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As everyone is highly aware, events are unfolding rapidly now in the world due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  This is not a time for us to fear, however, but rather, in prudence and full trust in God, a time to go forward with prudent health and social practices, and be light and peace to our brothers and sisters.  It is also important that we stay in tune spiritually.  Now is a time to trust, pray and watch, while being of service if possible to those around us in need.  Many of us are now faced with closed churches and the inability to celebrate Mass.  Making a spiritual communion is one way to stay united to our Lord during this time, in addition to watching Mass on the TV and Internet.  In addition to the video I will be sharing later today from our Youtube Channel, I share below a resource list of many locations to watch Mass through the Internet and television.  A good prayer for spiritual communion is also included below.

One voice on the watchtower that I personally routinely follow, and also highly recommend for these times, is Mark Mallett – especially his Blog – “The Now Word”.  He, like myself, have been on the ‘Watchtower’ for some time now, sharing spiritual insights and warnings.  I urge all to check out his website, if you have not known of him previously.

In the end, these times are completely under the control of our God, as I have mentioned before in writings and in our Youtube videos.  I pray that you and your families stay healthy and strong – physically to be sure, but most important spiritually, as we face these difficult times.  I urge you to give increased time for spiritual reflection and prayer, particularly as we continue our Lenten journey (especially the Rosary).  Prayers are so greatly needed at this time for the world.  Please feel free to forward this website and its resources to all your circles.  Now is the time to stay united in whatever ways we can, and share our knowledge and resources, for as the world darkens, it all the more needs our light and the Light of Christ:

The Mass on TV and the Internet

EWTN Mass Schedule


Vision TV: Sunday 8:00 am; Monday – Friday 8:00 am & 12:00 pm; Saturday 8:00 am & 9:30 am.
To locate, click on the Find Vision TV button at https://www.visiontv.ca/

Joy TV: Sunday 10:30 am; Monday – Friday 10:30 am & 4:30 pm; Saturday 10:30 am. To locate,
go to http://www.joytv.ca/channel-finder/

Faith TV: Daily 2:30 pm. To locate, go to Find Your Channel at https://faithtelevision.ca/about/

Yes TV: Sunday 10:30 am; Monday – Saturday 1:00 pm. To locate, go to

Salt+Light: Monday – Saturday 6:30am, 9:30am (with the Pope), 11:00 am, 3:00 pm & 10:30 pm;
Sunday 11:00 am & 10:30 pm. To locate, go to
https://saltandlighttv.org/live/waystowatch?muid=1 or watch online at

https://radio-maria-toronto.click2stream.com/ live Mass from Toronto, Radio Maria Canada,
MONDAY – TUESDAY – THURSDAY – FRIDAY From 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, WEDNESDAY from 11:00
am to 12:00 pm



Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodbarber.dailymass

Apple app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/daily-tv-mass/id1182433381?ls=1

https://mass-online.org/daily-holy-mass-live-online/ From around the world

http://www.catholictv.org/masses/catholictv-mass From the US

 https://www.churchservices.tv/whats-on-now/ From the British Isles

http://www.catholictv.org/masses/catholictv-mass/masses-live-demand Live from the US

Prayer of Spiritual Communion

A Spiritual Communion
by St. Pio of Pietrelcina

My Jesus,
I believe that you are truly present
in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
I love You above all things
and I desire to possess You within my soul.
Since I am unable at this moment
to receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as being already there,
and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen


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Lent is the forty days in preparation for Easter. Although many think of Lent as a solemn time, it is actually a time of joy. Why joy when it takes us to the Passion of Our Lord? During these forty days, we are preparing for, and looking toward the joy of the Resurrection. When we are looking forward to a celebration, we prepare. Perhaps we buy new clothes, plan a trip or make plans with friends to celebrate together. There is no celebration greater than the Resurrection. Saint John Paul II perfectly described this when he said, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
So, during Lent, we prepare for Easter.

How do we Prepare During Lent?

The ways in which we prepare for Easter are fasting, adding to our prayer life, giving alms and honestly examining our relationship with Jesus.  Fasting is what most people associate with these forty days.  Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are compulsory days of fasting and abstinence. On Fridays during, Lent, we are required to abstain from meat. People usually plan their Lenten fast in advance. Many choose to “give up” chocolate or another favorite food while others may refrain from social media or television. Whatever the choice, it should be a sacrifice, not something we occasionally eat or do.

“Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fire of lust, and kindles the true light of chastity. Enter again into yourself.”
~Saint Augustine~

Prayer and Self Reflection

We all need honest self-examination and extra prayer. Reading Sacred Scripture, praying an additional Rosary, going to Mass during the week, meditating on the Passion of Christ and praying the Stations of the Cross are all ways to prepare us for the quietude of self-reflection which will lead us to a closer relationship with Our Precious Lord. And, of course, the Sacrament of Reconciliation should be on our Lenten agenda.

“Lent is a time for discipline, for confession, for honesty, not because God is mean or fault-finding or finger-pointing but because he wants us to know the joy of being cleaned out, ready for all the good things he now has in store.”
~N.T. Wright~

Alms Giving

We are usually given a box or envelope in which we regularly save coins during Lent and on Palm Sunday, we offer these alms to our church. But money is, in many ways, the easy way to give. It takes no time and unless you are in need, it is not always sacrificial. There are other ways we can give alms during Lent. We can volunteer to visit a sick or elderly person who is not often visited. Practicing any of the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy or Spiritual Works of Mercy would be a beautiful way to give alms. The Corporal Works of mercy are: Feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, Welcome the stranger, Clothe the naked, Visit the sick, Visit the prisoner and Bury the dead. The Spiritual Works of mercy are: Teaching the ignorant, Counsel the needy, Chastise the sinful, Comfort the sorrowful, Forgive enemies, Suffer tribulations and to Pray fervently for all. Often, when a person begins practicing one of the Acts of Mercy during Lent, he will find it so rewarding that it will become a constant act in his life.

“Give something, however small, to the one in need. For it is not small to one who has nothing. Neither is it small to God if we have given what we could.”

~Saint Gregory Nazianzen~

We Come through Lent Closer to God

So, you see, these forty days will teach us, cleanse us, help us to grow spiritually and ultimately, strengthen our love for and relationship to Our Lord.

Written by Marilyn Nash for Holyart.com

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I am the least likely person to be preachy with anyone, as those who know me closely can testify.  But that doesn’t mean anything goes…

With God, truth and love are what matter.  And when I speak of truth, I speak of the truth as defined from God’s vantage point – not man’s –  the truth that the Ten Commandments were given to us for our good, and that we should strive to follow them;  The truth that love is the ultimate barometer that God judges men by;  The truth that Love is the goal we should all strive for – as it is encapsulated in the Commandments.

How hard this seems to be for many though.  How selfish our world has become.  How distracted.  How complacent.  How uncaring.  How asleep…And how dangerous has all this self-centred, uncaring, distracted, complacent, uncaring heart of the world become.  Don’t get me wrong…there are many doing and being good out there and of course much of it isn’t rewarded with headlines.  However our world has become a place where brother kills brother, where sister seeks to destroy sister; a place where children are murdered and some people seek nothing but power; where greed and hunger for more replace the hunger and thirst for righteousness and aid of neighbour.  At its worst it not only disdains neighbour, but seeks to kill neighbour.

And so we have arrived at the threshold of the threat of nuclear holocaust…of the reality of terrorism…of the sad truth of abortion in the name of choice (and please know I don’t judge anyone there either; I understand oh so well how sometimes this is an error some make for many reasons – an error God desires to heal us from…see my writing on the topic here).  How we hasten to destroy ourselves and our world!  It is as if we have all become infected with some severe kind of madness; a madness where evil is called good and good is called evil.  Add to this the fact that there are spiritual forces at work beyond our sight – another truth that many do not believe in any longer – a truth I have witnessed to relentlessly on this website and in the documentaries God has seen fit to have me produce.

But just because our lens has become sullied, doesn’t mean God sees any less clearly.  In fact, we could use a dose of the clarity that the Author of All Good is able to give…and so I quote:

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “This is the hour of choice. Mankind must choose to obey Me – Father of all Creation – or choose his own will. This generation tries My Patience and My Mercy more than any other – more than in the days of Noah or even Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Chance after chance – opportunity after opportunity – unfolds for man to prove his love to Me and faithfulness to My Commandments. People allow human opinions to take precedence over My Divine Will. Still, I invite mankind to take shelter in My Paternal Heart. I will protect him. I know the desires of every heart. I can make grace abound even in a sterile heart. I can produce great miracles. When causes or situations are abandoned to Me, I can bring solutions in the most profound ways.”

“Therefore, even in the face of these dire times, have filial faith in My Divine Provision. I hear your prayers and witness your sacrifices. I will not abandon you even as I am tested beyond compare. It is you who persevere in righteousness with Me who are My Remnant.”

