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Before I launch into the next segment in the series on our adversary, I wish to take a brief moment to celebrate things joyful with you:  Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas was joyful and blessed!

Ours was a very busy, wonderful time, hence little new on this website over the past few weeks!  So, without further ado I delve back into a little illumination about an unpleasant subject, but in doing so, desire to bring knowledge and power to as many as possible.

This week the experiences I will share are intended to show various ways the enemy attacks us – unseen by our physical senses.  They also show what great power we have in God and that all Satan’s attempts are brought to naught by the protection of God’s grace and power.


I wish to focus particularly on the curious ability of being able to curse people and the remedy to protect all from this unseen negative use of our spiritual power.  The definition of a curse, according to Wikipedia is as follows:

A curse (also called execration) is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or unhappiness will befall another person or persons. In particular, a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by any supernatural power, such as a spell, a prayer, an imprecation, an execration, magic, witchcraft, a god, a natural force, or a spirit. In many belief systems, the curse itself (or accompanying ritual) is considered to have some causative force in the result.

Unfortunately, as I have climbed higher in the spiritual path in the service of God, I have experienced several occasions in the dream state of the attempt of our common enemy, Satan (and his demons), to curse me.  The Padre Pio Centre for Deliverance has this to say regarding curses:

  • Sins of Others: The “sins of the fathers” is often a sad reason for the problems and even the demonization of the children. One of the most famous cases of possession was in Iowa in the 1920s. (To read an account of this case see, Begone Satan!) This was a case in which the possessed woman had been repeatedly cursed by her wicked father. The poor girl suffered terribly due to her father’s sin. On occassion we can also suffer from curses and spells perpetrated upon us by anyone who is evil enough to want to do such a thing.   In these cases, there is nothing we have done to cause the demonization. We are innocent. We are, rather, victims of other people’s sin. www.saintpiocenter.org/
  • The following dream excerpts show differing and escalating spiritual attack, the third of which – even in the dream state – was horrifically terrifying.   This is an area of great darkness – one that is mostly unseen by our physical senses.  The fact that these types of behaviours go on underneath the hub of daily life – rituals such as satanic worship, voodoo, curses and dark masses – practised in dark areas – is something most inner city police and our Catholic Exorcists can attest to.  These glimpses are just little ones from my nocturnal spiritual ‘eyes’ and I present them for your discernment:

    PSALM 23

    NOVEMBER 9, 2003

    Dreamt I saw a girl I know and she told me she was going to some kind of ‘magic party’ – her and her friends thought it was harmless, innocent fun – tinkering in the occult.  I warned her right away you could not know where information came from – which were good spirits and which were bad.  I exhorted her to believe that there were evil spirits who posed quite easily as good and that we were sitting ducks – easy prey.  There was another lady in the lobby with us, playing it down, saying “There’s no such thing as evil as an entity of its own.”

    I said, “You’re wrong!  Don’t be stupid!  Protect yourself!”  I asked my friend if she ever tested the spirits – she didn’t even know what that meant.  I said “I’m going to write the prayer down for you before you go so that you don’t leave (or leave this website!) without it.”

    Then as I went to write it down the dream changed.  I sensed something untoward going on in the house.  I went to my parent’s bedroom as I was in my childhood home and I saw three men at the foot of their bed setting up some kind of satanic ritual to harm me.  One lay on the bed and two were on the floor.  One was kneeling with the main one who was performing the ritual facing the one kneeling.  He was preparing to stab the kneeling one with some strange long metal object – with fire – that looked like a branding iron.  The man lighting it and performing the ritual looked up at me as I watched this scene and started to hiss – he looked black and possessed or voodoo-ish.  I realized they were possessed so I immediately started the prayer to discern spirits.  I mixed it up a bit and their eyes started to glow and they started to hiss and show their demonic nature through their human facade.  I recited the prayer a little choppily two more times, but they still didn’t leave – they were more powerful entities than I have encountered before – maybe because there were three of them and because of the ritual they were performing.

    I remembered something I read recently in an angel book a friend gave me, about calling on the good angels for help.  I yelled out “Arcangels and angels, help me!”  Then I recited the prayer again with their help.  I could feel their power even though I couldn’t see them.  I recited the prayer properly this time and with great force.  The demons immediately left.


    MONDAY, MAY 22, 2006

    Remember the end of a strange, satanic dream.  I had come to a woman’s house because I thought my help was needed.  Times were ominous (world terror and tragedy).  I was led to this house by this woman that I thought was good so I went to help.

    When I got in her home, however, I realized she was a satanic priestess.  I recognized her evil intent to harm me just before she revealed her true nature.  I said in my head so she wouldn’t hear “Cover me with your Precious Blood, Jesus.”  Then as I came to face her (I had followed her into this living room, I think), she sat and had a very large, flat, thin rectangular book lying in front of her – twisted kitty -corner to me.  On it were black satanic symbols.  On her lips she had painted a thick coat of what appeared to be black lipstick or paint and was attempting to kill me by giving me the kiss of death with some kind of satanic black magic.

