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Guiding Angel

As promised in last week’s writing, this posting will highlight my personal call to the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood.  This spiritual dream was one of the early moments of guidance from God as I was trying to discern His will for me:

 December 6, 2000

Dream of Schoolhouse with Staircases and Baby Handed to Me

I had awoken in the middle of the night and was lying there contemplating all of the unusual dreams and happenings recently and was wondering what it all means. Then I fell back asleep and dreamt the following dream:

I was sitting on a hill with my Father (he was my real father, but I since wondered if it symbolized God, so I have capitalized it). We were overlooking a stream (river) and I was talking to Him about all my unusual dreams and experiences and asking for guidance. As we are overlooking the stream my Father points to an old schoolhouse next to us (it was an old schoolhouse I recognized that is now a Heritage building in real life) and tells me to enter it.

I went at His direction and was with a woman I knew well, but dont remember who it was upon awakening. I was following her around, up and down staircases telling her about my experiences and lastly the angel dream. I was looking for answers. I knew time was running out in the period (I could sense the urgency the movement up and down staircases was endless and very purposeful the bell was going to ring). I looked up at the clock on the wall as I was standing in a landing between two staircases (one up and one down). The clock said 5 minutes to 12. The angel/lady did not seem to be listening to me so I had stopped at this landing slightly dejectedly. She left and I was alone on the landing. As I was standing there wondering where to go, a lady dressed like a nurse came up from the down flight and wordlessly handed me a newborn baby (girl I think). I was shocked. She turned to leave. I ran after her as she went down the flight of stairs and started walking along a downstairs corridor. I was asking her “What does this mean?” She was in a hurry and didnt have time to explain things fully. I said “God wants me to have another baby?” She turned and said “Sign up now before it is too late! Sarah is already dead”. They were keeping Sarah alive on life support she was standing.

I understood right away what she meant. A baby had been born to another woman (The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood…) and they needed a mother to raise the child. I ran up the narrow flight of stairs the lady had pointed to and arrived into a common birthing room. A grandmother (Mary?) in the corner was kneeling and weeping over the death of her child who had just given birth (she died in childbirth and this mother in the dream was named Sarah White).  At least two other women were in the room with their hands up offering to raise the child. I was worried they wouldnt choose me so I spoke up immediately with a loud voice and said “Ill do it!” The grandmother turned to me with great happiness and gratitude and said okay. Her child (the mother who had given birth) immediately came to life and was greeting everyone. I understood she would live for two more weeks before dying and that I would raise her child. The mother was very happy. I woke up.

I found this dream significant because shortly after I realized the “Apostolate of Holy Motherhood in Catholic Families” that I had read a couple of times was actually probably my call from Mary (and God) to be consecrated to her and join the battle for souls. I signed myself up(consecrated myself) and have been fulfilling the requirements ever since.

Great graces are promised to those who join this apostolate and soldiers in the spiritual battle are greatly needed in this time.  If you feel called to this, pray about it,  research this booklet, discuss it with your spiritual director or priest and ‘sign yourself up’ while there is still time…


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