Read Zephaniah 2:1-3+

Come together and hold assembly,
O shameless nation,
before you are driven away
like the drifting chaff,
before there comes upon you
the fierce anger of the LORD,
before there comes upon you
the day of the wrath of the LORD.
Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land,
who do His Commands;
seek righteousness, seek humility;
perhaps you may be hidden
on the day of the wrath of the LORD.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.) Message from God the Father – November 17, 2017, www.holylove.org

The great difficulty and reality, of course, is that those who most would benefit from reading this little blog and heeding my advice to change are the least likely to read it or care about it.  This is where my previous writing comes in.  For those with ears to hear and eyes to see, is a great call to intercessory prayer and action.

In my women’s group, Sister†Hood, I chose a domino for our talking stick and icon.  This domino represents the connected power of change that ripples from even one instrument when it touches another – the chain reaction.  However, the domino effect has often been likened to a negative effect of irreversible chain reaction.  But this viewpoint negates the reality that all choice has the ability to effect change for good as well as bad – tremendous ripple effects are achieved by those who impact others’ lives with goodness, help, encouragement, support, kindness, consideration, motivation, forgiveness, empowerment and love.  It is this side of the domino effect that we as Sisters work to be for each other and the world – through prayer, action, deed and word.  And it is the effect we should each be striving for.

This website in effect is but one domino that seeks to be a ripple agent of change for good for those who read it with desire to help…desire to change…desire to grow…desire to be good…desire to become more holy…to be one who makes a difference in the world around him for good.  It all starts with us!  I have said it before and I say it again:


OH how the world needs your help!  Get yourself back into church if you have fallen away; attend more faithfully and reverently; read your bible; increase your prayer; help another to be better; work on self growth in love!  Look around your area and see what is needed most.  Then if your talents and inspirations match a need – reach out and make a difference!  It is that simple.  Stand for your Christian faith – but always do it with kindness and humility and back it up with deed, lest it be seen as a facade.  I believe we can make a difference.  With God’s grace and our desire and willing hands we CAN end poverty, prevent nuclear holocaust, convert hardened souls, save sinners, comfort the grieving, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, heal the wounds of the world – we just need to set about doing it where we are with what we have and help others do the same.  Never mind what anyone says or who is or isn’t doing what.  Just do it (sorry to borrow a slogan from Nike!).

I decided to become one of these dominoes for good more powerfully some 17 years ago.  Who knows where the world would have been without my yes…without yours?  I believe we have entered a time where there is little time for hesitation and little time for complacence.  Even our headlines scream this.  I know the battle has been hard.  I know many of you are tired.  I know many of you have paid heavily for your faithfulness to our God and to our faith…but oh how needed has this faithfulness been.  How needed is it still.  And so I do what I can to aid our flagging souls in the good fight – and I lean heavily upon my God & my Sisters to help me keep up my sword as well.  It is not a time to stumble as we head to the finish line.  And so I offer yet another experience of God to ‘pump up your jam’ for the battle ahead:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dreamt I was in an area of a city and stood on a sidewalk watching what was going on around me.  All around me were people fighting, crimes, murder, etc.  Humanity was out of control with sin.

I knelt on the pavement right then and there and began to pray – particularly the Divine Mercy Chaplet  All of a sudden God’s spirit came down on me forcefully and I fell forward from my kneeling position so that I was semi-prone on the ground – forehead to the ground with my arms straight ahead in a profound state – like being prostrate, but from kneeling.

Then I prayed:  

Father!  Use me in whatever way You wish to help these people.”

I was then raised from the ground by God’s spirit and levitated upright (not lying back in the air like on a cross as all other previous times in dreams).  God brought me into a field – like a large park right next to this teeming area of the city I had been in on the sidewalk.

God’s spirit completely filled me and I was levitated and moved slowly through the field – speaking God’s words of warning.  It was a very long message/long time of Him speaking through me this time.

It was about the need for people to amend their lives.  As I was moved slowly, thus, however, not many were in the field listening to me – pockets of people dotted here and there on the grass.  And, even among those who saw me levitated (for Heaven’s sake!), did not believe God was acting through me, but that I was somehow orchestrating this under my own power and making up the message.  There was some mocking and derision by the people here…

God became somewhat angry and more forceful at this point, and I was then filled even more with His spirit and levitated higher in a more powerful way to make it more obvious and clear that it was God doing this – not me.

I was levitated quite high in the sky over this park and moved to a new section of this park/field and God spoke a LONG message through me.

It was as if how He did it had such power, signs and wonders that it would be evident to the people that it was Him who spoke.  I do not remember any of the words verbatim from this dream, but He was speaking of the need for people to amend their lives, telling them How much He loved them, and lastly, that if they did not repent, it would not go well for them, and then I woke.

