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My wonderful Videographer & Editor, Charlie and I are pleased to release our winter special, “Answer the Call to Pray” – initially planned for the Christmas Season, but delayed due to illness and busyness!  It is a call to all who will listen that the times are urgent, and that increased prayer, particularly the powerful prayer of the Rosary, is needed.  Please sign up for our Rosary Challenge and you will receive a monthly Newsletter of motivational and inspirational material, along with prayer intention suggestions and answered prayers of the community of praying members.  As the times darken, the call becomes ever more urgent, and the Rosary is our weapon of choice, par excellence, as it asks the Mother of God, Mary, to become a prayer warrior on our behalf.  The prayers and whispers of the Mother of Jesus are so close to the Heart of God, and joined with her, our hearts come closer to God as well.  In this Youtube special, I also share a message from Mary, and a very long dictated message from God the Father that speaks to our times.  I urge you to share this with your friends, family, pastors and priests, as the messages are for all.  Blessings for a holy & fruitful Lenten season.  Karen

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I am the least likely person to be preachy with anyone, as those who know me closely can testify.  But that doesn’t mean anything goes…

With God, truth and love are what matter.  And when I speak of truth, I speak of the truth as defined from God’s vantage point – not man’s –  the truth that the Ten Commandments were given to us for our good, and that we should strive to follow them;  The truth that love is the ultimate barometer that God judges men by;  The truth that Love is the goal we should all strive for – as it is encapsulated in the Commandments.

How hard this seems to be for many though.  How selfish our world has become.  How distracted.  How complacent.  How uncaring.  How asleep…And how dangerous has all this self-centred, uncaring, distracted, complacent, uncaring heart of the world become.  Don’t get me wrong…there are many doing and being good out there and of course much of it isn’t rewarded with headlines.  However our world has become a place where brother kills brother, where sister seeks to destroy sister; a place where children are murdered and some people seek nothing but power; where greed and hunger for more replace the hunger and thirst for righteousness and aid of neighbour.  At its worst it not only disdains neighbour, but seeks to kill neighbour.

And so we have arrived at the threshold of the threat of nuclear holocaust…of the reality of terrorism…of the sad truth of abortion in the name of choice (and please know I don’t judge anyone there either; I understand oh so well how sometimes this is an error some make for many reasons – an error God desires to heal us from…see my writing on the topic here).  How we hasten to destroy ourselves and our world!  It is as if we have all become infected with some severe kind of madness; a madness where evil is called good and good is called evil.  Add to this the fact that there are spiritual forces at work beyond our sight – another truth that many do not believe in any longer – a truth I have witnessed to relentlessly on this website and in the documentaries God has seen fit to have me produce.

But just because our lens has become sullied, doesn’t mean God sees any less clearly.  In fact, we could use a dose of the clarity that the Author of All Good is able to give…and so I quote:

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “This is the hour of choice. Mankind must choose to obey Me – Father of all Creation – or choose his own will. This generation tries My Patience and My Mercy more than any other – more than in the days of Noah or even Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Chance after chance – opportunity after opportunity – unfolds for man to prove his love to Me and faithfulness to My Commandments. People allow human opinions to take precedence over My Divine Will. Still, I invite mankind to take shelter in My Paternal Heart. I will protect him. I know the desires of every heart. I can make grace abound even in a sterile heart. I can produce great miracles. When causes or situations are abandoned to Me, I can bring solutions in the most profound ways.”

“Therefore, even in the face of these dire times, have filial faith in My Divine Provision. I hear your prayers and witness your sacrifices. I will not abandon you even as I am tested beyond compare. It is you who persevere in righteousness with Me who are My Remnant.”

Read Zephaniah 2:1-3+

Come together and hold assembly,
O shameless nation,
before you are driven away
like the drifting chaff,
before there comes upon you
the fierce anger of the LORD,
before there comes upon you
the day of the wrath of the LORD.
Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land,
who do His Commands;
seek righteousness, seek humility;
perhaps you may be hidden
on the day of the wrath of the LORD.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.) Message from God the Father – November 17, 2017, www.holylove.org

The great difficulty and reality, of course, is that those who most would benefit from reading this little blog and heeding my advice to change are the least likely to read it or care about it.  This is where my previous writing comes in.  For those with ears to hear and eyes to see, is a great call to intercessory prayer and action.

