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The Economist, May 2nd, 2009

As anyone who has been following these writings will know, the sharing of these satanic experiences has been done chronologically.  As I prepare to share the next in line, I have to wonder at the timing of the sharing of the following dream experiences, when the world as a whole has become increasingly concerned about the H1N1 Swine Flu threat.

It has been a difficult road for me personally to have experienced prophetic dreams.  One of the difficulties is in never truly knowing which dreams are prophetic and which are just generated from my subconscious.  I found it kind of surprising at first that specific things that I would dream would come to pass.  I learned quickly that if I dreamt of some situation in the world (and sometimes personal situations) it would be best to try to help or mitigate that circumstance – just in case.  And so I started praying for specific circumstances in response to these dreams.  I think, literally, it is the only thing that can be done.  Where necessary I warned individuals if I felt it necessary, just to err on the side of caution, but I always presume a dream is personal rather than prophetic, until time bears it out.  And then, really, I have covered all the bases and done everything I felt I personally could.

It is no different with the experiences I will share with you today.  As I prepared to share the next experience of Satan, I realized I had to share another dream on the same theme experienced a little over a week prior, even though there was nothing satanic about the first one, as they are, I believe, connected.  One thing I have discovered and therefore must caution the reader about, is that the nature of my prophetic dreams has not been exact and specific as to timing – or always very evident as to location – though it usually is with regard to the latter.   All I ask from you the reader as I share things of this nature is to ask yourself – what if this was happening to you?  How would you respond?  Will my sharing of perhaps difficult things – now and in the future spur you to increase your prayers and work on your own personal conversion?  It is my hope that this is so.  For we have far greater power in prayer than we realize.  It is a powerful weapon for good that I have personally employed non-stop over the last ten years.  In some cases, God has given me to know that I personally was able to mitigate a circumstance.  What a joy!  In many cases though, as we all know, the result of our prayer is generally unknown and will have to wait for the next life to be revealed.

I ask you to take all these things into account as I share the following dream experiences.  Most of all I ask you to not be afraid!  With God on our side, what do we have to fear?  I hesitate to say what particular circumstances/punishment the following experiences may specifically refer to.  I share it only to impart information, to help people to be prepared, and to help souls choose God and deepen their faith, so that they will be more prepared for anything in their lives.

My spiritual director has instructed me to also share the things I am receiving/experiencing now, so I include the following dream experience as I believe it is related to the other two dreams of a few years earlier:



Dreamt I was in an area of a city and stood on a sidewalk watching what was going on around me.  All around me were people fighting, crimes, murder, etc.  Humanity was out of control with sin.

I kneeled on the pavement right then and there and began to pray – particularly the Divine Mercy chaplet.  I think I saw Father Dan (of the JPII Divine Mercy Centre) standing facing me.

All of a sudden, God’s spirit came down on me forcefully and I fell forward from my kneeling position so that I was semi-prone on the ground – forehead to the ground with arms straight ahead in a profound state – like being prostrate, but from kneeling.

Then I prayed:

 ‘Father!  Use me in whatever way You wish to help these people!’

I was then raised from the ground by God’s spirit and levitated upright (not lying back in the air like on a cross as all other previous times in dreams – to be shared in future).  He brought me into a field – like a large park right next to this teeming area of the city I’d been in on this sidewalk.

God’s spirit completely filled me and I was levitated and moved slowly through the field – speaking God’s words of warning – it was a very long message/long time of Him speaking through me this time. (Many times in the past ten years God has spoken short verbatim messages during dreams – these will be shared in future.  A long waking message has already been shared on this site).

It was about the need for people to amend their lives.  As I was moved slowly thus, however, not many were in the field listening to me – pockets of people dotted here and there on the grass.  And, even among those who saw me levitated(!) for Heaven’s sake(!), did not believe God was acting through me, but that I was somehow orchestrating this under my own power and making up the message.  There was some mocking and derision by the people here.

God became somewhat angry and more forceful at this point and I was then filled even more with His spirit and levitated higher in a more powerful way to make it more obvious and clear that it was God doing this – not me.

