbling with Satanism, Witchcraft and the occult.  How many in my world today are curious with fringe ‘spiritual’ practices and unknowingly and unwittingly open the door to real evil?

I believe this website stands itself as a witness to the dangers, with the accordant remedies (see again “Evening with an Exorcist” – Father Thomas Euteneuer).  I believe many others in the world also stand with information, not the least of which is the definitive authority – the Christian churches – particularly Catholicism, with the sacraments to fight this spiritual battle.  How I wish all people were aware of the truth and the dangers…How I wish all people knew of the safe refuge in the heart of Jesus, where no spiritual evil will ever conquer.  The forces of God and good are far greater than all the evil combined.  But free will determines that each soul must choose.  The hour for definitive choice is fast approaching.  Do not be caught off guard!


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In the long overdue continuation of The State of Chaos Series,  I share with you today a vivid dream experience I had only a little over a month before the horrible trajedy of the Indian Ocean tsunami.  It, coupled with a few other dreams, came together for me in a very compelling way as I witnessed in horror, along with the rest of the world, the great devastation this event in our history caused.  One of the other dreams around this time had to do with an earthquake and I knew it was connected to water.  At the time I wondered what on earth water would have to do with an earthquake.  Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I realized the connection…

I am the first one to say that I don’t really know why I have experienced these disturbing, sometimes prophetic dreams, but I will continue to share these with you as I believe it is  prudent for me to continue to sound the warning to clean up our lives and believe in and choose God – a warning that is coming from God through many avenues these days, for those with ears to hear:

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Dreamt I went south for a holiday.  I was walking on a wharf that somehow had an inn or hotel rooms which were starting to be flooded and under water.  The water had not flooded out the ability to live there, but the tide was rising – flooding was occurring everywhere and it was time to evacuate.  As this was determined all of a sudden as I looked North a floodgate was removed and water came rushing down from North to South in a huge way.  I started to head North for refuge.

Then I was shown a map of the world.  All the lower hemisphere or lower half of every country was filled in with red colour and the top half was white.  The bottom red half denoted where flooding was and in turn death and destruction.  The top half of each country which was white denoted life.  It appeared as if half of every country or its population had been destroyed by this flood.  Then someone said ‘watch what that flooding and destruction does to the wind – meaning the wind would come to almost a complete halt.

I was shown at this point God’s fury.  I was shown His great anger and chastisement of the world.  Then I wondered where there would be safe refuge because people were hastily evacuating north, but the people north were trying to move south or down because of some other damage there (not flooding).  In other words there was no safe place to run from what was besetting the world.  Then a line I know from “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” went through my head (Mary’s words).  They were:

Don’t worry, my children who are living the proper life.  You will be spared.”

Then the dream changed again.  I was trying to fix and hold in place wood stairs so that children (the ones fleeing the destruction) could climb to safety to this higher ground in some barn or loft.  It appeared to be the loft of a barn, but a safe, clean, dry, white one in good condition.  However, the upper last stairs were all rotted through and breaking from previous damage and were crumbling.  It was not going to be safe anymore to climb, but because of catastrophes hitting the earth, people were now panicking and running up these stairs (rather last minute I might add) for refuge and safety.

I was at the top of the stairs – lying facedown with my arms overhead across the last few wood planks or stairs that were rotting through.  I was holding the stairs together and trying to secure them with my bare hands and my body acted as a bridge, so that children could continue to climb to safety, but I was nearing the end of being able to hold the rotted wood stairs and nails together (who isn’t feeling tired and worn out these days in this spiritual battle?  I’m hearing this from fellow Christians on many sides).

I yelled out to Man to bring his tools and wood to come build some new safe stairs.  Man came from another room and said angrily:

 “Don’t bother me with this stupid stuff now – I’m sleeping!”

(Indeed many are spiritually asleep and probably not happy with me for sounding an alarm to try to wake them up…)  But I yelled back to Man:

But you must!  The stairs cannot hold out any longer – children/people will die when the stairs finally give way and they will fall to their death!”

Man was still furious at his sleep interruption and my bothering him for something he considered unimportant.  So I called to others to bring me wood, saw, pencil, nails and I was going to build three new stairs and nail them in place – all while I lay in the stairway using my body as a bridge.  YOU CANNOT BELIEVE THE DETERMINATION.  And the thing was I was going to be able to do this thing that seemed impossible.  I was just going to do what needed to be done – even if others were ignoring the danger and urgency and belittling me and treating me badly for calling out the alarm…

And so I am lying in the gap with this website – calling out to others to come with their tools (prayer, rosaries, sacrifices, masses, love for neighbour) and aid this spiritual battle for souls.  Believe in God’s existence!  Believe in heaven!  This is not your homeland!  Start praying for your fellow man once you yourself have woken up and turned your life around for good.  Be another bridge for souls to come into God’s barn…I myself am very grateful for the suffering and prayers of others that led to my conversion ten years ago.  The rest of my life will be spent being a major domino in the chain.  I know it must be hard to read these writings of mine and see a little with the eyes that I see God and times with.  However I am just an extension of the arm of God that beckons you to wake up and beckons you home…

Til next time, God bless you all!




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In the continuation of this series, The State of Chaos, I will gradually share with you many disturbing theological dreams that I have experienced over the years.  I offer them for your discernment.  Even if they do nothing but spur you on to greater personal holiness, they will have done much.  If, on the other hand, they assist in your preparedness for changing days which many believe lie ahead of us, so much the better.

Anyone who has followed the writings on this website over the past year and a half  will already know that I myself wonder at the many vivid spiritual dreams I have been experiencing and truly wonder what it all means.  As I have grown on the spiritual path these past ten years I realize that the more I experience, the more I recognize I really know very little.  However, I have been advised by my Spiritual Director to share these experiences and occasionally ‘divine words’ as a service to witness and to help others to appreciate and grow in their own personal spiritual development.

The biggest thing I could say to you as I share these experiences over the coming months is to ask you to truly stop for a moment and consider what your spiritual life is like right now.  Do you even have one?  No matter what comes, attending to it seriously will serve you well for every day of the rest of your life, and your preparedness for the next life.