In my women’s group, Sister†Hood, I chose a domino for our talking stick and icon.  This domino represents the connected power of change that ripples from even one instrument when it touches another – the chain reaction.  However, the domino effect has often been likened to a negative effect of irreversible chain reaction.  But this viewpoint negates the reality that all choice has the ability to effect change for good as well as bad – tremendous ripple effects are achieved by those who impact others’ lives with goodness, help, encouragement, support, kindness, consideration, motivation, forgiveness, empowerment and love.  It is this side of the domino effect that we as Sisters work to be for each other and the world – through prayer, action, deed and word.  And it is the effect we should each be striving for.

This website in effect is but one domino that seeks to be a ripple agent of change for good for those who read it with desire to help…desire to change…desire to grow…desire to be good…desire to become more holy…to be one who makes a difference in the world around him for good.  It all starts with us!  I have said it before and I say it again:


OH how the world needs your help!  Get yourself back into church if you have fallen away; attend more faithfully and reverently; read your bible; increase your prayer; help another to be better; work on self growth in love!  Look around your area and see what is needed most.  Then if your talents and inspirations match a need – reach out and make a difference!  It is that simple.  Stand for your Christian faith – but always do it with kindness and humility and back it up with deed, lest it be seen as a facade.  I believe we can make a difference.  With God’s grace and our desire and willing hands we CAN end poverty, prevent nuclear holocaust, convert hardened souls, save sinners, comfort the grieving, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, heal the wounds of the world – we just need to set about doing it where we are with what we have and help others do the same.  Never mind what anyone says or who is or isn’t doing what.  Just do it (sorry to borrow a slogan from Nike!).

I decided to become one of these dominoes for good more powerfully some 17 years ago.  Who knows where the world would have been without my yes…without yours?  I believe we have entered a time where there is little time for hesitation and little time for complacence.  Even our headlines scream this.  I know the battle has been hard.  I know many of you are tired.  I know many of you have paid heavily for your faithfulness to our God and to our faith…but oh how needed has this faithfulness been.  How needed is it still.  And so I do what I can to aid our flagging souls in the good fight – and I lean heavily upon my God & my Sisters to help me keep up my sword as well.  It is not a time to stumble as we head to the finish line.  And so I offer yet another experience of God to ‘pump up your jam’ for the battle ahead:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dreamt I was in an area of a city and stood on a sidewalk watching what was going on around me.  All around me were people fighting, crimes, murder, etc.  Humanity was out of control with sin.

I knelt on the pavement right then and there and began to pray – particularly the Divine Mercy Chaplet  All of a sudden God’s spirit came down on me forcefully and I fell forward from my kneeling position so that I was semi-prone on the ground – forehead to the ground with my arms straight ahead in a profound state – like being prostrate, but from kneeling.

Then I prayed:  

Father!  Use me in whatever way You wish to help these people.”

I was then raised from the ground by God’s spirit and levitated upright (not lying back in the air like on a cross as all other previous times in dreams).  God brought me into a field – like a large park right next to this teeming area of the city I had been in on the sidewalk.

God’s spirit completely filled me and I was levitated and moved slowly through the field – speaking God’s words of warning.  It was a very long message/long time of Him speaking through me this time.

It was about the need for people to amend their lives.  As I was moved slowly, thus, however, not many were in the field listening to me – pockets of people dotted here and there on the grass.  And, even among those who saw me levitated (for Heaven’s sake!), did not believe God was acting through me, but that I was somehow orchestrating this under my own power and making up the message.  There was some mocking and derision by the people here…

God became somewhat angry and more forceful at this point, and I was then filled even more with His spirit and levitated higher in a more powerful way to make it more obvious and clear that it was God doing this – not me.

I was levitated quite high in the sky over this park and moved to a new section of this park/field and God spoke a LONG message through me.

It was as if how He did it had such power, signs and wonders that it would be evident to the people that it was Him who spoke.  I do not remember any of the words verbatim from this dream, but He was speaking of the need for people to amend their lives, telling them How much He loved them, and lastly, that if they did not repent, it would not go well for them, and then I woke.

So what are you waiting for?  Heed God’s advice.  If you have not already, repent.  Seek to grow in faith & love.  Then look around  and see where you can be God’s hands, heart & voice.  The world needs your help.  Increase prayer, pick a cause and just do it!