I was levitated quite high in the sky over this park and moved to a new section of this park/field and God spoke a LONG message through me.  It was as if how He did it had such power, signs and wonders that it would be evident to the people that it was Him who spoke.

I do not remember any of the words verbatim from this dream, but He was speaking of the need for people to amend their lives, telling them How much He loved them, and lastly, that if they did not repent, it would not go well for them.

I woke.  When I awoke the song “Walk Like an Egyptian’ by the Bangles was going through my head at the end of this dream.


Dreamt I was standing in the back yard of my childhood home in Heart’s Desire in the days when it was a huge garden, but time was present – I was an adult (now).

I stood on a little path facing south that had two dividers on either side of me like a vertical archway that had two flat sides but no top.

I looked straight up because all of a sudden in the clear daytime sky above me appeared a HUGE angel of God – mostly the face, and in the appearance of a large, billowing cloud of unusual colour.  It appeared olive green if I had to choose a colour.

It was a massive angel and I knew it was a vengeance angel of God – to bring a punishment.

I immediately got down on my knees and started praying to God, all the while staring straight up at this sight, saying:

‘Have mercy on your creation, God!   Have mercy on your creation, God!  Have mercy on your creation, God!!! (over and over).

I was MOST upset!  The cloud lightened a little in colour/darkness, but did not go away.  The face of the angel was present the whole time – a severe, stern face.

There was at least one other man standing beside me to my left who witnessed what I did and said, but no-one else could see what I could and they wondered what on earth I was saying that for and kneeling, but I didn’t care what they thought.

Then I turned around fully and saw to my right (in the East) a swarm of locusts (big billowing, forming, swarming cloud of bugs – locusts).  They were forming in the sky in a huge cloud and they began to move westward in a swarm of descending attack/onslaught over my area (the West).  They were definitely moving East to West and descended in attack in the area I was in.

Everyone started to rush into the house and close sliding horizontal windows and doors, but some were trapped in the outermost rooms of the house – where the locusts were able to swarm in.  Some people made it into interior rooms and doors had to be closed to protect the ones inside.  It was a quick, sudden, unexpected thing and people were caught unprepared.

I, however, was in an innermost chamber/room/fireplace of this house – with brick or stone walls all around me except the front, which had solid iron-type bars or a grid door in front of me.  I could see all this taking place, without being harmed or in danger.  I saw one woman in the outer-most room being attacked by locusts that had managed to penetrate the outer layers before the house was sealed off.  I woke in horror.

And, without further ado, I present the third, connected dream a little over a week later which has an experience of my guardian angel and satan, including words from our enemy that I want you to pay particular attention to.


Dreamt I was in a large field with many other people and saw the locust plague start to descend in my area.  People were unaware of what was starting.

I looked up to the sky and lifted both arms upwards and saw a white bird like a dove descend toward me.  I said “I don’t know where to go to safety.  Will you guide me?”  The bird answered ‘Yes.  Follow me and I will lead you.’  The bird then alighted near my upwardly outstretched right hand and flew and guided me to the right, diagonally across the field to a green bus or trolley-type car of sorts made completely of metal, with windows that completely closed.

I started to yell instructions and warnings to all around me as I followed the bird.  I said ‘This will be bad – you must listen to me.  Head for secure dwellings made of all metal if possible and close all windows.  Seek shelter indoors immediately!  This will be devastating!  Do not hesitate!  Go immediately!’

People were caught unaware and were scrambling in unorganized, confused chaos to enter buildings for safety, but were unsure of where to go.  They began trying to enter homes/buildings around the field.

The bird led me into the trolley/bus where a seat was prepared/waiting for me.  Others had also been escorted to this special instrument of departure/protection from descending catastrophe.  The windows were closed and checked and the driver began to pull away from the area.  The man in the front seat beside the driver asked the driver if he should close the vehicle’s ventilation system after I had checked all the windows.  I was like an informed leader of this group of people in this area.  I heard and urged him ‘yes’ because I knew the locusts would come through the ventilation ducts if he did not.  But the driver wasn’t sure if he should listen to me as it would then get stuffy in the vehicle.  I said firmly ‘I know what I’m talking about – I’ve been forewarned – close the ventilation system!’  He didn’t immediately comply as he contemplated what to do, until a few locusts came in as the swarm/plague hit and he quickly turned it off.  There was no threat to us.

