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My wonderful Videographer & Editor, Charlie and I are pleased to release our winter special, “Answer the Call to Pray” – initially planned for the Christmas Season, but delayed due to illness and busyness!  It is a call to all who will listen that the times are urgent, and that increased prayer, particularly the powerful prayer of the Rosary, is needed.  Please sign up for our Rosary Challenge and you will receive a monthly Newsletter of motivational and inspirational material, along with prayer intention suggestions and answered prayers of the community of praying members.  As the times darken, the call becomes ever more urgent, and the Rosary is our weapon of choice, par excellence, as it asks the Mother of God, Mary, to become a prayer warrior on our behalf.  The prayers and whispers of the Mother of Jesus are so close to the Heart of God, and joined with her, our hearts come closer to God as well.  In this Youtube special, I also share a message from Mary, and a very long dictated message from God the Father that speaks to our times.  I urge you to share this with your friends, family, pastors and priests, as the messages are for all.  Blessings for a holy & fruitful Lenten season.  Karen

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