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My beloved children the work of the lawless one is in your midst. So many are being deceived! There is much more to come. The time is coming when Truth will visit every soul. At that time each soul will have to decide—are you with me or against me? My children, great horror will descend on the chosen of God on these days—but also great glory. I tell you the glory will be far greater than the horror and will be more glorious even than what emanated from the saints and martyrs of the early days. God will be glorified in his holy ones! They will be strengthened in every way to withstand and to triumph over the enemy completely. Fear nothing, dear children, but place all your hope, trust, joy, and gratitude in my merciful heart. I am near to you always—so near! You are my beloved little ones. Draw near!” Pelianito, Message from Jesus, July 14, 2013

In Catholic circles there is a purported visionary named Pelianito that I recently stumbled upon:  http://pelianito.stblogs.com/.   The reason I quote a reference to her website here is because of similarities of some of her messages to some horrifying dreams in my vast collection spanning the past thirteen years or so.  As I am currently in the series called “The State of Chaos” – a name that came to me immediately in prayer when I wondered what to call it – I find myself hitting the climax of the dreams of this nature with three horrifyingly vivid dreams that I experienced in June of 2007.  My previous writing shares the first and today I share the second, experienced June 19, 2007.

As always I leave the discernment to the reader and definitely do not share the things I have experienced to inspire fear.  Rather I share to help souls prepare, lead souls to the goodness and truth of God and if at all possible help aid and enlighten souls as to the protection afforded by Jesus. Without further ado, I share the next consecutive dream in the series and ask all to reflect seriously upon the state of our world, warnings from other Christian corners and even secular observations at the gradual stripping by governments of our basic fundamental freedoms.  I sincerely hope it is not leading into the worldwide oppression shown in several startling dreams, but as always err on the side of caution in helping my fellow man…I would much rather look like an idiot if nothing serious comes to pass in the coming years, but at the very least perhaps I will have helped some if it does…

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I had another nightmare so horrific I don’t even want to record it.  I sat to type it immediately as I woke because it would be faster.  I did not write it first.

I dreamt I was in a convent in downtown Ottawa I think.  I didn’t know it was a convent until after some spiritual stuff started happening.  I just remember being in a building and discussing my knowledge with some people.  I was with a boy who told me that he could hear and see demons talking.  I realized he had this special sixth sense or innate ability that he could just do and I took it seriously and I asked him what they said and what information he could pass to me.  He said a demon named Ba’al spoke to him (Baal (/ˈbl/ bayl; sometimes spelled BaelBaël (French), Baell) is in 17th Century goetic occult writings one of the seven princes of Hell. The name is drawn from the Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians.,: Wikipedia, 2013) and I immediately cautioned him to invoke the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over himself for protection.  He then said to me: “He’s here now.”  As soon as he said this, the demon tried to take possession of me.  I could not move my lips to speak the the invocation of protection out loud as the demon had descended to try and invade my head first.  As I tried to move my lips to speak I could barely move them.  I instead invoked the protection in my head and he immediately had to leave.

I told the boy,

“Did you see that?  This is what you must do.  You can invoke the protection in your head if they try to attack you and you don’t have the use of your mouth or body.  You don’t have to do it out loud – you can do it in your head in spirit/thought and it will still work.” (Note – to do this all you need to do is ask Jesus to cover you with His Precious Blood)

I then asked him the information the demon spirit had told him.  Then the dream changed and I started to see demonic forces growing and taking possession of people (yes unfortunately this does happen in our world already…see the information on this website on the book written by Rev. Joseph E. Kane – former longtime exorcist with the Diocese of Ottawa).  I sat then at a convent window with the window open and my dream binders and information all about me on a table.  I was with nuns and we were going over what I had (dreams and information) and I started to exhort and warn people of what was coming.  Three black ladies came up that I thought were religious so I started to warn them, but they were everyday people who were out shopping who could not appreciate the warning.  I thought they had come to me for guidance, but they had just stopped in curiosity as my voice started to be heard in the street.  I warned them in a simple way though to listen to what I was saying.

