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As I sit to write this on Holy Thursday and turned to open my dream binder to the next chronological sharing in this series, I opened my book to a simple, beautiful sentence spoken to me by Jesus as I was falling asleep on Nov. 25, 2007 – which happened to be the feast of Christ the King.  He said, and I share it with you now because I think He wants you all to hear this, this Holy Thursday:

My sweet and tender child of Mercy, write that I am in love with the world.”

This beautiful sentiment from Jesus came at a time when it meant so very much to me to be called His sweet and tender child of Mercy…It also came days after my formal induction into our local Divine Mercy movement.  But the most important part of that message is His wish for all peoples as I relay it to you today:  He is in love with the world!” (emphasis my own).

I can vouchsafe this as I have seen His Sacred Heart and let me tell you brother (or sister) that you do not have a shadow of the idea of the truth of that love.  I have said it before and I shall say it again here and now that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is like a nuclear bomb of love and even that description falls short….So when Jesus says that He is in love with the world I want you to truly understand what He means:  It means His love is over and above everything – above all evil; above all sin; above all hatred, distress, hopelessness and dismay.  The only thing separating anyone from that Love is the fallout shelter of the hardness of their own hearts.  I earnestly add my plea to His in saying it is so time to let down the wall of disbelief, arrogance, doubt and indifference that may surround your own heart:

Now is the time to come out of your resolute disbelief in God.

Now is the time to come out of the shallow, discordant attachment to the fluff of the world.

Now is the time to clean up your act.

I say this for many reasons, but in great part because I have also seen the antithesis to love – the devil and his demons – and let me tell you they are not pretty… They are full of seething hatred towards all mankind and especially those in committed loving service to God….but also let me tell you that it doesn’t matter if they hate the ones who turn to God with a special vengeance.  The truth is that the latter of these are the ones who are safeeeeeeee!  We are the ones who have escaped their horrible, incredibly strong grasp.

This truth isn’t one you may hear of in most places – even in church.  I know it isn’t a truth people want to hear about – putting their hands over their ears and saying ‘lalalalalallalalala..” so as not to listen to the possibility of the truth of the existence of Satan and demons. I used to be one of them.   But I would be remiss in my ministry if I didn’t witness to this truth in an effort to compel you to seek good and God.  Those who are not actively seeking God and good are already in the hands of Satan – unbeknownst to them – save the innocent children before the age of reason where the ability to discern good and evil is sufficiently developed.

Jesus does love the world.  He loves it so much that He has sent warning so many times and in so many ways, and my ministry and witness is just another means He is using to reach the souls He loves so much.  The profound volume of spiritual experiences that I have slowly been unfolding on this website is a small testimony to this love and warning.  And so, without further ado, I share a couple more profound spiritual dreams – given I believe – to help testify to the truth of God and the need of each soul to seek Him – a means to help step out of evil’s grasp:

Friday May 4, 2007 approx 6 a.m.

Dreamt I was with people in a walk through dangerous territory, but people didn’t know it.  I traversed the narrow path on the side of this road – up to the hill part of it.  I emerged safely at a destination and I think went through a door.  However, I was then called by someone to an area on the path after I safely made it to my destination because people were walking with me (we walked along this path beside a road adjacent to a thick forest/woods) and they were disappearing and were abducted and snatched on their walk through this path.  They were being abducted into the woods.

I went into the fray head on – into the thick of the battle to help these souls out.  There was so much evil everywhere.  Horrible beings in hidden disguises were doing this – snatching people.  They particularly hated me and my intervention.

Then in the dream the area in front of the woods/road/path became a pit (I saw it after I came back from my safe passage and was told other people weren’t making it and were being lost/abducted).  I had a man with me who was strong – a priest?  I saw a person who had been abducted and was getting sucked under, but with me and a priest helping me, we had pulled him out with a double armlock around his neck/head.  We had pulled him out but it had required great force.  It took much strength and force to rescue souls from this pit as the evil beings/monsters were very strong.

