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God and His Son, Jesus

God and His Son, Jesus

This dream was one of the many signs and confirmations that I was to share my experiences.

February 9, 2006

I dreamt I sat at a table with many women, some men.  Then a friend’s mother appeared at the head of the table .  She knew I carried much hidden knowledge of the Triune God that I had not been able to divulge, but that now was the time for it to be shared and many were eager to hear what I had to say and share.

Then the Devil tried to disturb the house I was in.  He tried (as an unseen force) to attack people I was with and make objects start to fly around the house.  We turned to the door because he was aiming for the door or trying to drag people out the door.  As I turned around and saw this whirling chaos and fear I asked Jesus to pour His Precious Blood on me and everyone in the house – everywhere.  Immediately the Devil was stopped and someone opened the door to our house and my husband brought in a Guest.

He brought Him to sit at a table with us.  It was God the Father in the figure of a man that looked like a magic man – all dressed in white in long flowing robes with a long beard and a very, very tall top hat that looked like a magician’s hat.  He started to speak to those at the table and His voice had the same resonating thunder-like sound as I have heard before in dreams, but it was softer.  I knew immediately it was God, but others at the table did not recognize Him.  As He spoke I said to everyone around me, “That’s God, you know!”  They were somewhat surprised and started looking more carefully.  I said “That is absolutely God – don’t you recognize Him?  I know Him.”

Then He said to me that ‘the time had come for me to start sharing with people that which I was receiving’.  He stepped up and away from the table and circled the room before going to the door and out to go back to His home.

I followed Him (Of course!).  He walked ahead of me and rounded a corner.  I called to Him, even though He was out of sight.  Even though I could not see Him I knew He was around the corner.  I called “My Holy Papa?” and waited for Him to answer me.  I rounded the corner and He smiled at me as He waited for me to speak.  I said “I love You SO MUCH!”  He smiled again as He faced me and said “I know“.  Then Jesus came out of the home behind Him and stood at the Father’s right side.  Then He turned to walk with Jesus together into Their house and closed the big ornate wooden doors.  Then, all of a sudden, I saw a flood of children break down His door and open it and they all flooded into His House to be with Him…


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My Angel Story

Angel of God

Angel of God

This is a true story of a supernatural experience I had in St. Patrick’s R.C. Church, Fallowfield on December 12, 1999, and one I had published in “Angels on Earth” in 2003.  It was two days after the sudden and unexpected death of my paternal Grandmother,  whom I was so very close to.  

Two days earlier, December 10, 1999, I had been on the phone with the uncle she lived with going over Christmas plans.  A few hours later he called back to say she had passed away…

Because she had been ill with the flu, we had put off getting together for lunch over the previous few weeks.  With Christmas coming the lunch kept getting tucked away in the back of my mind.  Her sudden death left me reeling, and without the benefit of faith the way I have it now, I mourned the thought that I would never see her again.

My husband let me go to church alone that Sunday, knowing I needed it.  I cried throughout the entire mass.  After it was over I stayed in my corner as everyone piled out of the church.  As I kneeled, I buried my head in my arms so no one would see me crying.  Finally, after the priest had tidied up the hymn books in preparation for the next mass, I was left in the church alone.

I was absolutely bereft.  I kept internally kicking myself for not having rescheduled that lunch sooner.  ‘Now I’m never going to see her again! I’m never going to forgive myself!’ I thought.  For almost an hour I silently chided myself.  Finally, with emotion spent, I looked up at the large cross with Jesus on it that hangs near the side entrance of our church.  As I looked up at it I thought ‘I’m not going home.  I’m going to stay here all day.  Guy can watch the children.’

As soon as I had this thought a very unusual, and what I can only describe as supernatural, thing happened.  A blinding light came down from the top of the cross, over me and into me and as it did I was blinded, but shown interiorly the most amazing creative power and energy – it was the most beautiful, effervescent, bubbling, wonderful, creative energy.  With it I felt that one could do anything – amazing creative things.  With it also came an unmistakable awareness and I said to myself with a gasp ‘we each have this inside of us – we just don’t know it!’  Then a voice spoke to me, but I did not hear it with my ears.  It is only since that I have learned it is called inner locution.  Regardless, the voice said – and I’ll never forget it:

“Take this and speak of it at your Grandmother’s funeral.

Offer it as a service to others.”

That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.  Immediately after these words were spoken an unseen something, which I have come since to believe was an angel, lifted me up from my seat and walked me out to my car – to go home to my husband and family who needed me.  I was absolutely not under my own power and was in the blinded state until I was in the parking lot, approaching my vehicle.  It is amazing to me to this day how the incident seemed to blend into my day as I drove home.  It was a gradual dawning over the next few weeks that I had experienced something supernatural…

In the end, I did speak at my Grandmother’s funeral and I related my angel story,  to offer it in service to the many family members there who were going to miss her so much.  But it was the words I closed my eulogy with that have left me wondering.  I’m quite certain they weren’t from me, and I believe they must have been part of the supernatural grace God granted me in the church that day.  Were they words from Him?  Were they words from my Grandmother?  I don’t think I can say, but I will never forget them either:

 “Live your lives!

Love! Learn! 

 And I will be with you each and every day. Amen.”

I realize now that God had great mercy and compassion for me that day, and in my anguish sent an angel with words to encourage and inspire, not just me, but all of those who would hear my story.  I was told to ‘offer it as a service to others’ and so I have.  And maybe, just maybe, there are others, grieving, who are reading this story today who really need to hear what my angel had to say.


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“Take heed O children of the wind, for your time draws near. The Vicar of My Son immolates the people. You, my sentinels in the watchtowers have this to say:


Pride and prejudice shall be no more.  Bastions of security will be found amongst the cities at the gate.  True Presence of My Son becomes a grace for all peoples.  Rivers flow in the desert.


You are called to the watchtower, O sentinel of my people.  The hearts of many grow weary and peace stills.


Guard your hearts, for the thief is coming in the night.  My time is at hand. Grace flows like a river in a desert. Wildflowers grow.  Precious the one who, though weary, immolates my people.


Have faith, My child, for my grace is upon you and you shall see rest. Soon, very soon, I tell you, peace will come to all peoples, for the Day of the Lord is at hand and His justice is sure.


My Heart grows weary at the sight of so much abomination and My Hand can hold no more.  Rise, O you peoples of the East, for the betrayer is at hand, ready to knock on your gate.


Precious the few who stand. They will be like mountains.  Gather my people, the elect, from the four corners of the wind.  Make ready, for the Day of the Lord has come.


Bastions at the gate give heed to the battle cry, for High and Mighty is the Lord.  He has heard My people cry.  Great rain falls upon the peoples and the just shall have their reward.


The time draws near for the Prince of the Heavenly Host to be a champion for the people.  The cry of justice is heard. With a shout does He spring forth upon the people.


Make way, O you land of Jerusalem, for my people cry.  No more is there to be bloodshed and war and abomination in the sight of the Lord.


My hand rests.  True to the Word of God.  Amen

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