The bird had come on the trolley car with us and turned into an angel – there to guide us.  We drove west to east and as we did all the destruction was before and around us.  We drove safely through the descending attack and into areas of devastation completely laid waste by the attacking horde as we headed east.  We became a select few who were now on a life raft (which was like a flat wooden board door) floating down a stream or river eastward.  We were all lying or holding on to the life raft, the end of which was taking on water and starting to sink.

As we looked at the embankments around us, there was no life/people.  There were only dead locusts littering the vegetation-less shores – dead husks of beige/grey locust bodies littered in heaping mounds everywhere, covering all the embankments/earth along both sides of this river.

We saw the raft begin to sink and the angel instructed us to slip into the water and swim to the very near shore where a house prepared waited for us – our safe refuge.  We could all swim – there was no danger in doing this.  We then had a quick swim – so quick I don’t even remember swimming to the shore – just trusting as the raft sank and our bodies slipped into the water and then ‘presto’, we were in the house – completely dry, safe and cared for – fully dressed.

I then saw my angel fully as she really looked.  She was so pretty – a sweet, tiny thing almost like a girl, with long auburn hair.  She was so sweet I marvelled as I looked at her face to face.  I was attending to the others in the house, who I think sat at some table and I turned to ask her ‘Do you have a name?’  She smiled, but I don’t remember if she answered me.  She spoke to me of many things.  I think it was information of how to ride out the locust plague, but I remember no details.  I was the most prepared of those with me and the most at ease or in connection with the spirit world – knew what was going on behind the scenes and was not unprepared or surprised by the meeting of these two worlds in my life.

The others were all sitting and I was led apart and the angel continued to speak to me of my life.  She knew me well and I knew she knew all about me.  She had such a special way of looking at me – with such even, calm sweetness and much love.  I then realized I related back to her in much the same way.  I loved her so, and even though I was a little demure and shy as I spoke with her, I was so firm in ‘the knowing’ (very hard to explain this feeling – like connectedness to the spirit world) that I spoke to her as one on the inside:  listening to instructions, getting information and helping others – in a continuing manner even here in these circumstances.

I remember nothing specific of our conversation – just the matter-of-factness of our exchange and how she interacted with me; specially, pulled aside and singled out, even from this ‘inside group’ who had been spared/protected.

Then all of a sudden, Satan came or was allowed to come.  He was allowed into the house – even as we were all there.  He came again in this dream for the second consecutive dream in a row as a man, dressed in black.  In all prior dreams I’ve had of Satan in the last 3-4 years he appeared in spirit form or animal or changing forms.  This dream and last he comes as a man (significant?)  Regardless, the angel was still there too and she watched the exchange between us.  Satan singled me out and took me aside and we sat down on a window ledge of this house (with our backs to a closed window).

He was completely disarmed and powerless as he spoke to me.  He even seemed to shake his head in exasperation with me.  He referred to me as holy.  He said:

I’ve been able to tempt most women with many things, but with you I can do nothing!  Nothing works on you!

I sat beside him with complete innocence, detachment, holiness and simplicity as he said this and the angel watched.  I said nothing to him but sat and listened as he spoke this in frustration and resignation out loud in front of everyone and I just sat, resolute and calm – completely unafraid and unaffected by his presence and knew this was true.  I woke up immediately with such emotion (upset, surprise and worry for mankind) and recorded the dream right away.

Just in case Satan’s words didn’t really penetrate as you read them I repeat them again:

I’ve been able to tempt MOST WOMEN with MANY THINGS, but with you I can do nothing!  Nothing works on you!”

Did you catch that?  Most women – many things!  Are you one of them?  Take stock and turn to God.  I think these dreams and ones to come will say it all.  Now is the time to decide for God.  Tomorrow is no more.  Do not waste the time you have been given and say NO to sin and NO to Satan.

God bless you all.





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