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As I look out my window today while I sit to commence this writing, I see a snow covered blanket across my lawn where leaves should be.  I cannot remember a time when we went Trick or Treating in the snow…It seems that even nature is in a state of confusion.

It brought to mind words I read just yesterday from a purported visionary, known only as Jennifer:

7:25 PM

My child, I say to My children do you not hear the voice of your Shepherd? Do you not witness the call for My people from your King that it is time to repent? Take heed and see the cries of nature. The birds are crying out, the seas rage with great justice, that are only being held back by the hand of mercy. The earth is crying out, the wounds of your King are bleeding and the morals of My children have been diminished.

I have called My faithful to this time of adoration so that I may prepare your hearts in a greater way. So that you can remove yourself for one hour from the outside world and bring your soul into a time of peace. OH! if only the world would come before their King as you do My faithful ones.

It is through the Eucharist that humanity can begin to heal. Come My children not just for five days rather come before Me as often as you can for you only gain greater merit. You unite yourself to My agony in the garden. You console Me and My wounds begin to heal.

Pray today for the world that is soon to be shaken. Pray for those who fail to recognize My true presence in the tabernacle. Pray for hearts to be softened, souls to awaken to the truth and for My light to shine forth from you in a greater way. Allow Me to be a presence in your home, and in turn you will come to the home that I have prepared for you in heaven. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail. Jesus to visionary Jennifer

It was a month before I read these words that I dreamt the following:

First Friday, October 1, 2010

I dreamt that ‘the mark of Christ is going to be placed over all doors of those who are God’s – serving God, and then just the simple word:  “Deuteronomy”.

When I look at these two things side by side, one line of the message through Jennifer stands out most starkly:

Pray today for the world that is soon to be shaken.

  My previous writing shares the pre-warning dreams I had regarding the Indian Ocean Tsunami.  And now we are hearing about another in Indonesia.  My heart has been in rigorous training and preparation for the past ten years by our Beloved Lord and my Holy Father and His spirit.  For ten years now I have been ‘seeing’ certain things ahead of time and laying in wait and preparedness for more yet to come – and yet I know not fully ‘what’.  But Oh, how grateful I am that I have heeded and have been prepared…not just for myself and my family, but for the many I wish to aid through my prayers, witness and this website.  It is no accident that this latest writing series is labelled ‘The State of Chaos‘.  Already many areas of the world are in this state and if many of the things I have experienced in the dream state come to pass, this state will encompass the world.

I call out again the sound of warning:  God is not happy with our sin!  It is as plain and as simple as that.  YOU have the power to change this.  You have the power to change your life.  You have the power to help others change theirs!  What are you waiting for?  I tell you, there is not much time left to prepare.  Heed my witness while there is still time.  The hand of mercy is indeed delaying many chastisements that we deserve for the unloving acts we have committed over the years.  I think, however, that this time is about to end.  In that vein, I share again with you the following, with the end part of the dream included:

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010 approx 4:30 a.m.

I dreamt I was in my parent’s ensuite bathroom in my childhood home of Heart’s Desire.  I was standing in it with a character named Tammy (which means ‘perfection’).  This character wanted to show me a particular new moon that was going to shine bright in the sky at this time.  She said it was going to be able to be seen with the naked eye.  She handed me a round magnifying glass to look through the bathroom window.  She said to follow a pattern of stars to find it in the sky, which was full of dark, billowing clouds.

I took the magnifying glass and looked carefully through the window.  It was a little harder than looking through a regular window as it was one of those clouded or mottled bathroom windows – you know how they are manufactured that way for privacy.  Anyway, as I looked, I saw a light shine in the sky that I thought was the moon that she spoke of, but my attention was then drawn immediately and powerfully to the billowing dark clouds.

I could see they were taking on a form or shape.  I could see one hand form – the right one first – and then the second – the left.  They were God’s hands.  I recognized them immediately with great joy.  They faced me and the earth and they were extended together toward the earth.  I could only see the hands and a little of each forearm.  They were formed out of dark cloud and they all of a sudden opened and closed in a beckoning, come forth (come here or come) motion.