So what are you waiting for?  Heed God’s advice.  If you have not already, repent.  Seek to grow in faith & love.  Then look around  and see where you can be God’s hands, heart & voice.  The world needs your help.  Increase prayer, pick a cause and just do it!



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In my last writing I announced that God had me join forces with a young reporter who was interested in filming aspects of my spiritual journey.

We finally finished filming after 9 months and launched our Documentary, Messages from Heaven on Dec. 8th at a well received launch party.  I am finally getting around to sharing the Documentary in segments here on this site.

My prayer is that this is a source of inspiration, healing, consolation and witness for you to the truths of the spiritual life.  Enjoy  & Happy New Year!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/eT-b1E8CpSg

Part 2: https://youtu.be/UPXxNn4GABA

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Image result for image of child in womb with abortion needle

I am aware with the publication of this writing that I have forevermore thrown my hat in the ring of the Abortion Debate.  Not a thing to do lightly, to say the least, as I know the debate is heated on both sides.  However, I have come to challenge humanity to examine the truth that there is a third side that underlies these two camps – the side of truth.

And lest some may try to quickly pre-judge my ability to weigh in on this very serious subject, I take the difficult stand in stating that I know firsthand what I am talking about.  So let’s get that out of the way right at the beginning, with my admission that I speak from firsthand knowledge.

Before I get into my short personal testimony regarding what I came to realize was the most serious error of my life, I first of all want to present my case for this third side, in the attempt to get people to focus less on the debate and just examine the truth of the choice.

In essence I would like to help point people’s attention to what is important – that of what the choice really is – ie. the truth.  For some time now, this vigorous debate has polarized into two camps who feel their view is correct. But the truth is that both sides actually just present people’s opinions as to whether the same choice is right or wrong.  The pro-life camp believes that abortion is murder – which of course it is – I would like to challenge anyone to prove that it isn’t actually killing a developing human being.  The pro-choice side basically says – I want to have the choice to end the life of my child.  What is needed, is to look very, very clearly at the choice.

The truth, which is obscured by this cloud of debate, is that, apart from living in a Communist country where choice may be severely limited, we in democratic nations have abundant freedom to choose – and choose many, many things about our individual lives each day.    So what about the choice itself?  I guess my whole point with this writing is to say to everyone out there, stop for a moment and look with eyes, hearts and minds wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open….with abortion, what is it exactly that one is choosing?!

Image result for choice

As free will beings, created by God – and I know a lot of people still don’t believe that, but hey I tossed my hat in the ring on that point a long time ago and will til I die – we make countless choices each day. And what every good parent and teacher knows and tries to impart, is that there are consequences for choices. Children and students are constantly told to “Make good choices!”  So what happens when we turn into adults?  Why are we then told the complete opposite – that it is perfectly okay to make a bad choice if you feel you have a reason for it. But here’s the rub.  Abortion has become something that has been left to the discernment of each individual person as to whether it is right or wrong, and politicians and governments have given people the right to choose abortion in many places. But what about God’s law?  The law of love?

Let’s examine the truth.  And here is where I will weigh in with my personal testimony.  People who know me, know I have six wonderful, beautiful, talented, unique, accomplished children.  They also know what a wonderful, bustling, zany family unit we are and many remark that they have never seen such closeness in a family. The facts are though, that my family is not complete.  Due to three miscarriages and one abortion, four children are missing from the daily scene of our family life.  I didn’t choose or control the miscarriages, so although I grieved them, they definitely didn’t affect me the same way as the loss of the child I chose to kill.

I know I am using very blunt language here, but someone has to be blunt. Humanity is in too much of a cloud of confusion and political correctness to hear anything well without some bluntness.  So the truth in my life is that one of my wonderful, beautiful, talented, unique, accomplished children is not here on this planet contributing to the human race and the enrichment of our own family life (not to mention the consequence of the complete loss of their own life on this planet), because I chose to kill it…

There is no other way to say this.  It is the truth.

Image result for pause

I wanted to give each of you who has chosen to read this far a little pause above to try to let sink in what I just said.  I, single-handedly, chose to kill my own child. Truth.  So let’s get into the other truth that surrounds the abortion debate. Many women feel that abortion is their only choice for so many reasons – fear, illness, finances, threats, rape, embarrassment, selfishness; the list is as endless as the individual circumstances that surround each woman who makes that choice.

In my case, I didn’t have an entirely ideal family of origin life – though I know my parents did the best they could. My mother became ill with a severe lifelong illness when I was like, four or five, and is still severely ill to this day – some 50 years later. My father, though he stayed with my mother, of course suffered profoundly at the loss of his spouse as he knew and expected it.  And so he worked.  A lot.  I am not faulting him, because he is wonderful in many ways, but the truth is that because of these circumstances, I had no real mother and my father was rarely home. When he was he was just tired and didn’t really have time to listen to two kids.  So I grew up seeking solace in other people and that, for a young woman, included boyfriends.