As a little impetus to start waking up spiritually, I offer three more vivid theological dream experiences, chronologically; the third ending with a message:


I dreamt that my in-laws were coming to visit.  As I walked in my kitchen in my home I wondered why the curtain was closed, even though it was daytime.  I opened it and saw why.  Someone had shut it so that I wouldn’t see and worry about what I saw.  I saw instead of the daylight that should have been there, that it was like night outside.  I looked up and realized there was a huge Star of David in the sky made up of stars.  I was shocked.  I ran to someone else in the house and asked what they made of this vision in the sky – what it meant.  The answer was “The Day of God’s Judgement.”

I went back to the kitchen door again and looked out.  The Star of David was still in the sky.  It was huge and unmistakable as the jewish symbol – The Star of David.  I recognized it instantly for what it was.  I stepped out on the back porch and looked up as I thought it was going to snow, but instead it began to rain down fire hailstones.  I said “We all have to get inside”.  I went to look out the front of the home and the star could be seen there as well – it was that big.  I started to prepare and began praying my rosary, asking particularly for Mary’s intercession for others to be more prepared.  I wasn’t overly afraid in the dream, but I was thanking God over and over again in great gratitude that He had led me to Him.

I couldn’t believe it.  The great and terrible Day of the Lord’s justice was here!  – On a regular day while we were all just going about our normal lives – very unexpected…

This dream left me very disturbed as it was extremely vivid and detailed.  Many times these theological dreams I share with you are very unlike will-o-the-wisp regular dreams – where you can hardly even remember what you dreamt about.  These are full, vivid, detailed – even containing verbatim messages.  It is these that I pay particular attention to.  I have a feeling it is not just my own personal power that is assisting me in remembering these types of spiritual dreams…And so I share with you another in a similar vein from a month later:



I dreamt I was in my home with my family.  I heard the news that Pope John Paul II had died.  I said to myself “God has taken him home – he has completed his mission”.  Then my father came to visit.  We started discussing the pope but I said very little because I wondered how long it would be before the signs in the sky started appearing.

All of a sudden, even though it was morning, darkness rolled over the sky and it became like night.  My family started to wonder what the heck was going on.  I could FINALLY speak because I had been expecting this.  I said “It’s starting”.  They asked “What?”  I said something about God’s coming – end times.  I picked up rosaries and handed them to people.  I said “We must pray the rosary”.  Then I said that there were going to be signs in the sky – a cross or a Star of David.  Inside I was thinking ‘wow, God didn’t waste any time after the death of Pope JP II to start the signs of the end times.

I then went to check on my children and make sure they were safe and cared for.  I told everyone to particularly look out for their children.  I put down the rosary and I walked with my family to the back porch.  I looked in the sky and saw God was moving the winds and the stars and He formed a circle in the sky – it looked like He was assembling the 12 signs of the zodiac and in the centre was the Hanukkah candle.  I looked up to God and said “What are you doing?!”  Then I yelled that I loved Him.  I didn’t care that everyone saw now my inner intimate childlike relationship with God.  I wasn’t afraid of what was going to happen, but I didn’t know what God was doing – the signs were not as I expected them.

Then my family and I went out into the street.  People everywhere were piling out of their homes to the street in confusion, looking up.  All were wondering what was happening.  I said to my family, because they asked:  “The only ones who are going to know what’s going on are those who actually read their bibles!”  I was prepared (as much as you can be for that!).  People started coming to me for guidance.

And without further ado I share with you an extremely vivid, powerful experience of God that came a while later – this time with a message:


The dream began with a fuzzy feeling that had something to do with being in the neighbourhood of Heart’s Desire.

Then I dreamt that I was thrown back paralyzed and I was lifted in spirit in a swirling vortex of shining white letters that looked like an alphabet swirl made of shiny alphabet star-like letters.  It was like I was being lifted up with or among the letters, swirling around in a centrifical motion upward.

I asked what these letters were.  They were all the letters ever spoken/made.  Then I came to an opening into high space out of the centre of this vortex and I was hurtling through galaxies and systems.  I came closer to a light and expected to see God.  Instead I saw many swirling high winds/black tornadoes (maybe 5 or more).  They were spinning and hurtling at high velocity and they spoke (very loudly, firmly and sternly) and said:

NO MORE!!! THE TIME HAS COME!  NO MORE BAD THINGS ARE TO BE DONE ON THE EARTH!  THE TIME FOR BAD THINGS TO BE DONE ON THE EARTH HAS COME TO AN END!!! (the last sentence was harder to remember – how often is it you get dictated messages in a dream???! – but I have typed it exactly as I recorded it upon waking).

(I could particularly feel my mouth hanging open very wide and rigid before I was lifted up in these swirling alphabet letters that seemed to swim in a swirling vortex around me as I rose in the centre of them.  I was lifted very, very high and very far away at extremely great speed.)  I was lowered back to my body immediately after the words were spoken to me – just like that – boom – with no backward travel.

When I brought this dream to my spiritual director and inquired about the symbolism of the shining white alphabet letters he remarked that it symbolizes God as the Alpha and the Omega.

If I was a betting woman I would say it would be best to prepare yourself spiritually so that you are more prepared to meet God than you are today.  In the end, the choice is yours.  All I can do is stand as a witness to the truth of God as I have experienced it.  I am very glad I am here, knowing what I know, and not in the place of spiritual slumber that I was in in earlier days.  Whatever comes I personally plan to try and take another step forward in spiritual growth and holiness with every day that I am given.  Even if that means I come to a ripe old age and pass peacefully in my sleep, at the very least it will have led me to be a better neighbour along the way to everyone I met!

‘Til next time.  God bless!


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There is a feeling among many in Christian circles that it is the ‘last hour’ and that some pretty big changes are coming.   This feeling is partly a reflection of concern over the levels of evil, sin, despair and chaos in our world.  However, it is also a response to many purported ‘visionaries’ such as ‘Jennifer’  (especially newly released messages I found after preparing this writing) in our time with words of divine warning.

Indeed, change is constant – inevitable.  However, many roll along with the constant drum of life without giving much thought to where it is all going, or that it will all end one day.  Few are those who stop to ponder what awaits at the end of life here on earth.  Many are the distractions and amusements that guarantee we do not have time to stop and think about it.  Who wants to think about death?

For those who take the time to stop and consider the serious questions, though, the rewards are boundless.  Cultivating an appreciation for life, for good, for faith, for God and for neighbour – facing the inevitability of death head on and choosing to live with love in the meantime – is a surefire way to truly live.   The choice to love is with us in each and every moment of every day.  That’s the good news!  Failure in one moment to act with love is inevitably replaced by another opportunity to practice virtue and choose good;  replaced by another moment in which one can say sorry;  replaced by another moment when one can make amends.  And another, and another…Moment after moment pass through our lives like a kaleidoscope – weaving our individual histories.

