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I know it has been some time since I have been able to sit down and write.  It seems this fall has been a swirling mass of competing demands and change.  Is it only me, or is everyone experiencing this phenemenon; that life just seems to be going much faster than it was meant to?

Like all people, events sometimes unfold in my life where I wonder, now why did that have to happen?  Why such chaos when all one wants to do is good?  Perhaps therein lies the spiritual paradox.  As soon as one sets out on the path to goodness, the evil forces step up their unseen action of creating chaos in our midst to try to make us do less on the path of goodness.  How fortunate that they do not fully succeed!  However, for those times when life gets a little messy, Heaven has given additional aid, through our Heavenly Mother Mary (in addition to the aid we receive from the Holy Spirit).

For me, the devotion to Mary Undoer of Knots was really an unknown thing, as I am a Catholic Newbie.  It was only after I had the following dream that I heard our new Pope, Francis, has recommended this Novena to the Catholic Faithful as an extremely needed prayer solution to the knots of our individual lives and the life of the human race as a whole.  It was in this vein I believe, that Mary came to me again in a dream with a remedy – not only for the little knots in my life, but also for the ones that urgently need untying for the sake of humanity.  I bid you to heed with all seriousness her call to prayer!  We blind physical humans do not fully know or understand just what prayer does, as I ruminated upon in my last writing, where I discussed the tie between theoretical physics, prayer and the nature of reality.  Luckily faith does not demand that we understand, but only that we simply do, and do we must!  The future of your children’s world is at stake, as well as the salvation of countless beautiful souls buried underneath the hardened muck of sin.  Will you do what she asks?  Please read on…

Monday, September 9, 2013 – Approximately 4 a.m.

I had a dream that I was walking down the street in Westboro that ran near my Grandmother’s house.  As I walked past a park there I saw in the middle of it, at a bit of a distance away, the Virgin Mary.  She stood all in white with a blue mantle.  I immediately began speaking to her – telling her how much I loved her.  Then I asked her, “Blessed, blessed Mother, am I doing a good job for you or am I falling down flat on my face?”  (This was due to how I feel my life has been somewhat ‘messy’ these past few years with the people relationships in my life – oh how Satan loves to stir up controversy and angst in the life of a soul dedicated to God to try to get them off course!)

Mary then held up a short piece of thin rope and it had a knot in it at one end.  The piece she held up seemed 2″ long for some reason, but don’t ask me why.  I don’t remember exactly what she said to me, but it was a reference to her as “Mary, Undoer of Knots”.  She spoke something about mankind and the messes or situations that they found themselves in and I think there was a small part of the dream that had me trying to untie a convoluted knot myself (the knot of difficulties with a dear beloved friend).  But in the dream the short piece of rope she held up seemed so simple and straightforward – the knot even looked small and it was one simple knot.  I knew somehow as she spoke to me that I was to pray to her as “Mary, Undoer of Knots” to help solve/untie this knot/problem I was currently having, but she also spoke about the grave knots facing mankind in this time and that they must be placed in her hands to be ‘undone’ and for us to pray this Novena to her to achieve this.

In the dream when I was trying to untie the “knot” it was like a major quadruple knotted plastic bag tied super tight (you know how hard that slippery plastic can be, and we all just rip the bag instead of taking the time to untie the knots! – how true this is in our lives…), but in the dream Mary was so beautiful and simple and glorious as she stood amongst nothing but pure nature of green, green grass and trees – such simple, clean, gentle, breathtakingly airy simple surroundings in this park where I saw her (I later was describing the dream to a Catholic friend and gushingly said – It was just immaculate!” and it was only afterwards I realized the symbolism…)  This park where I saw her didn’t have one bit of refuse or any man-made thing in it – it was just pure nature surrounding her and the main focus of this moment in the dream was that the small piece of rope with the one small knot seemed so, so very small and simple to untie in her hands.  I realized immediately as she spoke to me that we spend so much time and energy trying to fix problems ourselves, that are quite heavily “knotted” and hard to “undo”, but in Mary’s hands they are simple and easy for our Mother to “undo” for us.  We just have to ask!

I awoke from the dream with the most beautiful feeling and immediately set about looking up this prayer to Mary as “Undoer of Knots”, as I did not know anything about it at the time, or that it was indeed a Novena.  I quickly found it online and immediately did the nine-day novena, not just to have her aid me in undoing the lovely messes of my own life, but especially for the very large messes of the human race.