Then I noticed two police officers come up behind the ladies as I spoke to them and they winked at each other.  It seemed as if they were on the inside of evil, some of them, and knew what I could do and what I knew.  One of them tossed a loonie at me as a donation and I refused to accept it as I thought they were trying to pay me for my services of witnessing, etc.  I said I under no terms would take any payment whatsoever for this work.  Then I realized that he wanted to give a donation to the convent and this was acceptable.  I started to think then that I had been wrong thinking he was evil because of the winking and I realized that it would be very difficult to know who was good intentioned and who was possessed/evil and posing as harmless/good.

I then went to a government office with a black fellow who was a clerk or officer or something.  I was trying to get him to listen to me.  Most of the people in this office were on the side of evil and ready to step into position to serve their evil master.  I exhorted this fellow that he must leave his office now and head for safety as a worldwide invasion/persecution and attack of evil was coming.  He left with me and I told him I knew of a safe-house to go to.

It became chaotic and teeming in the streets as we headed to a Catholic safe-house.  The priest there did not know we were coming, but had prepared for it.  We entered the home, but it became small after we entered.  It became such a small living quarters and I wondered how many souls would be able to ride out this evil time there.  There were quite a few eastern women coming and going and they were somehow connected to this safe-house.  The place then became as if in a lock-down situation.  We looked out the window at what was occurring in the world and even though I felt alone, vulnerable, insecure and afraid, I knew and trusted God and Jesus and knew that we had the best protection and help available from/in God.

After we entered this safe-house it became covered over and hidden as if we were under a mountain that was like white rock.  We had an observation window though that could look out and see what was going on in the world.  I then spoke to the priest in the safe-house about how we would know whom to trust as people would start to come to find the safe-houses to escape evil.  I expressed concern about demonic forces posing as good to try to break into the safe-house.  Just then I saw an investigative reporter who had a microphone and was reporting on what was happening in the world.  He was an investigative journalist of sorts who was trying to locate the safe-house and report what was going on accurately.  He said, “Man, these safe-houses are hard to find!”  He then climbed over our mountain and took out a pick axe and started chipping away at the area over the top of the safe-house, which I was upset about as I was worried he would expose the safe-house.  I became outside at this point watching to see if he would uncover it.  He dislodged a large chunk of the rock covering, but didn’t know he had found the safe-house as the back door entrance was exposed, but wasn’t in his view in the area he dug.  I knew that it was exposed though, so I went up to the back door to warn the priest that the back door of the safe-house was exposed.  It was not open or unsecured even though it was in sight, though.    It was like a very well sealed metal time capsule door of some sort with high security locks and a security window that he could see out of.  I knocked at the door insistently and he could see it was me so I was let in.  I told him it was only a matter of time now that people would start to find us.

We then looked out the front window of this tiny apartment and saw that people now knew there was a safe-house in their area and started to come from the streets – large groups of people walked the streets in uncertainty, not knowing where to go to safety.  I realized though, as they started to make their way to our safe-house, that we would have to have a method of discernment:  Discernment of who was safe to let in, as some people were possessed by evil and wanted to enter in disguise to the safe-house to penetrate it and were not really people escaping the evil seeking refuge.  I believe we started to say invocations of the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over all who came to us to enter and we were able to discern and unmask the demons and possessed at the door.  It was quite a scary challenge coming up though.  I was scared at all of this starting to happen, and yet I had inside knowledge in this battle that I was able to help and guide others with…

What a horrific, horrific dream!  I almost didn’t record it because I don’t want to influence anyone as I feel this may just be coming from my subconscious fears out of all the discussions and meetings I have had with my spiritual director and adjunctive director these last two months (even though we don’t discuss anything like this!)…but I err on the side of caution and I typed it today anyway even though I don’t want to remember this dream at all!!!

Honestly, I truly understand that the average person who has not experienced the things I have does not even believe in the existence of evil, demons or Satan as entities in truth that influence our world.  I am here to stand firmly and say that they are wrong.  The Catholic Church staunchly teaches it and I have experienced too much myself to deny their existence, or the truth of the existence of hell, for that matter.  Satan has craftily created a world where almost everyone believes he is a myth.  But I ask you, where does all this evil come from?  Why the continued need for exorcists and the growing number of people experiencing unexplained evil?