    I had called on the protection of the Precious Blood just before this, so she could not do as she attempted.  Instead she hissed a name at me (that I prefer to keep private) very evilly and derisively.  She was mocking, threatening and hating me and seethed at me with open, derisive evil.

    I spoke back to her as I approached (and she had to retreat) something again about how I had the power of Jesus Christ and something about my mission and desire and complete service to God and that I WOULD NOT be intimidated or scared into backing down from it.  I was able to overcome her with Jesus’s power and she disappeared.



    (There was NO WAY I would even write this at time dreamed – way too scary – recorded at 7:45 a.m.)

    A horrific satanic nightmare of the most evil proportion I have experienced to date.  Terrified even to write it down.

     Dreamt I was with a close friend.  All of a sudden there was a large underground excavated chamber with stairs that led down at one corner.  It seemed square – a square, excavated, flat even area of ground – not deep – maybe 6-8’. 

    As we went down in the base area of it satanic presence was everywhere.  My friend was wandering around this pit area unaware.  I saw everything as it was for what it was.  It became immensely horrifying.  ‘Il Diavlo’ kept being repeated over and over and over again. 

    I saw a child, perhaps Mexican looking, lying – killed by the devil and his body taken possession of and used.  No-one knew this child was not the real one.  I did and saw the child’s real body lying broken with his blood spilled out profusely around him.  He seemed lying near and slightly behind the base of stairs. 

    As I saw that this was so and pointed out the truth to my friend and whoever was with me, ‘Il Diavlo’ came after me. 

    It was Satan.  The attack then centered on me and so many satanic forces and tools were used.  I have never seen so many satanic tools and forces in one dream!  I saw a chicken in this pit being used in some voodoo way with its neck broken, then the spilled blood of the boy, then all of a sudden back on the earth I was surrounded by hex circles.  They were in quadrants I believe, around me – circles of something.  (The hex circles had something in them I think – a number 6 or a shape of some sort – unsure).  Satan was personally directing the main force of the attack at me.  He was directly over the top of my head as I lay sleeping.  He was directly managing a hex circle above the crown of my head. 

    This was the most terrifying part of the dream.  Then I could see the other hex circles placed strategically about me – farther away and other agents of evil were involved – many demonic forces, but I could not see them.  ‘Il Diavlo’, ‘Il Diavlo’, ‘Il Diavlo’ was drummed at me incessantly almost in a chant. 

    Then voracious, snapping black dogs were sent at me.  I saw them come barrelling at me with teeth bared, snapping.  I saw little voodoo dolls – small; maybe 4” – made of straw with five points – head and four limbs with what looked like a small straw halo fashioned around the straw head of each doll.  The ‘Il Diavlo’ chant was endless.  Satan was attacking me directly with such power and force as I’ve never seen or experienced before.  Terrifyingly terrifying!!!!!!! 

    I, of course, immediately invoked the protection of the ‘Precious Blood’ – over and over again.  I called on all the Arcangels and angels to help and protect me and my family as I became aware I was sleeping in the trailer and being attacked.  And though I tried I could not force myself to wake up.  I became lucid dreaming – aware consciously that I was sleeping and dreaming this.  I strained desperately to awaken myself, but I could not.  The forces about me were immense, immense, immense!  I continued to pray.  I asked for Mary’s help and protection.  I did not stop praying NO MATTER WHAT, as I continued to see this happening in the dream. 

    I was shocked the attack went on as long as it did.  It lasted so long and I had to pray so long and endure the attack without any immediate sign that it would abate/be overcome.  My trust in God never wavered for a second, or my trust that the good forces would eventually overcome the bad (even though I was terribly afraid), but this dream was different from the other satanic attack dreams where it ends abruptly or Jesus or angels come to my aid.  In this dream all I saw and felt was Satan and demonic forces and voodoo symbols and rituals all about me in overpowering force.

    Even as I lay in my bed saying every prayer and invocation and request for aid from every source, as I have been taught to do by my spiritual director, I felt or saw NO help.  I saw nothing holy – no angels, no Jesus, no power of God – NOTHING except evil encamped around me.  Especially ‘I Diavlo’ – Satan directly leading the barrage.

    As I struggled to come to consciousness to escape this dream and attack I finally managed to truly come awake and even though my room was pitch dark, my eyes were reacting as though they had been bombarded with light – like immense big round flashbulbs that blind the eyes.  (Message:  Even if you see nothing with your physical senses, know that you can call on all the help I have in this writing and it will be there, so do not hesitate if you or a loved one is suffering from satanic attack!)

    When I woke I was so terrified I went to sleep in another room with my oldest daughter and did not record this dream until the morning.  I was upset for some time after I woke and could not sleep for terror, so I recited a Divine Mercy Chaplet for all who were under satanic attack and I finally fell back asleep…

    My spiritual director wishes me to emphasize that in all these negative experiences I was victorious through the power of Jesus, Mary, God and the holy angels – forces that we have about us to aid us in all circumstances to prevent any attack of the enemy from affecting us at all!  Praise be to God!  For further reading on Rev. Joseph Kane’s personal experiences with things of this nature as an exorcist in Peru, follow the link to obtain his book, Your Light Shines in My Darkness.



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