The last thought I will leave you all with, as I share the following link to the Novena, is a gentle reminder, or perhaps mini-enlightenment:  We all spend so much time hurrying about, growing up, managing our lives, making our decisions, making our errors, celebrating our joys, grieving our losses, raising our children and caring for our parents;  And as we grow, we all think to ourselves how ‘adult’ we are (and it seems this mindset starts very young – ask anyone with a teenager…how they sometimes tell us we don’t know anything, when we parents see very clearly the blind steps they sometimes make and we just have to sit back and let them make their mistakes…).  Well you and I and the entire human race are sometimes like that teenager.  Somewhere along the line mankind forgot, or perhaps many never knew, that we are very much young children! Spiritual children!  There’s a reason the world has turned into a big sandbox where two year old’s throw sand at each other.  We don’t know it all – in fact we don’t know much!  If we did, and I speak here of the truth of God, love and the Commandments, the world would be a much better place.  It is time for all of us to truly grow into spiritual adults (which is really what our entire life here on earth is all about), and admit we need help.

I ask you now to have the courage and humility to recognize your spiritual childhood and ask for help from God, Jesus, your angels and our holy Mother to grow up well – for yourselves and for the sake of the future.  Please, if you have the time, look up the Novena and immediately set yourselves to this prayer.  The fate of your life, and that of the world, truly does rest in your hands.  If you place it in Mary’s and God’s hands it will be on the path to wonderful places.  God bless you all.


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Today, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I wish to only share with you one very recent, beautiful dream experience of our spiritual mother, Mary… 

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2010 – APPROX 5:30 a.m. (Feast of Christ the King)

I dreamt that I came out into the street and others started coming out of their homes silently to come into the street also because they sensed something/someone coming.

It was nighttime.  Dark.  The street was empty when I first went into it from my home and I walked eagerly to meet the one/ones I knew were coming.  Then I saw her first.

It was my mother, Mary – most holy.  She was dressed thus:  She wore a plain robe which was not the focus point – I believe it was blue – but not flowing – a travelling robe – floor length.  The focus was her cloak and hair – the cloak was red and her hair was tied up in a chignon type bun and she bore nothing else on her head.

She walked silently and swiftly – coming from the opposite direction of her children.  She was gathering up her children to take them away with her- as we all assembled and started to come into the streets to meet her.  I realized we were all spirit – no longer in the body – OH, the freedom and lightness of no longer being bound by the body!  I was so very joyful!  I walked eagerly to meet her, my mother.

We were all in spirit – gathering – her gathering us together and walking with us to take us away – out of the city – quietly, silently – surreptitiously under the dark cloak of night.  I knew Jesus came with/was with her as this gathering was being done – there in the street and that He walked with her, but I could not see Him.  I KNEW he was there though – hard to explain.  Then I eagerly went up to her and started asking her about people/family I wanted to come with me – I asked earnestly as I walked about my children – wanting them to come too.  She replied that yes they’d come, but that they hadn’t gotten to the daycare yet – the building that housed the younger ones – they would stop there next to gather them out and we did and I saw my younger children at least in front of me there in the gathering she was assembling.  I then asked about my parents and she said yes – they’d come too, but not now and she gave a little sigh of gentle resignation – they would not be ready to go with God as we did – they’d have to spend time in purgatory first to be cleansed and I understood, but was assured they’d eventually be there with us too.

We neared the edge of the street/city just after we gathered the children/little ones and I saw a large tall elaborate gate and wrought iron rail/wall that was around all – city/world – hard to explain.  It was around the city in the dream, but beyond it was another place – freedom – hard to explain.  The gate was locked but she had angels with keys.

Just before this I turned to my left and saw what she had known and saw coming!:  I saw evil men with bandanas and machine guns – they were few in number but were just about set to put their evil plan into action.  They were poised and gesturing to each other to start the covert attack – at night – under cover of dark – silently coming when everyone was asleep and would not be prepared.

They could not see us at all though, even though we were a fairly large gathering right in front of them – they were set to attack the apartment building/dormitory we had just gathered the children out of – but they could not see us AT ALL, as we were spirit/invisible to them!

I watched with sadness though the evil that was coming and the souls who’d have to endure it and we would all be gone.

I then turned back to my right – eagerly as I was overjoyed at being with my mother and Jesus and my children and to be going where she was taking us.