I know that I am not the only one out there who knows this truth…what we need is a band of voices standing as one witness to the truth of the existence of evil spiritual forces…I have had several people write me from across the world who have experienced or have had a family member experience possession and attempted possession…Now don’t get me wrong…It is not easy for evil forces to possess someone…this is a doorway that has to be opened by the person themselves through dabbling with Satanism, Witchcraft and the occult.  How many in my world today are curious with fringe ‘spiritual’ practices and unknowingly and unwittingly open the door to real evil?

I believe this website stands itself as a witness to the dangers, with the accordant remedies (see again “Evening with an Exorcist” – Father Thomas Euteneuer).  I believe many others in the world also stand with information, not the least of which is the definitive authority – the Christian churches – particularly Catholicism, with the sacraments to fight this spiritual battle.  How I wish all people were aware of the truth and the dangers…How I wish all people knew of the safe refuge in the heart of Jesus, where no spiritual evil will ever conquer.  The forces of God and good are far greater than all the evil combined.  But free will determines that each soul must choose.  The hour for definitive choice is fast approaching.  Do not be caught off guard!


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In the long overdue continuation of The State of Chaos Series,  I share with you today a vivid dream experience I had only a little over a month before the horrible trajedy of the Indian Ocean tsunami.  It, coupled with a few other dreams, came together for me in a very compelling way as I witnessed in horror, along with the rest of the world, the great devastation this event in our history caused.  One of the other dreams around this time had to do with an earthquake and I knew it was connected to water.  At the time I wondered what on earth water would have to do with an earthquake.  Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I realized the connection…

I am the first one to say that I don’t really know why I have experienced these disturbing, sometimes prophetic dreams, but I will continue to share these with you as I believe it is  prudent for me to continue to sound the warning to clean up our lives and believe in and choose God – a warning that is coming from God through many avenues these days, for those with ears to hear:

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Dreamt I went south for a holiday.  I was walking on a wharf that somehow had an inn or hotel rooms which were starting to be flooded and under water.  The water had not flooded out the ability to live there, but the tide was rising – flooding was occurring everywhere and it was time to evacuate.  As this was determined all of a sudden as I looked North a floodgate was removed and water came rushing down from North to South in a huge way.  I started to head North for refuge.

Then I was shown a map of the world.  All the lower hemisphere or lower half of every country was filled in with red colour and the top half was white.  The bottom red half denoted where flooding was and in turn death and destruction.  The top half of each country which was white denoted life.  It appeared as if half of every country or its population had been destroyed by this flood.  Then someone said ‘watch what that flooding and destruction does to the wind – meaning the wind would come to almost a complete halt.

I was shown at this point God’s fury.  I was shown His great anger and chastisement of the world.  Then I wondered where there would be safe refuge because people were hastily evacuating north, but the people north were trying to move south or down because of some other damage there (not flooding).  In other words there was no safe place to run from what was besetting the world.  Then a line I know from “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” went through my head (Mary’s words).  They were:

Don’t worry, my children who are living the proper life.  You will be spared.”

Then the dream changed again.  I was trying to fix and hold in place wood stairs so that children (the ones fleeing the destruction) could climb to safety to this higher ground in some barn or loft.  It appeared to be the loft of a barn, but a safe, clean, dry, white one in good condition.  However, the upper last stairs were all rotted through and breaking from previous damage and were crumbling.  It was not going to be safe anymore to climb, but because of catastrophes hitting the earth, people were now panicking and running up these stairs (rather last minute I might add) for refuge and safety.

I was at the top of the stairs – lying facedown with my arms overhead across the last few wood planks or stairs that were rotting through.  I was holding the stairs together and trying to secure them with my bare hands and my body acted as a bridge, so that children could continue to climb to safety, but I was nearing the end of being able to hold the rotted wood stairs and nails together (who isn’t feeling tired and worn out these days in this spiritual battle?  I’m hearing this from fellow Christians on many sides).

