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Prayer is my constant companion, especially in the preparatory work for this website, so this week I again prayed for God to work through me to bring to light that which He wished.  In response I experienced two sentences quietly spoken by God in the dream state early Tuesday morning.  There was no dream accompanying them, but the nature of the two sentences made me know immediately which spiritual experience to share this week.  As the title indicates this week’s posting has to do with the mystery of creation.  Read with me:


Dreamt I was sitting in a room with a girlfriend and a man.  They were both studying to become doctors or something.  I listened to them and watched them studying and said to myself:

“I wouldn’t want to have to understand and work at all this again (college etc.).  I don’t have time in my life right now for formal study to learn.'”

Then I found myself sitting on the edge of a bed and I see a cross on the wall in front of me.  It is blue, I think, and has Jesus on it and Mary at His head.  I start praying to God while I see my friend kneel on the floor taking or writing notes about what she is studying and learning.  The man is standing near to her.  They are both on my right as I sit on the right side of this bed.

All of a sudden I am entering into another plane of existence and was lain back on the bed.  It is like a small hole opens up from another plane in front of me and expands over and onto me and I enter into it.  The light of God is here.  I am seeing interiorly and the exterior world is blocked out.  I start to speak to God, but only I can see what is happening.  The people in the room with me can hear me but not see what I see.

Then I see God in front of me.  It/He is a small two ring sphere of two circles of white light/energy inter-looped over each other.  The two rings of light are looped over each other in opposite directions to form a ball (one ring vertical – one ring horizontal).  They were at 90 degree angles to and over each other (the circle rings crossed each other in the centre to form a perfect sphere).  This light was spinning and vibrating (had movement).  This ball of energy was then shown to join others to make up a string of light/energy balls, joined together.  I say to God as I look at this double ring ball (God) ‘You’re a ball of pure energy, aren’t you?!’

Then I see a long strand of these white balls of the same size all attached together in a thin strand spiralling up toward Heaven.  It looks like DNA – woven together.  As I travel upward near the top where I see it continues into Heaven – it seems to be unwound into a single string of these white beads.

Then as I ascend this single strand I come into an opening and I see God the Father in front of me in the shape of a huge radiating circle of radiating bands of energy and light square in front of me – close.  He appears in the radiating circle of white light form again that I have seen in dreams at least twice before.  I am talking to Him as I experience all of this – asking Him questions and marvelling at what I am seeing.  I say ‘Oh Papa!’  This was the interior vision as I was lifted up to God and shown this DNA like scene on the way up and then the scene changed to show me what looked like man’s evolution as recorded below.

Then the scene changes and I am in a field with a hill that I start to climb to my left.  It has a trough in the ground running down through it.  I start to see all sorts of prehistoric animals.  I can tell they are prehistoric because they look like no animals now.  I think while in the dream that they look like palentolithic animals (paleolithic?).  (I looked this up on-line afterwards because I know very little about evolution and found out it was called the Paleolithic period with low, middle and upper stages, which I did not know personally before I dreamed it).  The animals I saw were funny looking, but not dinosaurs.  They were after that.

Then at the bottom of the hill I start to see little short people that look like men/primitive men (they had larger foreheads), but definitely men, walking on twos amongst these animals.  They were fighting them and foraging.  They looked a little barbaric and unrefined.  They were wearing hooded clothing.  I think I saw them wander around individually.  I remember seeing no cohesive unit of them together.  I continue to climb this hill to my left and as I did I saw a creature that looked like a sloth and I said to the Father:

“Help me understand what I am seeing, Father.  I don’t understand!”

As I get to the top of the hill the men start to look more like men of our day.  A bunch of them are building a rudimentary building, lifting blocks and putting a flat roof on them – building a shelter of some sort.  They look more refined and better dressed and more coordinated in their efforts – working together.  It is as if as I climb the hill I am seeing the evolutionary chain of man and how the barbaric, unrefined man worked and lived at the bottom of the hill in a crude, singular way.  Then as I climb to the top men are more evolved and starting to work together, build things and behave more civilly.

All the while that I am seeing this vision I am talking out loud with my voice to God the Father while I am in the vision.  Those in the room hear everything I am saying to God while I am interiorly seeing this vision and they witness me having this vision, but they can see nothing of what I see.  God is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!  I cannot even describe or explain what I have seen today.

I went on-line later that morning to research this amazing dream that absolutely left me reeling.  I discovered, while researching DNA, that the date in history they call as the most important discovery of all time – Watson & Crick’s discovery of the double helix nature of DNA – was February 28, 1953 which is exactly 53 years to today’s dream – also a February 28th!  I felt at the time that this could not have been a coincidence. 

I truly did not understand what I saw or why I was shown it.  I did what I have done with most of my spiritual experiences – pondered them.  I did feel almost immediately, though, that I had just been given enlightenment that in some way illuminated the truth of the first chapter of John:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being.  What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”  John 1:1-5, Holy Bible, NRSV, Catholic Edition, c.1993

I started doing alot of reading about DNA as a result of this dream.  One book that I subsequently read was The Language of God:  A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief,  by Dr. Francis Collins.  It is a book that attempts to reconcile faith and science.  I have a feeling that the above dream may flesh out his theories.  In addition I found an article in Stanford Review while researching this posting that synopsizes a recent lecture by Dr. Collins.  The last two paragraphs of this article may be of relevance to today’s writing.  In the meantime, another piece of the puzzle came my way in June, 2007 when I happened to walk past a newstand and see an issue of Scientific American that immediately made me think of this dream vision:


Unfortunately I did not have time to read the entire article at the newstand, but it did indeed show my little ‘ball’ as the ‘molecule’ that started it all, and was discussing something about the requirement for self-programming for it to evolve.  I was excited to see this in a scientific publication and felt that science is part of the Spirit leading us into all the truth.  I think it may be close to ‘explaining and understanding creation’ and I believe and hope that religion and science can indeed meet in the middle in truth.  I have felt for some time now that if you take the truth of God as an absolute on the one hand and work backwards, and then take the truth that science is gradually revealing to us and work forward, that if they are both truth then they will meet in the middle. 

So, into the great debate I offer this experience for discernment by others far more knowledgeable than I.  I would love for this and other experiences to be scrutinized for truth by scientists, theologians and metaphysical researchers, so that we can come to greater understanding of God and Man.  I invite the reader to do his own investigation of this profound issue.  Feel free to click on the links above to further explore the hypothesis presented in today’s writing.  As for me, the more I experience of God, the more I realize I know nothing…

As a parting thought I share those two sentences quietly spoken by God in a dream that made me know that this is the experience I should be sharing with you this week.  I leave them also for you to ponder and discern, in light of today’s sharing:

You are the city of Spirit (meaning us – His creation)You give Me form.


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