As soon as they did this the vision changed and God’s hands disappeared and the still dark clouds parted.  As this happened Jesus leapt forth from their midst – very eagerly – coming (almost running!) on/in the clouds – as if He was made of or part of the clouds.  He was so eager!  So swift!  He leapt forth with great speed and eagerness as if He had been being held back, but no more.  He was dressed in a long robe and His long, flowing, straight hair swung free.

This part of the dream was so vivid I have to say it appeared as if He almost ran out of the clouds toward the earth as if He had been being held back by some force and now that God’s hands had done what they did it was His moment to spring free/forth to the earth.  He had, by the way He appeared, been most eagerly poised and ready for this moment, and now that it had come, He sprang forth with such pent-up energy and swiftness it was almost like a spring shot that He darted forth toward the earth!

Then after He leapt from the clouds toward the earth, He was immediately followed by a succession of the original Apostles.  I do not know in which order they leapt forth as I saw them following Jesus, but I KNEW it was the first Apostles of Jesus.  I only knew the last one as he leapt out of the clouds also (they also all seemed formed of these dark clouds).  The last one to leap forth was Peter.  As soon as he leapt forth from the clouds toward the earth and was in our sky he/his face turned to stone/rock for some reason.

I turned back excitedly to Tammy and told her that I had seen much more than the new brightly shining moon:

I saw God’s hands!!!

 I was so overjoyed!!!  My heart leapt as well at the vision I had seen.

I then turned to the bedroom/house.  I saw in dismay (and it became a different house but I know not whose) that a Yorkshire dog had been ill and vomited all over.  I was going to help clean the mess, but I knew it was more important to go record my vision first, so I grabbed whatever was handy first to write on (while in the dream) so that I could record the vision.  I recorded it on cards with small ivory shaped porcelain symbols like angels wings.  I arranged the symbols on the cards that recorded the vision so that I could remember it and re-tell it accurately.  I had to be very careful to keep the symbols in their proper place on the paper so that the message would be accurate and I did so.

Then at least one man came in the room who was like a rock star.  I believe other men were with him.  He had come into the bedroom looking for food and I saw him put his plate on the dresser near my vision message.  I wondered why on earth he was looking for food in the bedroom when he should have been looking for it in the proper place – the kitchen.  The other men with him were making the same error.  He was in danger of knocking my message by knocking the dresser it sat on as he went about his actions in the bedroom.  I had to exhort him not to damage the vision message as I had recorded it on those papers with the symbols, because if he did the message would not be accurate as it had been relayed to me.

He was ill, this rock star, and then dropped something on the floor.  I insisted he get himself into the bathroom.  I said ‘if you’re ill and sick you need to be in the proper place – the bathroom!’  I managed to ge the man away from the dresser and his search for food in the wrong place of the bedroom (and my message and the possibility of damaging it) and into the ensuite bathroom because he was ill and that was where he truly needed to be.

Then I turned to go clean the mess, but I saw it had been cleaned already.  I asked Tammy (which means perfection) and she had done it.  I was very grateful.  I took a vacuum and tried to clean up the rest of the debris, but was unable.  Someone told me that the vacuum was too chock full of garbage and filth and now had to be emptied out and the filter cleaned.  I removed it and brought it into the ensuite bathroom to clean it (where the rock star man still sat).  I began to empty the vacuum filter into a garbage bag, but to my surprise a whole horde of Christmas tree needles fell out first – many of them falling in a messy heap on the bathroom floor.  I cleaned them up and put them in the toilet.  The rock star man just looked at me as he sat back – a little stupefied.