I yelled out to Man to bring his tools and wood to come build some new safe stairs.  Man came from another room and said angrily:

 “Don’t bother me with this stupid stuff now – I’m sleeping!”

(Indeed many are spiritually asleep and probably not happy with me for sounding an alarm to try to wake them up…)  But I yelled back to Man:

But you must!  The stairs cannot hold out any longer – children/people will die when the stairs finally give way and they will fall to their death!”

Man was still furious at his sleep interruption and my bothering him for something he considered unimportant.  So I called to others to bring me wood, saw, pencil, nails and I was going to build three new stairs and nail them in place – all while I lay in the stairway using my body as a bridge.  YOU CANNOT BELIEVE THE DETERMINATION.  And the thing was I was going to be able to do this thing that seemed impossible.  I was just going to do what needed to be done – even if others were ignoring the danger and urgency and belittling me and treating me badly for calling out the alarm…

And so I am lying in the gap with this website – calling out to others to come with their tools (prayer, rosaries, sacrifices, masses, love for neighbour) and aid this spiritual battle for souls.  Believe in God’s existence!  Believe in heaven!  This is not your homeland!  Start praying for your fellow man once you yourself have woken up and turned your life around for good.  Be another bridge for souls to come into God’s barn…I myself am very grateful for the suffering and prayers of others that led to my conversion ten years ago.  The rest of my life will be spent being a major domino in the chain.  I know it must be hard to read these writings of mine and see a little with the eyes that I see God and times with.  However I am just an extension of the arm of God that beckons you to wake up and beckons you home…

Til next time, God bless you all!




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In the continuation of this series, The State of Chaos, I will gradually share with you many disturbing theological dreams that I have experienced over the years.  I offer them for your discernment.  Even if they do nothing but spur you on to greater personal holiness, they will have done much.  If, on the other hand, they assist in your preparedness for changing days which many believe lie ahead of us, so much the better.

Anyone who has followed the writings on this website over the past year and a half  will already know that I myself wonder at the many vivid spiritual dreams I have been experiencing and truly wonder what it all means.  As I have grown on the spiritual path these past ten years I realize that the more I experience, the more I recognize I really know very little.  However, I have been advised by my Spiritual Director to share these experiences and occasionally ‘divine words’ as a service to witness and to help others to appreciate and grow in their own personal spiritual development.

The biggest thing I could say to you as I share these experiences over the coming months is to ask you to truly stop for a moment and consider what your spiritual life is like right now.  Do you even have one?  No matter what comes, attending to it seriously will serve you well for every day of the rest of your life, and your preparedness for the next life.

As a little impetus to start waking up spiritually, I offer three more vivid theological dream experiences, chronologically; the third ending with a message:


I dreamt that my in-laws were coming to visit.  As I walked in my kitchen in my home I wondered why the curtain was closed, even though it was daytime.  I opened it and saw why.  Someone had shut it so that I wouldn’t see and worry about what I saw.  I saw instead of the daylight that should have been there, that it was like night outside.  I looked up and realized there was a huge Star of David in the sky made up of stars.  I was shocked.  I ran to someone else in the house and asked what they made of this vision in the sky – what it meant.  The answer was “The Day of God’s Judgement.”

I went back to the kitchen door again and looked out.  The Star of David was still in the sky.  It was huge and unmistakable as the jewish symbol – The Star of David.  I recognized it instantly for what it was.  I stepped out on the back porch and looked up as I thought it was going to snow, but instead it began to rain down fire hailstones.  I said “We all have to get inside”.  I went to look out the front of the home and the star could be seen there as well – it was that big.  I started to prepare and began praying my rosary, asking particularly for Mary’s intercession for others to be more prepared.  I wasn’t overly afraid in the dream, but I was thanking God over and over again in great gratitude that He had led me to Him.