Is this sounding familiar to some of you yet?  At the time of my difficult decision, I, like many young women out there, found myself with a boyfriend who said ‘get rid of it or I will leave you’.  Not ideal.  So between extreme fear, the feeling that I had no-one to turn to, and embarrassment and mortification of what potential course my life would take if ‘I kept it‘, I made the only decision I thought I could.

However, things definitely took a nasty turn for the worse after that choice – and I hear this isn’t uncommon for women.  I descended into a mini-hell of anxiety disorder that didn’t resolve itself until many years later.  Truly, I only found I came to full healing after I got myself into church again…btw.  Now, many, many years later, I have been completely anxiety free for over 25 years and with the hindsight of 20/20 came to realize in truth, just what I had done.

The complete story of the horror I suffered afterwards would take too long to share here.  But beyond the physical consequences, which I don’t have full ability to see (what would my child be doing right now?…what skills, talents, impact on humanity has been lost?…what grandchildren will I never know?…the list is endless!), there are spiritual consequences to violating a pretty standard commandment – Thou Shalt Not Kill.  I can’t say I have full insight into those consequences either – but God has shown me so much about the truth of the spiritual life, that I can’t tell you how profoundly grateful I am that God allows us to say sorry and provides a means of spiritual reconciliation as well.

Image result for thou shalt not kill

So here’s more truth.  Abortion also has spiritual consequences. According to the Bible and The Ten Commandments, it falls under ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’… murder.  But hey, people don’t want to hear that anymore.  They feel justified, for whatever reason, in their choice. But the truth is that it is one of the more serious offenses against love – the act of killing another person – of literally robbing them of their life.  And I also feel there is no more serious crime than a mother killing her own child – and I committed it.

So, I get it.  I have been there.  I have been in those shoes.  I don’t speak from some pulpit with judgement.  I speak with knowledge, insight, experience and hindsight.  And I still don’t judge.  But the reality is that there is a Judge at the end of our lives.  That also is Truth.  And so what I also know firsthand, is that this Judge is also Mercy itself.  I have personally experienced this reconciliation, healing & Mercy.

The bottom line is that I committed the worst sin I figure any human being can commit.  True, I was younger and didn’t have ideal support in the midst of one of the most difficult circumstances of my life, and didn’t really have the emotional maturity and discernment to see clearly what I was really choosing.  But the facts are that I did it.  And not only that, at the time I felt relief after I did!  I was ‘free’…or so I thought.  Life could go back to ‘normal’.  The truth is we are never free from our choices or our consequences.

So today, I challenge all of you to hear with grace-inspired ears the truth I am presenting to you.  I feel there is absolutely no way around the fact that abortion is murder.  There is also the fact that we live in a time when people are free to choose just about anything.  What is needed is serious reflection and discernment as to what our choices truly ARE:

What is it one is choosing when they choose abortion?

That is the question.  I invite all to examine their conscience and see if it convinces you in the same manner as this writing.

Image result for hope after abortion

Project Rachel – Hope After Abortion

So how does one go forward?  Just as there are consequences to actions, mercifully there are avenues to reconciliation and healing.  The primary responsibility for this also lies with the individual person.  No one can lead you to it (except God) and make you choose it.  That free will thing…

So of utmost importance for our spiritual and physical well being is the necessity of seeking spiritual reconciliation with God.  It is the beginning of true healing on all levels.  Seek out a minister, priest, church, or God himself in your prayer life.  Get started on the path of reconciliation with God.  He understands and knows us far better than we know ourselves.  And I also speak from firsthand knowledge when I say I know what I a talking about when I speak about a path to reconciliation.  I have experienced it!  Personally, being brought into the fold of the Catholic church, I was able to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  It is essentially the physical manifestation to us of the spiritual truth of God’s forgiveness when we come to him seeking forgiveness.  Again – we choose.  God forces no-one.  Not only this, but my life is witness to the untold blessings God bestows even when you have had to come back from a serious error – He loves!  He blesses!  He is so very, very overjoyed at a soul that ‘repents’.  I cannot even convey to you the Love that God is!  We are His children!  He cannot bear the loss of any one of us – just like you couldn’t bear the loss of one of your own children.