I surveyed the gate and fence.  It was high and locked and it was to keep people locked in the city as prisoners.

I with joy said I could eagerly jump and somersault over it and did so easily as if I was a child on a trampoline – vaulting into the air up and over to the other side.  Others started to do the same.  There was such ease of mobility in the spirit!

After I landed on the other side I was suddenly in someone’s home – the place Mary had gathered us to and she wanted to show me something.  She started to speak about a mother’s love – such a love! – and she showed me a stairway to the right – all the way up the stairs – as far as I could see – were all the gifts I had given her as my mother over the years.  Every single one I’d ever given her was there and the stairs were completely full with them from one side to the other and up as high as I could see to the next level almost – and then she sat in the stairs amongst them as she pointed them all out to me and how she’d kept and treasured every single last one!  Not one had she thrown or given away.

They were gifts even I had given her from my childhood and I saw oddly that they were all a beautiful colour of purple – ALL the gifts were purple and for some reason many were rolled up plush bath towels – purple – piled neatly.  She showed the ones about half way up the stairs that were a large, plush, soft, cozy bath towel size – rolled and neatly kept.  Then she spoke about the gifts, saying that a mother treasures and keeps all the gifts her child gives her – no matter what it is – because it came from the child, but she then shared with me a secret.  She sat and pulled from somewhere amongst them – higher up on the stairs – more near the top – one delicate, thinner and much smaller hand towel.  It was also purple – but much more delicate, refined and fancy if you will.  She smiled at me as she said this secret to me:

  I treasure all these gifts, but this is what I really like!

I surveyed the hand towel she held.  The end had a maybe 4” wide overlay on the cloth of delicate lace – iridescent purple with the prettiest and most beautiful delicate embroidered pattern on it – a nature embroidery pattern – birds, butterflies, flowers, but of the most exquisite of iridescent, sparkling colours – the most refined I’ve ever seen – but such a small, delicate, single hand towel – neatly folded in half to show its beautiful, embroidered, overlaid end.  I wondered as she shared this secret with me why so many of the gifts I had given her were towels…

This stairwell was just in the lobby of the home she’d brought us into and it went directly up to the right, but this was just the entranceway – the preamble that she wanted to show me before we really entered the home…The doors were just inside – closed in front of me/us (those she had gathered), but she was about to open them to bring us all in.

I awoke in joy, but wanting only from this time forward to give her the gifts that she secretly showed me she treasured most in her heart – those beautiful, delicate, simple, small ones.

A part of me weeps as I finish recording this as she is such a beautiful, gentle, holy, tender, loving mother that I WISHED I could go back over my life and only give her the gifts she treasures most.

If you saw just how beautiful, tender and gentle and most deserving, yet most humble this your tender mother was your heart would break and you would wish and strive to give her nothing but the most beautiful gifts!

How very young I feel as her daughter – and how I wish to give her nothing but the most beautiful of gifts.

I feel such sadness and shame at the paltry gifts I feel I’ve been able to give her over the years and wish I could say the entire set of stairs was filled with this one gift she showed me she treasures most, but I cannot.  I saw there was still room on the uppermost stairs to give her only those kinds…

 As a new Catholic who almost feels like she’s flying by the seat of her pants in this wonderful faith, I know little about the theology of my faith in a textbook way.  However, this journey I have been sharing with you, deigned by God, has been a living of my faith in the most deep, interior, intuitive way.  I have been so very blessed to live with tastes and visions of the truths of our faith…

I have heard from those more knowledgeable than I that Mary is referred to as the new Ark of the Covenant, and that she is gathering us spiritually into that ark to save us, at least spiritually, from the evil in the world and evils to come – gathering us into that ark to lead us to the safety of her son, Jesus.

I have also heard that Mary has not been given the due honour she deserves as Mother of Jesus and Mother in the Catholic Church.  What a shame!  If you had but an inkling of the beauty of the Virgin Mary as I have experienced it, you would sit in shame for passing her by in your faith life.  I but stand as witness that you all must reawaken your devotion to your most beautiful, holy mother.  In a time when we all are clamoring for a little peace, security, love and hope, we should all be reaching with arms straight up begging for her help and grace.  She stands waiting for ALL.  You will not be disappointed my friend.  I reached up when I knew I was being called to consecrate myself to her Immaculate Heart and to devotion of the rosary, before I even became Catholic.  If you look at the pages of this website, you will see what she has done for me…

Turn, now!  Before it is too late…


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