I then saw next to the toilet a small white garbage can.  It was empty, but beside it was a small to moderate size pile of used condoms (of all things!).  They were of varying sizes.  I was shocked (as you can imagine) and wondered why they were there and whose they were.  A woman named Laurel (Laurel was an ancient emblem of victory) said they belonged to a certain group of people (I do not remember what group but she was a nurse and they had been ill).  It was their pile of used condoms.  As I looked, though, it appeared they had been washed completely and fully clean, but I know they were used. 

The rock star man just sat in this bathroom and watched me as this all unfolded before him, sitting back on the bathroom floor in mild shock, docility and somehow in a posture and attitude of submission and humility, but where he needed to be.  Then the dream ended.

I am the last person in the world who would dare to comment on the dream symbolism in the last segment of the above dream, but I think it speaks quite loudly and clearly itself:  With what are you seeking to feed yourself?   I say to you that though you may not understand it, the food that your soul truly needs – all of you – is the food of the Eucharist.  I repeat again what Jesus says through Jennifer above:

It is through the Eucharist that humanity can begin to heal.

I have noticed the symbolism in many instances in dream experiences and can offer that generally the use of the washroom symbolizes the need to be cleansed and particularly the sacrament of reconciliation (confession), in order to attain the state that God desires for you – perfection.  Witness again Jesus’s words from above:

Do you not witness the call for My people from your King that it is time to repent?

Enough said.  I close with a segment of a dream experience that succinctly sums up my mission:

Flophouse by Edward Millman


Dreamt I found I had been somehow relegated to a flophouse.  I was in a seedy area of downtown with the seediest of society.  I wandered the streets and was with no-one.  I wondered how I got there as I was not like the people that lived there – junkies, prostitutes, slum ghetto people.  I tried to cross the street, but as I did two busses almost collided with each other and as one went around the one colliding with him he almost hit me and didn’t even care.  I had to jump to the sidewalk out of his crazy path.  Many people teemed the streets – it was in chaos everywhere…

I entered a flophouse and climbed the stairs.  I passed through stairs with open urinals and toilets at each landing, with seedy looking men using them – desperate men living in bleak nothingness and filth.  I came to near the top.  Many people sat together at tables in this common room.  It was dingy, filthy, full of dust and cobwebs and seedy people.  The building was decrepit and decaying – I wondered how it still held and stood without collapsing (this society).  It was in such disrepair.  A bunch of people gathered at a table to play cards.  They were trying to make conviviality in this dismal place.  I could not believe the sad place I saw.  These people were living in decay – the lowest of society.

They played a game while I watched from a corner.  The game piece they were playing with rolled off the table several times – I think it was a round piece of bread – I cautioned them not to be so careless – there were circular tube holes in the floor.  Soon enough their game piece rolled down a tube and their fun was gone.  Then food and wine came out – tall bottles I think and they ate and drank.  All the time watching this I struggled to survive.  I had been left here by someone to prepare for my role.  Much time went by.  I had been changed while living here – immensely changed on the inside.  The play directors and producers came to collect me as it was time for me to do the dress rehearsal of the play.  The time of my character building was at an end.  I came to the stage (this website?) and we ran through the lines.  My heart was so completely overrun with such huge emotion from my experiences.  I was SO CHANGED.  Every time my line came up and especially my lines at the end of the play where Shakespeare had written things about God and man, I cried with great depth of emotion.  I was not acting the lines – I was living fully every word I spoke. 

I finished my lines with such ardour and emotion.  I could not speak them without crying as they had to do with Jesus’s coming and the state he would find man in.  My mouth cried the words with burning tears – I lived the words – they were so me I did not know where the words left off and I began.  A break was then called for dinner.  I watched all these people as they all sat down at a table and started chattering about nothing, passing around large plates of food and drink and discussing worldly things.  I was crying for them and urging them:

Look at what you’re doing!  You’re living oblivious in this world! (to the things of the spirit)

I then repeated the last lines of the play that I had been given.  I was CRYING for their souls.  I don’t remember any of the other lines, but the very last, which I awoke to speak aloud (in the dream to all these people gathered in front of me):



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