It is true that it may take some time before you realize the necessity of pursuing this spiritual reconciliation.  It took me many, many years.  However it is better to realize, even at your last breath, than to never realize it at all.  To facilitate this, there are many avenues one can pursue on the path to healing.  A good one that was recommended to me recently by my Spiritual Director is Project Rachel – Hope After Abortion.  I encourage you to make the choice to pursue healing for yourself. But, like most of the choices of our life, only you can choose it.  I have also learned that counselling can be very beneficial, but the deepest, fullest, most encompassing and necessary healing is the relationship with God.  And to be completely free, I have learned there are specific ‘directed’ prayers one can say to liberate oneself from all the spiritual consequences of abortion.  These will be added to the prayers section on this website in the near future.

Image result for world hanging on a precipice

I believe that the world and humanity hang on the edge of a very dangerous precipice due to so many free will choices that are outside of love – God’s will for us.  The chasm between humanity and God has widened to its deepest since the beginning of time.  Time is running out.  Our free will choices have consequences. Abortion is one of the most dire of those choices and is reaping us untold, unseen and unprecedented consequences that many of us do not understand.  But all I can do is speak the truth and point the way.  Each of you must choose to heal the breach between yourself and your loving Father, Creator God.  There is still time to make a difference!

Image result for the rosary of the unborn

For those who are Catholic I highly encourage you to pick up your Rosaries for the The Rosary of the Unborn.  Prayer can and will make a difference, but it is ever, ever so urgent that those with ears to listen pray!  I leave you today with Heaven’s own words and exhortations below.  Join the side of truth, goodness and love NOW.  Oh my but time is ever so short if we are to steer the path of the human race from greater destruction.  I pray for your good choices, healing, reconciliation and the call to pray in the gap for those who don’t.  Every single one of us IS the difference.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

October 7, 2016
Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary – 3:00 P.M. Service


(This Message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

Our Lady comes all in white. She has glittering lights around her. She is framed in the Rosary of the Unborn and is holding the Rosary of the Unborn. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, dear children, as you pray your rosaries, pray for the victory of good over evil. The upcoming election in this country (The U.S.A.) will affect all people and all nations, as the new president will set policies in place which will carry worldwide implications. There is an undercurrent of evil trying to influence the outcome of this political race. Threats and promises have been made. Laws have been broken and whole institutions have been compromised by bad politics. Ambition in some hearts has taken on epic proportions.”

“The Trojan Horse in all of this is compromised Truth. People unwittingly invest their support in disingenuous political figures who will never deliver on their false promises. If these are the ones to assume leadership, much in the way of prosperity and freedom will be lost.”

“The struggle has been set between good and evil. You cannot have two diametrically opposed forms of government. One will have to take power. Do not be led by compromised Truth, but by the Light of Truth itself.”

“In your hands, dear children, you hold the weapon that can expose evil and destroy Satan’s evil plans. It is your rosary. With the power of your loving rosaries, Satan will not be able to complete his plans for the destruction of the world and he will be defeated. Much of what the dragon plans to destroy will be protected. You yourselves will find a path of light through the darkness, but you must pray.”

“The reason so much of this Ministry* and the Messages** themselves are focused on the protection of life in the womb is that legal acceptance of abortion has replaced love of God and neighbor in hearts with love of self. Fulfillment of God’s Commandments is no longer a concern. Mankind’s free-will choices are the main priority. Protection of the right to lead sinful lives has permeated the highest court system.”

“All of this has obscured the difference between good and evil in hearts. This is why the conscience of the world is so confused that it cannot distinguish honesty from dishonesty in leadership. This is why poor leadership is an alternative and is even considered in the election upcoming in this country.”

“Grave concessions have been made to evil. Now it is more Satan leading this country than God. Dear children, we must courageously persevere in prayer. Prayer is the ballast holding this nation in some frail form of righteousness.”

“Dear children, I have called you here today to encourage your devotion to the Rosary of the Unborn. You must believe in the difference your prayers are making in the world all around you. The rupture of the First Seal (Rev 6:1-2) does not make your prayers ineffective, but stronger.”

“These days you have dangers all around you – terrorism and a great hurricane encroaching upon your borders. There are hidden dangers in hearts and many dishonest agendas in the minds of certain politicians. If you continue to pray your Rosary of the Unborn, perhaps Jesus will allow the fog of confusion to be lifted from the heart of the world so that all can see that abortion is the sin that catapults the world towards destruction.”

“I come to you to make you stronger and more resolute in putting an end to abortion. Great and manifold graces would flood the world if you would listen. The future would be changed and you would be at peace. God’s Will would rule hearts.”

Dear children, today I promise to take all of your concerns to Heaven with Me and place them in the Heart of My Son. Do not fear for any grace – for I am the Mother of Grace.”