The bad news is that it is so easy to watch the pretty colours twisting and turning in the kaleidoscope of our lives without reflection on the moments when our choices were not so good;  when our choices were not loving;  when our choices hurt others;  when our choices were downright sinful.  The bad news is that sooner or later the turn of the kaleidoscope is one click away from the last colour shifting into place.  Are you ready for that last frame?

I know that this is a tough reflection.  Brutal in fact.  I have to say though, that I would rather be a little brutal here, while you’re reading this, and have you a little more prepared for your encounter with death and the life to come, than have you blithely marching through the hourglass of your life and have that moment catch you unprepared.  Personally, this reflection fell into place in the kaleidoscope of my life in a more dramatic way because of a vivid dream recently.  I already go to confession – that common (or not so common!) Catholic practice – regularly, but the second dream I will share gave me a little impetus to get myself in there again.  I, personally, do not want the last frame of pretty colour to catch me off guard.

Before I share this theological dream experience, I share with you an older dream that happened to be the next in line for the chronological sharing of disconcerting ‘warning’ type dreams (which will be done under the State of Chaos series)  I have been experiencing over the past several years.  I believe these two, joined together, will give a little impetus to each of you individually to examine your consciences and truly assess your preparedness for your accounting to God of your spiritual journey on earth – your life.


Dreamt I was in my childhood home with an old friend from high school.  (Her name means ‘man’).  We heard there was a reunion dance coming in the next few days.  It was last minute and a surprise – very unexpected.

I was eager to go.  I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my friend – ‘man’, when another couple called to see if I was going.  They wanted my husband and I to go, as well as my friend.  The friends’ names in the dream mean ‘From the Royal Fortress God has been gracious’.  I also wanted everyone to go together to this reunion.  As we were discussing this we heard a noise outside.  At this point I noticed a man was standing in the kitchen with the oven door open.

We all went outside to investigate the noise.  We saw that a special garbage truck had been ordered to remove a huge amount of garbage from my neighbour’s house.  We were very surprised – it was the middle of the night.  This was not a regular garbage pick up.  It had been ordered by a special company to make a special run – in the middle of the night – to remove this garbage.  The truck was piled high after it left my neighbour’s house.  Then we saw the truck drive around the neighbourhood and stop at another neighbour’s house and make a special stop to pick up their garbage, as ordered by a very unusual special order in a sudden way in the middle of the night – catching everyone unprepared.

As the friend (‘man’) and I  wondered at this point why this was being done the dream ended with the following sentence being spoken:

WOE to unrepentant cities!”

Needless to say this dream woke me with quite a start!  Woe!  Unrepentant cities?  It does not take a genius to figure out that this is not good.  So I ask you:  Are you one of those ‘unrepentant cities’?  One does not necessarily have to be Catholic to repent of unloving choices – although I personally believe there are unparalleled graces in the confessional.  Believe deeply that your choices, good and bad, have great meaning and consequence!  Stop now and listen to the uneasiness in your heart that may be lurking underneath your busyness and say sorry to God.  Then pray for the ones you know you have wronged.  It is a powerful way to make amends, even if you cannot personally heal the hurt of the other.

As is customary for me when sitting down to prepare a writing, I begin with prayer.  Especially if I am going to open my bible and choose a passage that ties into the spiritual dream experiences I plan to share.  Today was no different.  To my surprise the first page I opened to had the following passage from John smack in the middle:

Very truly I tell you, the hour is coming, and is now here, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.  For just as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself; and he has given him authority to execute judgement, because he is the Son of Man.  Do not be astonished at this; for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and will come out – those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.  (John 5:  25-29 -Holy Bible NRSV Catholic Edition)

This dream also called to mind the famous words of Jesus from Matthew 24:

But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  For as the days of Noah were so will be the coming of the Son of Man.  For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and they knew nothing until the flood came and swept them all away, so too will be the coming of the Son of Man.  Then two will be in the field,; one will be taken and one will be left.  Two women will be grinding meal together; one will be taken and one will be left.  Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.  But understand this:  if the owner of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into.  Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.”  (Matthew 24:  36-44 – Holy Bible NRSV Catholic Edition)


For behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. (Malachi 4:1  – Holy Bible – Webster’s Bible Translation)

And so, without further ado I offer for your discernment a most recent dream experience of God:

FRIDAY MAY 14, 2010 APPROX 4:30 A.M.

I dreamt I was in my parents’ ensuite bathroom in my childhood home.  I was standing in it with a friend.  She wanted to show me a particular new moon which was going to shine bright in the sky at this time – she said that it was going to be able to be seen with the naked eye.  She handed me a round magnifying glass to look through the bathroom window.  She said to follow a pattern of stars to find it in the sky, which was full of billowing dark clouds.

I took the magnifying glass and looked carefully through the window – it was a little harder than looking through a regular window as it was one of those clouded or mottled bathroom windows – you know how they are usually manufactured that way for privacy. Anyway as I looked I saw a light shine in the sky that I thought was this moon she spoke of, but my attention then was immediately drawn powerfully to the billowing dark clouds.

I could see they were taking on a form or shape.  I could see one hand form – the right one first – and then the second – the left.  They were God’s hands.  I recognized them immediately with great joy.  They faced me/the earth and they were extended together toward the earth.  I could only see the hands and a little of each forearm.  They were formed out of dark cloud and they all of a sudden opened and closed in a beckoning, come forth (come here or come) motion.

As soon as they did this the vision changed and God’s hands disappeared and the still dark clouds parted.  As this happened Jesus leapt forth from their midst – very eagerly – coming (almost running!) on/in the clouds – as if He was made of or part of the clouds.  He was so eager!  So swift!  He leapt forth with great speed and eagerness as if He had been being held back, but no more.  He was dressed in a long robe and his long, flowing, straight hair swung free.

This part of the dream was so vivid I have to say that it appeared as if He almost ran out of the clouds toward the earth as if He had been being held back by some force and now that God’s hands had done what they did it was His moment to spring free/forth to the earth.  He had (by the way He appeared) been most eagerly poised and ready for this moment, and now that it had come, He sprang forth with such pent-up energy and swiftness it was almost like a spring shot that He darted forth toward the earth!