I couldn’t believe it.  The great and terrible Day of the Lord’s justice was here!  – On a regular day while we were all just going about our normal lives – very unexpected…

This dream left me very disturbed as it was extremely vivid and detailed.  Many times these theological dreams I share with you are very unlike will-o-the-wisp regular dreams – where you can hardly even remember what you dreamt about.  These are full, vivid, detailed – even containing verbatim messages.  It is these that I pay particular attention to.  I have a feeling it is not just my own personal power that is assisting me in remembering these types of spiritual dreams…And so I share with you another in a similar vein from a month later:



I dreamt I was in my home with my family.  I heard the news that Pope John Paul II had died.  I said to myself “God has taken him home – he has completed his mission”.  Then my father came to visit.  We started discussing the pope but I said very little because I wondered how long it would be before the signs in the sky started appearing.

All of a sudden, even though it was morning, darkness rolled over the sky and it became like night.  My family started to wonder what the heck was going on.  I could FINALLY speak because I had been expecting this.  I said “It’s starting”.  They asked “What?”  I said something about God’s coming – end times.  I picked up rosaries and handed them to people.  I said “We must pray the rosary”.  Then I said that there were going to be signs in the sky – a cross or a Star of David.  Inside I was thinking ‘wow, God didn’t waste any time after the death of Pope JP II to start the signs of the end times.

I then went to check on my children and make sure they were safe and cared for.  I told everyone to particularly look out for their children.  I put down the rosary and I walked with my family to the back porch.  I looked in the sky and saw God was moving the winds and the stars and He formed a circle in the sky – it looked like He was assembling the 12 signs of the zodiac and in the centre was the Hanukkah candle.  I looked up to God and said “What are you doing?!”  Then I yelled that I loved Him.  I didn’t care that everyone saw now my inner intimate childlike relationship with God.  I wasn’t afraid of what was going to happen, but I didn’t know what God was doing – the signs were not as I expected them.

Then my family and I went out into the street.  People everywhere were piling out of their homes to the street in confusion, looking up.  All were wondering what was happening.  I said to my family, because they asked:  “The only ones who are going to know what’s going on are those who actually read their bibles!”  I was prepared (as much as you can be for that!).  People started coming to me for guidance.

And without further ado I share with you an extremely vivid, powerful experience of God that came a while later – this time with a message:


The dream began with a fuzzy feeling that had something to do with being in the neighbourhood of Heart’s Desire.

Then I dreamt that I was thrown back paralyzed and I was lifted in spirit in a swirling vortex of shining white letters that looked like an alphabet swirl made of shiny alphabet star-like letters.  It was like I was being lifted up with or among the letters, swirling around in a centrifical motion upward.

I asked what these letters were.  They were all the letters ever spoken/made.  Then I came to an opening into high space out of the centre of this vortex and I was hurtling through galaxies and systems.  I came closer to a light and expected to see God.  Instead I saw many swirling high winds/black tornadoes (maybe 5 or more).  They were spinning and hurtling at high velocity and they spoke (very loudly, firmly and sternly) and said:

NO MORE!!! THE TIME HAS COME!  NO MORE BAD THINGS ARE TO BE DONE ON THE EARTH!  THE TIME FOR BAD THINGS TO BE DONE ON THE EARTH HAS COME TO AN END!!! (the last sentence was harder to remember – how often is it you get dictated messages in a dream???! – but I have typed it exactly as I recorded it upon waking).

(I could particularly feel my mouth hanging open very wide and rigid before I was lifted up in these swirling alphabet letters that seemed to swim in a swirling vortex around me as I rose in the centre of them.  I was lifted very, very high and very far away at extremely great speed.)  I was lowered back to my body immediately after the words were spoken to me – just like that – boom – with no backward travel.

When I brought this dream to my spiritual director and inquired about the symbolism of the shining white alphabet letters he remarked that it symbolizes God as the Alpha and the Omega.

If I was a betting woman I would say it would be best to prepare yourself spiritually so that you are more prepared to meet God than you are today.  In the end, the choice is yours.  All I can do is stand as a witness to the truth of God as I have experienced it.  I am very glad I am here, knowing what I know, and not in the place of spiritual slumber that I was in in earlier days.  Whatever comes I personally plan to try and take another step forward in spiritual growth and holiness with every day that I am given.  Even if that means I come to a ripe old age and pass peacefully in my sleep, at the very least it will have led me to be a better neighbour along the way to everyone I met!

‘Til next time.  God bless!


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