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I have spent many years sharing many things on this website.  My hope is that it does not fall on deaf ears, for those who really need to hear.

I am surely not the only voice on the stage asking for souls to listen to the truth of God, or the Way forward; there are many.  I also don’t claim infallibility, and can only offer my journey and the few words I have been given from the Great Man Upstairs, to help souls to recognize that this journey on earth is just that…a journey…not the end…rather the beginning…and the beginning of an end that is chosen by each person.

There are many twists and turns on the journey.  Each person is, in the end, responsible for their own salvation and their own choices.  Others can only but point the way and serve as witness.  This is something I know I have been called and commissioned to do by many signs too numerous to count, and it is actually a joy.  And while it is a joy, it is also something I take quite seriously and consider a solemn responsibility.

I am here to say that where we go at the end of this life is under our control.  Where the world goes is under our control – each of us has a hand in it from the things that come out of our hearts.  What you do while you are here is of utmost importance.  This applies to everyone!  No-one is exempt from the discernment required of the spiritual life.  The fact that you are here on the earth means that you were created by God, and that you have a holy purpose, aside from wandering after the myriad of distractions available on the earth.  This is not to say that you do not live your life, and go to work, and enjoy the many things of the world that have been placed here.    Your purpose is to discover God and to become Holy; to serve others…  Ideally, your purpose is then to fulfill a mission that no-one else was created to fulfill – only you.  Sometimes that mission involves helping other people find the truth or higher purpose of living, and enabling others to reach great heights of holiness.  Every good work and prayer that you do changes the course of this world.  Nothing is too small, when done for love.

I have to be honest, though, and say we need more souls discerning and choosing the side of good.  I also truly wonder how many people spend time praying, which is essential in the spiritual journey.  When I go to church on Sundays, for instance, I have to say that I’m dismayed in my own Catholic Church at just how much chatter is going on right up to the moment of the opening hymn.  I sometimes feel like I am the only person in the entire church on Sunday mornings praying.  I actually have to plug my ears with my fingers in order to try to find the silence to pray to our God.  And this is while in the church, for what is most likely the only time most will set foot in church the entire week.  Not only that, but these people are a fragment of society that actually bothers to go to church at all.  So I ask myself:  If people are talking for every possible moment until mass begins, and they march out while the closing hymn starts, when are these people praying???

My answer is, never.


I hear through various other websites that there is a holy remnant that is being prepared by God for these times…that this holy remnant is a people who love God deeply in their hearts and are striving to live the Christian life amidst a sea of bitterness, anger, animosity, busyness, apathy, fear and aggression.  I also had a very vivid dream myself, showing the church being torn apart by a large dark serpent coming out of the sea…literally the foundations and buildings were being ripped to shreds, and a large portion of the congregation was swept away into the dark sea with this sea-dragon…and the portion that I saw being swept away were ones who lived their faith life on the surface…busy with the social, surface chatty habit of being a churchgoing Christian, but with no depth.  I also saw that the inner being of the church – the Blessed Sacrament and the altar, will be kept safe, and some who cling to the shred of rock left that is attached to this inner life of the church will be kept safe, but the rest will be swept away – into the sea with the dragon.  Mother Mary was in the dream as well, and she was busy in the area with the Blessed Sacrament – working and serving behind the scenes.

So I am going to pause here for emphasis:  THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO STOP PRAYING!  If you never have, it truly is the time to start!  Consider the news headlines…If you knew prayer (not to mention being a better person and helping others do the same) could help the headlines be a better thing, wouldn’t you want to do a little bit to help them improve?  For the world?  For yourself?  For your children?  It was never more urgent than it is at the hour that we are at right now in the world.  The direction of the world and the final direction of souls depends upon your prayer and mine.

With this exhortation, I share now, the few words given me by God, that were next in line in my chronological sharing.  They kind of happen to line up quite nicely with the writing that dropped out of my heart today, when I sat and prayed, “God, what do you want me to say to your people today?”

His answer was this:

November, 2007 – exact date unrecorded

This was an interior vision while I lay praying to God.  It was not a dream:  I was praying to God one night as I often do when I wake in the middle of the night.   I was praying this night, saying how thankful I was to have been called to help save souls and how I wanted so badly to help save many souls with my prayer.  Just then God said:

Save souls…

And then I saw a spiral bound book being opened to a page and on the page God finished the sentence in writing:

from drowning.

In my next writing I will find and share the exact dream that shows the church being torn apart and souls set adrift amidst a dark sea with this sea serpent/dragon.  It was quite vivid and disconcerting.  In the meantime, I ask you to consider how your prayer life is lived out – both in church and out.  Be honest.  If you find it is lacking, make it a priority (and I will add here that the rosary is one of the most powerful you will ever utter). If you find that you are one of those who steps into church every Sunday and never says a single prayer while you are there, but has every word to chatter to your neighbour, I ask you to search yourself and your relationship to our unseen God.  If you never ever take a moment to try to talk to Him, or listen so that He might speak back, how can you consider yourself in relationship with Him?  How can you hope to lead others to Him?  How can you hope to know what He would like of you?  How can you love Him, if you do not know Him?  If you do not love Him, who IS love, how well do you love? If you love love, then you love.  It is that simple and that hard.  Get praying!


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