Then after He leapt from the clouds toward the earth, He was immediately followed by a succession of the original Apostles.  I do not know in which order they leapt forth as I saw them following Jesus, but I KNEW it was the first apostles of Jesus.  I only knew the last one as he leapt out of the clouds also (they also all seemed formed of these dark clouds).  The last one to leap forth was Peter.  As soon as he leapt forth from the clouds toward the earth and was in our sky he/his face turned to stone/rock for some reason.

I turned back excitedly to my friend and told her that I had seen much more than the new brightly shining moon.  “I saw God’s hands!”  I was so overjoyed.  My heart leapt as well at the vision I had seen…

I leave you with the bible passage that this dream vision immediately made me think of.  May this reflection be a source of spiritual encouragement and warning for you, in this your time of grace:

Then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.  Then he will send out the angels, and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of heaven…”But about that day or hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  Beware, keep alert; for you do not know when the time will come.  It is like a man going on a journey, when he leaves home and puts his slaves in charge, each with his work, and commands the doorkeeper to be on the watch.  Therefore, keep awake – for you do not know when the master of the house will come, in the evening, or at midnight, or at cockcrow, or at dawn, or else he may find you asleep when he comes suddenly.  And what I say to you I say to all:  Keep awake.”


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There seems to be a convergence of Catholic prophetic voices with regard to the times we find ourselves in – both with regard to the state of the world, and the state of the church.  One of these prophetic voices is Mark Mallett, a Catholic evangelist in western Canada, whose own blog has been ‘sounding an alarm’ for some time now.

As I am now a regular follower of his writings, I kind of marvel at the timing and convergence of the sharing of my ‘satanic’ experiences (especially the one I will share today and the new series –  The State of Chaos – that will commence with my next posting)  and Mark’s latest publishings.  Of interest particularly is a recent webcast entitled We Were Warned  (11 minutes).

After you take a well-spent eleven minutes to watch the above video, you will appreciate the following dream I experienced on November 8, 2008.  To it, I add another dream from January 29, 2009 which includes a message from the late Pope, Pope John Paul II.  The experiences I share today will prime us for the unfolding of several perhaps prophetic dream experiences that may in all seriousness have to do with the future of the church and the world.  This series will be called “The State of Chaos” and its ushering in will end the series we are in – The Face of Satan – though these two series are most likely, in fact, different pictures of the same face.  Read with me:


The Bastion at Glenveagh Castle by PhotographersDirect.com

 Dreamt I was an undercover operative in a major battle (the spiritual one!).  It had to do with the King (Jesus) and a plot against his life.  Those of us who were good and on the King’s side were noticing that our memories weren’t quite as good.  One older man/soldier came up to me in the King’s castle (the church) and said he couldn’t remember things so well.

Another of the soldiers in the battle, who sat to my left, said he knew how the evil people were doing it – affecting us who were truly in the King’s service.  I saw a plate of food prepared by the staff in the King’s castle.  These were supposed to be good and on our side, but in fact they were hidden traitors (freemasons in the church?).  They were on the side of evil and in our midst in the King’s castle.  As I saw this plate of food being prepared for us, the soldier to my left said it was the meals we would eat/be fed/are eating as part of the King’s knights/soldiers.  He referred to what the evil ‘disguised-as-good’ staff were doing as “Lucky Number Slevin” (which is a recently released movie – plot available on Wikipedia).

After he told me this information I realized OH My God(!) – we are being very, very, very slowly and subtly poisoned through the food that whoever prepares the King’s food for the soldiers is – for us, his knights (let me state here emphatically that I do not refer to our current Pope, Pope Benedict, but rather perhaps darker hidden evil forces encamped around him).  I realized the horror of this – that those who were actually kitchen staff/chefs in our own camp of the King were traitors for the evil side and worked against us in this very covert way.  I left the area to go warn the others in my camp.

I went to tell someone in particular who I knew I could trust, but as I did, I was overheard by a woman character in the dream that I thought I could trust (an oriental lady named Sharon).  I realized she was a spy and was spying on us in this King’s camp/side/battle/castle.  She ran to tell the leader of the evil side that I had discovered this poisoning circumstance and then every effort was made to try and stop me from delivering my message.  I was speaking to my Father at some point here.

I ran to my camp to tell them what I had ‘seen’/discovered and as I came into my castle/camp of the King, it changed to the house of my maternal grandmother (realized the symbolism as I was typing this – Mary?).  I saw the good knights and servants of the King in the dining room – we were advancing/preparing for battle against the enemy coming against us – Russians – who were in the living room (didn’t Mark address this very thing in the above video?).  Just as the clash was going to occur in the open meeting area between the dining and living room (church vs world?) I managed to stop the battle (I wish!).  With my voice and witness I somehow enabled both sides to sit down and listen to me and what I knew.

We ended up sitting in a circle of chairs and couches etc. in the living area.  The Russians were mostly to my right and the King’s camp was to my left and I began to exhort them to peace and to recognize the truth that was this:  I said:

Our enemy is not each other!  We battle against forces unseen!  They are hideous and they are very strong!  It is against them in which we must unite!  Our fight is against them – not each other!!!”

Then I told the room of Satan and his demons that I have seen in my dreams (and now you, my readers have seen them too!) and I asked those in the room – particularly the Russians:

Have you not, even one of you, also seen these evil unseen demons that I speak of and know I speak the truth?!!!”

Then a young man on the Russian side, I believe, who said he was a video game designer of ‘Cosmos’ (don’t ask me why), said he had seen one of the demons coming up a hillside and all of a sudden it revealed its’ face to him and it was ‘lava’ (don’t ask me why) – a face of fire and lava.

Then I told him of the satanic creatures I have seen in my dreams – evil demons like giant monsters with scaly skin like lizards and a gigantic set of jaws sharper and stronger than sharks that gnash and clamp with great sharpness and strength, their victims…

Then it occurred to me to invoke the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over us all – Russians included, in order to protect us from the evil agents of the real battle – Satan and his demons.  I began to do this as I saw a demon or demons in the air just outside the door of the living room at the front of the house – a door created somehow (by God?)  As I started to say this invocation in prayer, however, God’s spirit came on me and in me and filled me in a most overpowering way and levitated me again.  I spoke God’s words levitated thus – very loudly and powerfully – in front of all gathered, including the Russians, but I don’t remember what I spoke (perhaps this is a good time to remind you of a long message from God already published on this site).