As we pulled this one person out the beings were holding on with all their might and their jagged teeth – they were even holding his foot – it was the last thing pulled out.  I saw his leg – it had severe gash wounds from the evil beings in the pit.  After he was safely pulled out and was lying on the ground next to the pit the evil beings came up out of the pit seething in anger and fury at me.  I saw them.  They were ferocious, hideous, evil and monster-looking – not from this world.  They showed themselves to me as they were.  I saw them as they were without any disguise.  They were reptilian looking.  I invoked the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over me and all the souls in this area and all the souls were with me and then I saw their locks pop open (they were like handcuffs binding them) and they were free.  They walked out to safety – a great group of them that I had thus helped save.

People didn’t know how to disarm the evil beings; ie. what their weakness was and how they could break the hold they had on people.  These were good people/workers who were trying to help the others who were being abducted and taken into this pit.  After I invoked the protection of the Precious Blood I walked back to the door I had safely made it to where these other good people were.  They were trying to find a way to help others that were trapped, and I told them (as I could see the inside truth in this spiritual battle) that the invocation of the Precious Blood of Jesus was what worked.  I said:

It is what works on them!!!”

Then after I told the good workers/helpers this I turned to my right and raised my hands together into the air, looking up to God in the sky through a plexi-glass or glass-like dome roof.  It had become like a train inside a building (this area where I had rescued/seen souls in the pit and the horrible beings).  I sobbed so badly to Jesus:

Remove us from this trial, Jesus”

Then the train rose, as if the front was being lifted off the rack and pulled up to safety out and away.  I don’t know where to, but the front of the train started to rise.  The dream continued in what was a beautiful personal experience of Jesus…spiritual moments that I find hard to experience now because I have to return to the world when I wake.  Only those who have experienced similar things will understand.

As I share these things there is one thing that I wish people to understand.  Out of the hearts of humans comes the heart of evil in the world – the heart of chaos.  The devil and his demons do everything in their power to influence people to this.  God, Jesus, Mary, holy angels and holy souls are continually working for humans on the other team – a team far larger and in the end unbeatable.  This war is being waged every day in your soul and in your free will you have been given the greatest gift – choice of how to live the life you have been given.  The decision of who you let influence your choices rests ultimately with you.

Herein lies the simple truth of the battle.  What you choose can make a profound difference.  A difference for not only yourselves, but for your neighbour, your children and the future of the world

I’ve already made my choice – and the repercussions of it are splattered all over the pages of this website.  I leave you with the following dream as a call to arms and a witness to a sliver of  the incredible power behind the one who but says yes…

Wednesday May 2, 2007

I remember a brief dream or end of a longer more involved dream that I didn’t record until the afternoon but remembered well.  It had to do with me being in a room with people.  I saw to my left through a large glass window God’s light and spirit smashing down to me/into me on a diagonal trajectory from the sky – through the window – to where I stood.  It completely lit me up and filled every fibre of my being like lightening with crackling, fiery, spark-like electrical fire – particularly my hands (maybe because I’d have to type so much lol…).  I was receiving/had received great power to witness to people.  Something about the time for me to start witnessing – talking/revealing that which I knew and had received.  I spoke to God just after this happened most powerfully about how vociferous I was in my commitment to Him and His mission for me.  I remember no words, but words cannot describe the force or level of my response to Him!

I looked around to all who were with me in the room (you…!).  They were ones paying attention – willing and interested in hearing my witness.  I thought briefly of how to open the presentation of everything I know and have seen and been given and everything I have experienced.  I decided to start with a question that I thought would strike most people’s insides most quickly and directly:

Don’t you want to know why you’re here?”(meaning people’s existence and lives on this earth)

I spoke directly, simply and to the point:

You’re here to learn how to love!  It’s that simple – and that hard!!!”

I spoke about how others must strive to be as perfect as they could in love and I think this caused some to squirm a little and back off and the crowd listening to me thinned as some were not ready and couldn’t handle hearing what I told them love demanded of them…

So, how about you? What are you going to choose?  Happy Easter!


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