“Dear children, it is My Joy to spend these short moments with you during these apparitions; but in Heaven, I will be with each of you always – if you earn your salvation through Holy Love. I am looking forward to that.”

“Today, I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.

* The ecumenical Ministry of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
** The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

Purported message from Mary to visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle at http://www.holylove.org

After I published this October 10th, I received another message in my email from a different blog I follow and believe to be authentic.  I decided to update this writing October 11th to include the following, quite sobering message – this time allegedly from our Saviour, Jesus.  I was so surprised to see the parallel theme to the writing I had already published, but I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Like I have said, God knows it all and is so very far ahead of us as a good Parent – Thank God!:

Be tireless workers in the sweet harvest of souls….
Psalm 9:15 The nations have sunk in the pit that they made; in the net that they hid has their own foot been caught.

Beloved, there is indeed much more to come. For those people and nations that do not repent of their evil ways, sorrow and woe will fall upon them. They will reap a bitter harvest, exactly what they have sown. But do not despair, my little ones, for unless the sinner feels the pain of his own sin, his chance for repentance lessens. A good parent does not shield his child from consequences, but certainly his vigilance and care for that child increases. When the child returns contrite in spirit, the parent is waiting with arms outstretched. So it is with the great and many sinners of this age. Their bitter harvest will sour their own stomachs. But when they return to me contrite in spirit, I will be waiting with outstretched arms. Pray for their conversion, dear children. Be tireless workers in the sweet harvest of souls.




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I share an Ecumenical (non-denominational) website this morning that I have spent a couple of years reading, watching and discerning, and my belief is that it is a little first aid from Heaven. For those of you who don’t have faith, check it out for yourself…for those of you who do, I hope it is of service (and pass it on!).

As y’all who know me know I say what I mean, and can be trusted, I say…take a pause from your busy lives and read a little. So many people ask me how I do what I do in a day, week, month, year…and keep on smiling…It is because I found out all the rumours are true…God exists. What peace it brings in this messy world. ..yours for the asking…





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Christ in the Storm

Christ and the Disciples in the Storm


As we begin Lent again this year, we as Catholics and Christians are called to acts of charity, almsgiving and sacrifice.  It is a time to take stock, spiritually.  It is a time to strengthen and nurture our minds, our spirits, our souls.  It is a time to journey deeper with Christ.  Sometimes this journey is only done superficially, if it is done at all – ‘what am I going to give up this year?’  ‘Do I even care?’

Truly journeying with Christ, even if you’re an atheist,  means going deeper – stripping off layers of sin, cleansing ourselves of inordinate attachments and daring to open that big scary door to the courtyard of our souls so that we can begin to heal its brokenness.  It is a very difficult thing to do – a thing many don’t even consider.  So how do we do it?  The answer is simple:  with grace.  This grace is ready and waiting for the soul that asks for it.  Sometimes this asking will simply be a desperate scream for help.  The finest kind of help is available in this grace, which flows from God like a river from an endless fountain.  Sometimes, though, it can seem like this grace is heavy water.  It is hard to breathe.  It is like taking an underwater journey with no oxygen tanks.  It is seemingly impossible.  But, with God, all things are possible.

Lent is often compared to walking into the desert with Jesus.  I think this comparison arises because what we are truly doing is walking into the desert from the world.  But in reality this desert, if you truly journey there, is actually full of water!  The water that is grace.  Jesus is always waiting to guide the ship of our souls, whether you know Him and believe in Him or not.  He is the perfect Captain.  I know that many don’t even want to consider that He is real.  Perhaps being willing to stop and think for a moment about this possibility is your first breath of that grace.  So, I say to you:  Don’t be afraid to open your heart and mind to this possibility.  Put aside everything you think you know and be willing to open the door to the courtyard of your soul – even for just a second.  That act is all that God needs.

Having said that, maybe you are one that already made that step a long time ago.  You read the bible.  You go to church.  But do you read the bible prayerfully?  Do you really go to church in your heart?  Or are you one that sits back, eyes closed, half asleep by the end of the sermon.  Do you actually listen and try to take what you have heard in the sermon or the bible into your week with you?  If you honestly take stock and find that you are one who really doesn’t most of the time, I say to you:  Get ready to plunge your head into heavier water – stronger grace.  You need to breathe in more of this grace in order to truly live!  Maybe you say to yourself at this point – well I would do it if it seemed like everyone else was doing it.  Why should I bother, if everyone else doesn’t seem to.  To that I say, how do you think that we will make this world a more just, loving, peaceful place if we all wait for someone else to do it?  Don’t fool yourself.  It will never happen if you don’t do it.  Next time you read your bible or leave the church, consciously take this intention with you, take a deep breath and ask God for the grace to help you do it.  You will be surprised at how different even your first week will be.  You will be taking in ‘heavier water’ -stronger grace – and people around you will respond to it.  They will be better too.