Then to my left I saw a lady stand up as a witness (is it me, another of the prophetic voices of this time or all of us?).  She stood in this circle of people and was one in the King’s camp of people.  She related such a heartfelt story of truth and love!  I forget details, but it had to do with someone she loved dying of cancer (the human race!) and being saved and redeemed (by Jesus of course!).  Her story was quite compelling.  I turned to my right and saw a young, bearded Russian that I thought still wasn’t softening his heart at her witness and I started to exhort again that he take the girl’s witness very seriously, and then I saw him start to cry and he said he had already listened to her and taken her seriously and he said:

 She has softened my heart.”

And then I think it was his character in the dream (the Russian) who said he had had his own vision and I saw it as he described it (or it may have been mine as this third party negotiator/mitigator).  The scene shown next was this:

In advance I saw the head evil agent/man of Satan who was the Chief/Head on the evil side.  I saw him come up against the King’s castle/camp to try to fulfill the intended evil plan to kill the King and his followers (Christians), but his plan did not succeed.  He was seen coming and as he tried to ascend the walls of the fortress (castle), particularly at the Bastion window, he was pushed back – out a window – by the King’s army and he fell to his death on the ground far below and his dead body was seen in advance in this vision and it was broken in a most disfiguring way.  He looked like the actor Jeff Bridges.  He lay on his back as I looked down on him.  Both his legs were broken and twisted at very unnatural angles and he lay in blood, brokenness and death and most of all – defeat!!!

As this ‘advance’ vision was being related in the dream I was witnessing it as a third party and watched the scene unfold myself first-hand.  Then as I lay looking at the dead body of the Head of the evil side a very strange thing happened and this was the most disconcerting moment of the entire dream:  I then saw the body lying in a doorway.  As I looked at his dead body lying thus, all of a sudden the dead body sat up and looked straight at me and Satan in (!) the body said to me, directly, looking right at me, speaking in the most sarcastic, sneering and derisive tone (verbatim):

YOU saw it all before it happened, didn’t you?!”  (N.B.  I emphasize the ‘you’ and ‘didn’t you’ because these words, in particular, spoken by Satan, were said in a particularly sneering, slow emphasized way!)

I awoke with a most disconcerted, alarmed start and recorded the above immediately.

I leave the discernment of my unusual dreams to others far more knowledgeable than I.  As I have said many times before, I do not understand why I am experiencing many of the things I am.  However, I have done what I thought I should and in fact have been advised to do by my spiritual director in speaking about them and sharing them publicly. 

And now I share with you the short dream which features a message from the late Pope John Paul II.  I believe these two dreams fit together to paint a very clear warning:


I had a short dream which woke me.  I was in a room or building of some sort.  I saw a scene in front of me from a hidden vantage point (I was like an undercover operative).  I saw in front of me two men sitting in a white oval bathtub half full of water.  Facing me the man on the left was white and naked and was also an undercover operative present on the scene (on my/the good side), while I was hidden.  He sat in the water and looked up at me as he knew I was like a silent camera who could see this.  Beside him in the tub sat a man who I believe was clothed and looked black/dark (the one on the left was white, the one on the right as I faced them both, was dark).  The dark man did not look up.  I did not see his face and he did not know we both (the white man in the tub and I) knew who he was and had him completely under our observation.

The white man then performed a signal/sign while looking up at me.  He raised both his arms out to the side as if on a cross and performed a slight shrug that indicated a redundant question (like it was the obvious truth).  The question/statement that was silently communicated to me regarding the dark man he sat next to was this:

Is he not the murderer?”

Then Pope John Paul II distinctly spoke the following exhortation sentence verbatim, which ended the dream (though I did not see him I knew it was him that spoke these words):


I have to say at this point that, as a new Catholic, I did not know the meaning of Sunday Vigil.  One of my directors advises that the vigil mass refers to the Saturday evening mass for Sunday.  Always a vigil mass speaks of the night before or sometimes we call it the mass of anticipation for Sunday.

Our former Pope’s message from this dream is clear – we are not to allow the fall of this Mass in the coming days – days which indeed may be a divinely permitted State of Chaos.  This coming series on this website will be the sharing of some highly troubling dreams that concern the coming state of the church, and the world.  We have, by the many prophetic voices Mark refers to in the above webcast, been warned.  Perhaps my dreams are another voice on the watchtower of that warning…


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The truth about hell

I should imagine it’s not every day that one is given a little ‘foretaste’ of Hell.  I should also imagine you don’t hear from your friends in your everyday conversations that they were graced by God with a little glimpse of it…

Well, I am as surprised as you to be telling you today that this friend is going to share with you just that:  a foretaste of what it is like to be in Hell.  It was quite a horrible experience – even in the dream state.  I cried for some time after I woke from the following, very recent dream experience I share with you today.  It also prompted me to write the following across the top of the page I recorded the dream on:


Before I share this extraordinary experience with you, I wish to acknowledge that I know what a difficult topic this is for most people.  It is something most people don’t wish to even think about, let alone have someone ask them to hear about…But I only offer this writing and God-given experience as testimony to the already plain testimony of the Christian Faith and truths of the Bible…I am not really saying anything new, but only adding my own personal testimony to the truth of this horrible place.  However, it is something that no-one needs to fear, for God wishes everyone to join Him at their death and extends every grace through their life, and at the moment of each person’s death, to help them choose Him and Heaven.  The testimony of the writings of St. Faustina echo this, and I share an excerpt from them today as well.  Firstly though, I wish for us to look at what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say about this place called Hell:

 The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity.  Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, ‘eternal fire’.  The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs.

The affirmations of Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church on the subject of hell are a call to the responsibility incumbent upon man to make use of his freedom in view of his eternal destiny.  They are at the same time an urgent call to conversion:  ‘Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.  For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few:

“Since we know neither the day nor the hour, we should follow the advice of the Lord and watch constantly so that, when the single course of our earthly life is completed, we may merit to enter with him into the marriage feast and be numbered among the blessed, and not, like the wicked and slothful servants, be ordered to depart into the eternal fire, into the outer darkness where ‘men will weep and gnash their teeth’.