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I sit to write and publish today when our headlines are screaming of chaos – most recently in Egypt.   I believe it is only a matter of time before this chaos starts to spread West…However, since I never watch the news, never read the paper and barely catch the headlines at the grocery store and am the farthest thing from a political commentator you’ll see, I will stick to preaching the things that God has sent my way:  Warnings.  Warnings from our Father who loves us but sees us making terrible choices and going down very wrong roads.  Our times and our hearts must change. 

I have heard lately from the latest message from Medjugorge, reputedly from Mary, that the spirit of God is changing the hearts of many receptive souls.  I was overjoyed to read this.  Things can be changed.  It starts with you!  If each of us decided to try to be good and live by God’s law of love, we would be well on the road to having the peace and security we crave…It must start with each of us!  Until it does I continue to sound the alarms I have been given…

Sunday, February 27, 2005

 I dreamt I was in an apartment in a tall apartment building.  I walked toward the television set and something highly unusual started happening to me.

An entity entered me after I had walked to this spot.  As it did, blood started dripping from my eyes like blood tears.  People began to notice this and as they did I walked around the room and started heading to the doorway, strongly reciting the Hail Mary and blessing myself.  The force that entered me was so powerful I was at first shaken and not sure what was happening – I continued to bless myself and recite because I was concerned that I was being entered into by an evil force, not a good one.  This force was MOST POWERFUL and then it levitated me in the room in front of several people.  I knew then at this point that it was not Satan entering me, but God.  What a powerful force!  But this time an angry, stern reprimand and warning message was delivered.  I started to tremble even as I recorded this dream because of destruction all over the world that was a later part of this dream…This was no gentle force of God that entered me this time, of the gentle Father speaking to His beloved children.  This time was scary because of the power, force and anger.

The people in the room called to others in the building to come and witness what was going on with me.  I was brought to the doorway and saw a rough, biker type there, listening to my message.  The man was so rattled at the message God delivered to him through me he changed and became clean – clean-shaven in clean clothes and very contrite.  The man wanted to know how to change the message I was delivering for him and God’s answer was:


Then the dream changed and I was in this huge penthouse apartment on the top floor.  It was full of people and many rooms with a wild party going on everywhere with every decadent behaviour possible – drugs, rampant alcohol abuse, orgies – everywhere completely decadently out of control.  I walked around as an observer, not a participant.  I couldn’t believe how terribly everyone was behaving.  It was after this wild night of partying coming up to morning.  I was sitting on the top floor with some people, talking, and all of a sudden we could see water rise up and over the penthouse windows.  A cry of alarm went out.  The water rose over the top of the skyscraper.   The building shook and trembled but held.  I looked out the window and saw other skyscrapers had stayed standing as well.  Then, though, I saw to my left side – as if in the air – an Asian looking reporter.  She was delivering a news message and reporting that other parts of the world had been destroyed by this cataclysm of major proportions.  She rhymed off countries of most severe devastation as I listened:  Iran, Turkey, Greece…I don’t remember the others, but it was elsewhere as well.  This was a huge, global news event.

I then came to the ground level and went out to survey the damage of the city I was in.  Skyscrapers had stood but there was still extensive damage.  There were immense road upheavals and ruptures – as if an earthquake had struck.  There were small fires and wires and twisted, buckled roadways from underground upheaval.  I saw the subway had been really damaged – underground destruction.  Roads were completely impassible.  I surveyed this damage with shock, disbelief and dismay and then I realized I must write this in my dream book immediately (while still in the dream)…

This was a most upsetting dream experience, as you can imagine.  For some people in the world this dream experience has been a horrifying reality.  We cannot afford to sit in complacency.  Seize the moment and the warning – one of many I have sounded and will continue to sound.  God is not happy with our bad behaviour!  Sigh.  If I could but give you a picture of the beauty of heaven, you would gladly turn…The things of the world will never fill your aching empty hole.  Dare for a moment to believe that I know what I am talking about and trust me.  Turn to God with even the feeblest of efforts and you won’t be sorry.  I promise.  I assure you.  I care.  I know what I am talking about.  You can count on me – even if you have no one else…Don’t wait, as these words from God himself urge:

 Tell souls to have recourse to My mercy while there is still time for mercy.  I love you and you are mine.” Sunday, March 6, 2005




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