Perhaps you are one who is reading this and says ‘I already do this, but I don’t feel God.  I don’t feel a difference.’  Indeed, sometimes having a good intention and saying a prayer don’t accomplish what you think it should.  Maybe it is because your soul is weighted down with the anchor of sin.  How much harder it is to sail in your spiritual journey with that anchor dragging you down.  If you knew it was there, wouldn’t you pull it up so that you could fly over the waves?  Hmmmm.  Easy to say, but how does one do that exactly?

First of all, you have to be willing to admit that the anchor is there.  Another Hmmmm.  Maybe this is a good time to share a big secret with you.  Everyone is dragging some kind of anchor!  So don’t let pride fool you into thinking it couldn’t be you.  Please.  Not even for a second.  Knowing it is there is the first step toward making yourself light.  If you don’t go to church, open the scary door and just ask God to help you.  Heavy water – grace – will be there to help you.  If you are in a church community, hopefully you have already asked Jesus to help you and heal you.  If you think you need more help to pull up your anchor, speak to your Minister or someone else you respect for their ‘love and lightness’Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  This is almost the most crucial step in your underwater journey, which is the journey you begin to take when you let yourself be immersed in grace…Please don’t let it be one you don’t take out of fear or pride.  What a shame to come to the end of your spiritual journey to see you dragged that anchor with you when you could have sailedfree.  Nay, even danced on the waves…

If you are in the Catholic Church the answer is at once the most simple and the most difficult:  The Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I can hear the Hmmmm’s again.  I had a dream early on in this journey that showed me that women seem to be the ones making the most use of this sacrament.  I saw that those who go to confession have removed from their boats some pretty heavy anchors.  The confessionals on the men’s side, however, were virtually empty.  Perhaps this sacrament is one that you feel is antiquated, outdated and no longer necessary.  Perhaps you have said your ‘I’m sorry’ to God in your heart, so that you don’t have to face the confessional.  Believe me, I know how difficult this step can be!  As a new Catholic I had to make the brave step of saying my first confession ever face to face with the priest as an adult in 2001!  But it is the teaching of the church that special graces are granted to all in this sacrament.  These graces help you to keep the anchor from dragging you down again.  It is one way we are truly assured in a tangible sense that our errors against love – our sins- are forgiven.  And don’t kid yourself.  We are all broken.  We all err against love at one time or another and need God’s constant help to heal and be better.  Even from a psychological perspective the act of bringing to the surface and naming one’s pains, faults and sins is a release – a ‘load off one’s shoulders’.  Many people have made the step to seek psychological help in their journey.  This is a healthy step towards wholeness.  The confessional is simply the place where we bring these things to the greatest Psychologist of all – Jesus.  This brings me to the next secret I wish to share with you.  The sacrament of confession is a big short-cut to shedding sin and getting rid of your anchor.   What peace this brings to your soul!

Over the course of this journey through Lent I will share with you a supernatural occurrence I had right after I availed myself of this sacrament.  It was a moment when I truly understood the bible passage, The Parable of the Lost Sheep:

Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it?  When he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders and rejoices.  And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbours, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.’  Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”  Luke 15:3-7, NRSV, Catholic Edition

I know that this whole writing probably sounds to some right now like tough love.  To you I say:  ‘You’re worth it’!  You are that one sinner that heaven waits to rejoice over, whether you know it or not.

Finally, to those who are already doing everything in their power to grow well in love, the continuing steps in that growth are the prayers and acts (works) you do for others.  These works help them to know that they have this anchor, and help them to know they can pull it up.  So many are lost in this world, starving for love and light.  Take as many steps as you can in your journey this Lent (and always!) and be that love and that light for all those starving ones you meet.  It was once you! 

I am personally aghast at the thought that I might not have made it to where I am today in my relationship with God!  It was once me!  Someone’s prayers, sufferings, witness and works helped to save me from drowning because I couldn’t take in God’s grace!   Because of these works I now not only sail, light and free, but I fly…nay, I dance over the waves!  Go deeper this Lent and help yourself and your neighbour to dance.  This is love.  This is our calling.  Do not delay to breathe in stronger grace in your journey, wherever you are at in it.  The life you save could be your own…

To see one of my own deeper breaths of this stronger grace in my journey, visit Heavy Water, published in ‘Spiritual Dreams’.



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