God predestines no one to go to hell; for this, a wilful turning away from God (a mortal sin) is necessary, and persistence in it until the end.  In the Eucharistic Liturgy and in the daily prayers of her faithful, the Church implores the mercy of God, who does not want ‘any to perish, but all to come to repentance.’Catechism of the Catholic Church- Popular and Definitive Edition; 1035-1037

Next we turn to some information from one of the alleged visionaries of Medjugorje:



Interview with Mirjana Dragicevic, By Fr. Tomislav Vlasic

Medjugorje, January 10, 1983

T: Mirjana, we have not seen each other for some time, and I would like you to tell me about the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and especially with the events that are connected to you.

M: I have seen the Blessed Virgin Mary for eighteen months now, and feel I know Her very well. I feel she loves me with Her Motherly love, and so I have been able to ask Her about anything I would like to know. I’ve asked her to explain some things about Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell that were not clear to me. For example, I asked Her how God can be so unmerciful as to throw people into Hell, to suffer forever. I thought: If a person commits a crime and goes to jail, he stays there for a while and then is forgiven – but to Hell, forever? She told me that souls who go to Hell have ceased thinking favorably of God – have cursed Him, more and more. So they’ve already become a part of Hell, and choose not to be delivered from it.

Then she told me that there are levels in Purgatory: Levels close to Hell and higher and higher toward Heaven. Most people, she said, think many souls are released from Purgatory into Heaven on All Saints’ Day, but most souls are taken into Heaven on Christmas Day.

T: Did you ask why God allows Hell?

M: No, I did not. But afterward I had a discussion with my aunt, who told me how merciful God is. So I said I would ask the Madonna how God could……

T: According to what you’ve said, then; It’s simple as this: People who oppose God on earth just continue their existence after death, and oppose God in Hell?

M: Really, I thought if a person goes to Hell….Don’t people pray for their salvation? Could God be so unmerciful as not to hear their prayers? Then the Madonna explained it to me. People in Hell do not pray at all; instead, they blame God for everything. In effect, they become one with Hell and they get used to it. They rage against God, and they suffer, but they always refuse to pray to God.

T: To ask Him for salvation?

M: In Hell, they hate Him even more.

T: As for Purgatory, you say that souls who pray frequently are sometimes allowed to communicate, at least by messages, with people on earth, and that they receive the benefits of prayers said on earth?

M: Yes. Prayers that are said on earth for souls who have not prayed for their salvation are applied to souls in purgatory who pray for their salvation.

T: Did the Madonna tell you whether many people go to Hell today?

M: I asked her about that recently, and She said that, today, most people go to purgatory, the next greatest number go to Hell, and only a few go directly to Heaven. (www.medjugorje.org)

And now I share with you my experience of the place that visionary Mirjana Dragicevic was told the second greatest (!) number of souls goes to:



I had a dream that was quite shocking!  I sat in a room and I was with God.  He was showing me something.  There was a low ledge in the middle of the room that ran the length of the room.  It was like a separation line between the place I sat with Him and another place like another dimension and state:  the other place dropped off into a large place of unknown depth and this place was Hell!

God was giving me a ‘taste’ of the quality of Hell.  He took a silver teaspoon and dipped it ever so slightly into Hell and scooped up a small smidge of a greyish material/’taste’ of the nature of hell and gave it to me to eat.  I took this at His offering me the spoon.  He did this to give me knowledge – not because I was supposed to be there etc.

 I took the first taste into my mouth and I was aghast at what happened.  As soon as I ingested it I entered through an unseen barrier between the place I sat with God and the place that was Hell that was on the other side of the barrier ledge.  As I entered it, it was like stepping momentarily out of time into a place that had no time – a perpetual living in a timeless dimension of just being in a constant state of ingesting one’s own sins committed.  I entered into a state of unbelievable awareness and every fibre of my soul went into almost like a living, breathing dimension of ‘living’ one’s sin in a timeless, yet perpetual fashion. 

Awareness and the state of one’s sin permeated the entire soul’s every breath (this was not the sin of my soul – I was shown at least two different types of sin and how a soul experienced their sin in hell, but I did not remember the nature of the two types of sin I was shown upon waking).  As I experienced this state/place it was almost like it was continually ‘breathed in’ – everything was tasted and vibrated in and around the soul in a constant state of horrible awareness and the knowing exactly that the state and tastes and smells came from your deeds and exactly matched your sins.

I cannot describe this well.  Nothing like this state exists on earth as I’ve seen or known it:  All one’s senses participated in this experience in Hell – the taste, the smell and a certain living, breathing, ever-renewing dimension of the soul tasting perpetually the rottenness of its sin.  Moreoever the experience of the horror of the soul’s state in Hell directly correlated to the type of sins committed.  It was horrible!!!  Even just the tiny, tiny taste God gave me on the end of that spoon!

I then came back out of the dimension/other world/place (of Hell) that I had entered into upon eating the taste and God gave me a second taste of Hell.  Again, He reached the spoon into a slightly different area to give me a second taste and I plunged again with my entire consciousness into another ‘taste’ of this horrific reality.

What struck me the most of this dream experience was the vivid, pulsating, fully alive state/place of perpetual vibrating reality of sin and hell – an endless revolving ingestion of every fibre of the soul’s awareness and experiencing perpetually the smell, taste and breath of your sin in such a conscious state of awareness and truth and reality so alive it vibrates in and around the soul inescapably and inseparably as I’ve never seen or experienced such a state of reality on earth!


It is my hope that my testimony, which simply adds to the already plain testimony of the Bible, gives impetus to help your own heart embark on, or strive further, in the spiritual journey – the course towards ‘holiness’, which is simply perfection in love.  The journey towards becoming perfected in love is indeed a challenging one – especially in our day…However, every day of your life is a gift and opportunity to grow on this path.

One of the first and most important steps in the climb is the recognition of those errors against love – sins – and the desire to say sorry – to God and others – ‘repentance’.  It is also very important to forgive the wrongs of others to avoid a build up of resentment and hardness of heart.  I know sometimes even the desire to repent and forgive others can be highly difficult.  Some wrongs wound us so deeply.  However, I have personally found that one doesn’t necessarily have to have the feelings first to forgive or repent, but more it is an act of the will, and one only has to express the desire in one’s own words to God for the grace to be able to both repent and forgive.  His grace helps us do what we sometimes feel humanly unable to do.

For those who are Catholic we have the grace of the confessional, and should avail ourselves regularly of the sacrament of Confession.  Through the confessional, we have access to Jesus through the person of the Priest to give us temporal outward experience of the hidden grace of forgiveness imparted by God.  For those not Catholic, go to Jesus in your heart and ask for forgiveness for wrongs you’ve committed and ask for help to be a holy person. Go to church.  Strive to live with love.   Do not fear.  The devil would love that!  Instead, heed the words of Jesus to Saint Faustina, in the book Divine Mercy in My Soul – the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska:


My daughter, encourage souls to say the chaplet which I have given to you.  It pleases Me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the chaplet.  When hardened sinners say it, I will fill their souls with peace, and the hour of their death will be a happy one.

Write this for the benefit of distressed souls; when a soul sees and realizes the gravity of its sins, when the whole abyss of the misery into which it immersed itself is displayed before its eyes, let it not despair, but with trust let it throw itself into the arms of My mercy, as a child into the arms of its beloved mother.  These souls have a right of priority to My compassionate Heart, they have first access to My mercy.  Tell them that no soul that has called upon My mercy has been disappointed or brought to shame.  I delight particularly in a soul which has placed its trust in My goodness.

Write that when they say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person, not as the just Judge but as the merciful Saviour. (Diary, 1541)

And, lastly, I leave you with a contemporary message from a song that resonates deeply with me and that I coincidentally heard as I was preparing this writing:

My best friend gave me the best advice

He said each day’s a gift and not a given right

Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind

And try to take the path less travelled by

That first step you take is the longest stride


If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late

Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

Would you live each moment like your last

Leave old pictures in the past?

Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?

What if, what if, if today was your last day?


Against the grain should be a way of life

What’s worth the price is always worth the fight

Every second counts ’cause there’s no second try

So live like you’re never living twice

Don’t take the free ride in your own life…


And would you call those friends you never see?

Reminisce old memories?

Would you forgive your enemies?

And would you find that one you’re dreaming of?

Swear up and down to God above

That you’d finally fall in love if today was your last day?


If today was your last day

Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?

You know it’s never too late to shoot for the stars

Regardless of who you are


So do whatever it takes

‘Cause you can’t rewind a moment in this life

Let nothing stand in your way

‘Cause the hands of time are never on your side


If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late

Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

Would you live each moment like your last

Leave old pictures in the past?

Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?


And would you call those friends you never see?

Reminisce old memories?

Would you forgive your enemies?

And would you find that one you’re dreaming of?

Swear up and down to God above

That you’d finally fall in love if today was your last day?


Because of the busyness of our lives and human nature, we tend to put off decisions concerning moral matters that seem heavy.  However, there is danger in doing so, because we get in the habit of putting things off instead of facing them head on with the Lord.  With this in mind I ask you:

What if today was your last day?


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Before I launch into the next segment in the series on our adversary, I wish to take a brief moment to celebrate things joyful with you:  Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas was joyful and blessed!

Ours was a very busy, wonderful time, hence little new on this website over the past few weeks!  So, without further ado I delve back into a little illumination about an unpleasant subject, but in doing so, desire to bring knowledge and power to as many as possible.

This week the experiences I will share are intended to show various ways the enemy attacks us – unseen by our physical senses.  They also show what great power we have in God and that all Satan’s attempts are brought to naught by the protection of God’s grace and power.


I wish to focus particularly on the curious ability of being able to curse people and the remedy to protect all from this unseen negative use of our spiritual power.  The definition of a curse, according to Wikipedia is as follows:

A curse (also called execration) is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or unhappiness will befall another person or persons. In particular, a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by any supernatural power, such as a spell, a prayer, an imprecation, an execration, magic, witchcraft, a god, a natural force, or a spirit. In many belief systems, the curse itself (or accompanying ritual) is considered to have some causative force in the result.

Unfortunately, as I have climbed higher in the spiritual path in the service of God, I have experienced several occasions in the dream state of the attempt of our common enemy, Satan (and his demons), to curse me.  The Padre Pio Centre for Deliverance has this to say regarding curses:

  • Sins of Others: The “sins of the fathers” is often a sad reason for the problems and even the demonization of the children. One of the most famous cases of possession was in Iowa in the 1920s. (To read an account of this case see, Begone Satan!) This was a case in which the possessed woman had been repeatedly cursed by her wicked father. The poor girl suffered terribly due to her father’s sin. On occassion we can also suffer from curses and spells perpetrated upon us by anyone who is evil enough to want to do such a thing.   In these cases, there is nothing we have done to cause the demonization. We are innocent. We are, rather, victims of other people’s sin. www.saintpiocenter.org/
  • The following dream excerpts show differing and escalating spiritual attack, the third of which – even in the dream state – was horrifically terrifying.   This is an area of great darkness – one that is mostly unseen by our physical senses.  The fact that these types of behaviours go on underneath the hub of daily life – rituals such as satanic worship, voodoo, curses and dark masses – practised in dark areas – is something most inner city police and our Catholic Exorcists can attest to.  These glimpses are just little ones from my nocturnal spiritual ‘eyes’ and I present them for your discernment:

    PSALM 23

    NOVEMBER 9, 2003

    Dreamt I saw a girl I know and she told me she was going to some kind of ‘magic party’ – her and her friends thought it was harmless, innocent fun – tinkering in the occult.  I warned her right away you could not know where information came from – which were good spirits and which were bad.  I exhorted her to believe that there were evil spirits who posed quite easily as good and that we were sitting ducks – easy prey.  There was another lady in the lobby with us, playing it down, saying “There’s no such thing as evil as an entity of its own.”

    I said, “You’re wrong!  Don’t be stupid!  Protect yourself!”  I asked my friend if she ever tested the spirits – she didn’t even know what that meant.  I said “I’m going to write the prayer down for you before you go so that you don’t leave (or leave this website!) without it.”

    Then as I went to write it down the dream changed.  I sensed something untoward going on in the house.  I went to my parent’s bedroom as I was in my childhood home and I saw three men at the foot of their bed setting up some kind of satanic ritual to harm me.  One lay on the bed and two were on the floor.  One was kneeling with the main one who was performing the ritual facing the one kneeling.  He was preparing to stab the kneeling one with some strange long metal object – with fire – that looked like a branding iron.  The man lighting it and performing the ritual looked up at me as I watched this scene and started to hiss – he looked black and possessed or voodoo-ish.  I realized they were possessed so I immediately started the prayer to discern spirits.  I mixed it up a bit and their eyes started to glow and they started to hiss and show their demonic nature through their human facade.  I recited the prayer a little choppily two more times, but they still didn’t leave – they were more powerful entities than I have encountered before – maybe because there were three of them and because of the ritual they were performing.

    I remembered something I read recently in an angel book a friend gave me, about calling on the good angels for help.  I yelled out “Arcangels and angels, help me!”  Then I recited the prayer again with their help.  I could feel their power even though I couldn’t see them.  I recited the prayer properly this time and with great force.  The demons immediately left.


    MONDAY, MAY 22, 2006

    Remember the end of a strange, satanic dream.  I had come to a woman’s house because I thought my help was needed.  Times were ominous (world terror and tragedy).  I was led to this house by this woman that I thought was good so I went to help.

    When I got in her home, however, I realized she was a satanic priestess.  I recognized her evil intent to harm me just before she revealed her true nature.  I said in my head so she wouldn’t hear “Cover me with your Precious Blood, Jesus.”  Then as I came to face her (I had followed her into this living room, I think), she sat and had a very large, flat, thin rectangular book lying in front of her – twisted kitty -corner to me.  On it were black satanic symbols.  On her lips she had painted a thick coat of what appeared to be black lipstick or paint and was attempting to kill me by giving me the kiss of death with some kind of satanic black magic.

    I had called on the protection of the Precious Blood just before this, so she could not do as she attempted.  Instead she hissed a name at me (that I prefer to keep private) very evilly and derisively.  She was mocking, threatening and hating me and seethed at me with open, derisive evil.

    I spoke back to her as I approached (and she had to retreat) something again about how I had the power of Jesus Christ and something about my mission and desire and complete service to God and that I WOULD NOT be intimidated or scared into backing down from it.  I was able to overcome her with Jesus’s power and she disappeared.



    (There was NO WAY I would even write this at time dreamed – way too scary – recorded at 7:45 a.m.)

    A horrific satanic nightmare of the most evil proportion I have experienced to date.  Terrified even to write it down.

     Dreamt I was with a close friend.  All of a sudden there was a large underground excavated chamber with stairs that led down at one corner.  It seemed square – a square, excavated, flat even area of ground – not deep – maybe 6-8’. 

    As we went down in the base area of it satanic presence was everywhere.  My friend was wandering around this pit area unaware.  I saw everything as it was for what it was.  It became immensely horrifying.  ‘Il Diavlo’ kept being repeated over and over and over again. 

    I saw a child, perhaps Mexican looking, lying – killed by the devil and his body taken possession of and used.  No-one knew this child was not the real one.  I did and saw the child’s real body lying broken with his blood spilled out profusely around him.  He seemed lying near and slightly behind the base of stairs. 

    As I saw that this was so and pointed out the truth to my friend and whoever was with me, ‘Il Diavlo’ came after me. 

    It was Satan.  The attack then centered on me and so many satanic forces and tools were used.  I have never seen so many satanic tools and forces in one dream!  I saw a chicken in this pit being used in some voodoo way with its neck broken, then the spilled blood of the boy, then all of a sudden back on the earth I was surrounded by hex circles.  They were in quadrants I believe, around me – circles of something.  (The hex circles had something in them I think – a number 6 or a shape of some sort – unsure).  Satan was personally directing the main force of the attack at me.  He was directly over the top of my head as I lay sleeping.  He was directly managing a hex circle above the crown of my head. 

    This was the most terrifying part of the dream.  Then I could see the other hex circles placed strategically about me – farther away and other agents of evil were involved – many demonic forces, but I could not see them.  ‘Il Diavlo’, ‘Il Diavlo’, ‘Il Diavlo’ was drummed at me incessantly almost in a chant. 

    Then voracious, snapping black dogs were sent at me.  I saw them come barrelling at me with teeth bared, snapping.  I saw little voodoo dolls – small; maybe 4” – made of straw with five points – head and four limbs with what looked like a small straw halo fashioned around the straw head of each doll.  The ‘Il Diavlo’ chant was endless.  Satan was attacking me directly with such power and force as I’ve never seen or experienced before.  Terrifyingly terrifying!!!!!!! 

    I, of course, immediately invoked the protection of the ‘Precious Blood’ – over and over again.  I called on all the Arcangels and angels to help and protect me and my family as I became aware I was sleeping in the trailer and being attacked.  And though I tried I could not force myself to wake up.  I became lucid dreaming – aware consciously that I was sleeping and dreaming this.  I strained desperately to awaken myself, but I could not.  The forces about me were immense, immense, immense!  I continued to pray.  I asked for Mary’s help and protection.  I did not stop praying NO MATTER WHAT, as I continued to see this happening in the dream. 

    I was shocked the attack went on as long as it did.  It lasted so long and I had to pray so long and endure the attack without any immediate sign that it would abate/be overcome.  My trust in God never wavered for a second, or my trust that the good forces would eventually overcome the bad (even though I was terribly afraid), but this dream was different from the other satanic attack dreams where it ends abruptly or Jesus or angels come to my aid.  In this dream all I saw and felt was Satan and demonic forces and voodoo symbols and rituals all about me in overpowering force.

    Even as I lay in my bed saying every prayer and invocation and request for aid from every source, as I have been taught to do by my spiritual director, I felt or saw NO help.  I saw nothing holy – no angels, no Jesus, no power of God – NOTHING except evil encamped around me.  Especially ‘I Diavlo’ – Satan directly leading the barrage.

    As I struggled to come to consciousness to escape this dream and attack I finally managed to truly come awake and even though my room was pitch dark, my eyes were reacting as though they had been bombarded with light – like immense big round flashbulbs that blind the eyes.  (Message:  Even if you see nothing with your physical senses, know that you can call on all the help I have in this writing and it will be there, so do not hesitate if you or a loved one is suffering from satanic attack!)

    When I woke I was so terrified I went to sleep in another room with my oldest daughter and did not record this dream until the morning.  I was upset for some time after I woke and could not sleep for terror, so I recited a Divine Mercy Chaplet for all who were under satanic attack and I finally fell back asleep…

    My spiritual director wishes me to emphasize that in all these negative experiences I was victorious through the power of Jesus, Mary, God and the holy angels – forces that we have about us to aid us in all circumstances to prevent any attack of the enemy from affecting us at all!  Praise be to God!  For further reading on Rev. Joseph Kane’s personal experiences with things of this nature as an exorcist in Peru, follow the link to obtain his book, Your Light Shines in My Darkness.



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