There is a little blog I have followed the past couple of years, and I personally believe the experiences of the purported visionary, Janet Klasson, to be authentic.  Each must discern for himself, of course, but the words she is experiencing echo my own dream experiences and words.  I have to tell you, after almost 16 years now of faithful and careful recording of my own dream experiences and various mystical happenings, it was a powerful confirmation for me to read one of the most recent messages from her blog:

Those who are wise do not dismiss all dreams, but search the meaning of those that appear to be significant…

Matthew 2:12 And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, (the wise men) left for their own country by another road.

“My children, is it so hard to believe that I would speak to my servants through dreams? It was not hard for the wise men to believe, nor St. Joseph. At certain times, I choose to speak to souls through dreams. Not every dream contains a message, but those that do require discernment. Those who are wise do not dismiss all dreams, but search the meaning of those that appear to be significant. I never send a dream-message without a reason, so it behooves the dreamer to pray and ponder. If you cannot decipher its meaning offer me this prayer, “Lord if this dream is from you, then please clarify its meaning; if not, please let it fade from my memory.” Be aware that the evil one can also speak through dreams. When in doubt about the origin of the dream it is best to ignore it completely. You may be at peace with this. Children if all this confuses you, go back to the basics, to Scripture, prayer and the sacraments. Be little and accept all that happens with grace and gratitude. I am near to you at all times, awake or asleep. My children, I love you. Have faith!”  Message from Jesus – January 28, 2016


I invite you to investigate her website and discern for yourself.  Oh, how the times demand that we delve seriously into our spiritual selves…


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The further I get into my dream sharings the more concerned I am for the times we find ourselves at.  Yet I say again that one only has to look at headlines to feel the same way…

I and many others who are watching the signs of the times and have a little spiritual insight feel we are on the brink of some major changes in the world.  However, this is not a time to fear, but a time to choose to walk in the direction of holiness – wholeness – and love.  A time to turn towards God.  All you need to do is turn…God will do the rest.

So, even now, to perhaps aid you in your turning, I share some pretty disturbing spiritual dreams…two that were the next chronologically in my sharing, and one very recent.    I leave it to the readers to discern them.


I had a brief dream that the Virgin Mary appeared to me.  She was all dressed in white.  She had a long, shiny white robe with a white folded veil over the top of her head, flowing down the sides.  She wore no crown or anything and I noted nothing else about her appearance – just the image of Mary that was unmistakable, dressed completely in white.  She stood talking to me in a very calm, demure pose – almost like a statue.  She only said two things to me that I remember.  The first was:

Many people will suffer and die as a result of the chastisements coming to the earth.”

The second thing she said to me was:

Your heart is growing very well in love”

Needless to say I hoped the first sentence she spoke above was just my own dream figment (while I would like to have thought the second wasn’t!).  In the end this was either an experience of Mary or my own dream imagination.  However, I do strive to live in love and I know every day I fall down in that attempt many times, but this is not what matters to God…He really only wants us to try…the help provided to a soul who decides to try is immeasurable…just as God is.  So I have to pipe up here and say to souls:  PLEASE TRY!  TIME IS SHORT!

Having said this I share next the most recent dream experience:

Sunday, May 13, 2012 – Early Morning

I had a brief, but most glorious dream (because Jesus was in it!).  I dreamt I walked into a room in a house – a living room I think.  There was one man with me in the room to my left.  I believe it was a priest.  He faced me and watched me.

Then I saw to my right a three dimensional painting on the wall and it had the face of Jesus on it.  His face stuck out from the wall’s painting in a three dimensional way.  His face was turned away from me though – He faced inward toward the wall and a window that was right beside the painting.

As I came into the room and saw this I immediately (OF COURSE!) gazed at the photo with longing and love and spoke His name.  As I did this the face came to life and turned to face me with the most beautiful explosion of power and love and I immediately dropped like a brick to my knees in ecstasy and adoration – frozen – kneeling.  I went into a state of bliss, but sensed ever so slightly that I was still holding my body upright by my own power – ie. ever so slightly not fully surrendered into that power and light.  So I let go of this ever so slight conscious personal power and let go completely and my being became 100% completely filled and held upright by God’s power and this overwhelming inundation from Jesus…

I went into a state of complete immersion in this while the priest in the room watched.  After I know not how long I came out of this state and Jesus somehow indicated that I was to look outside the window.  I turned my gaze to the right as He did this and watched.  I looked outside the window – it was very, very dark outside.  Then I saw come straight down from the sky the largest lightening bolt I have ever seen!  It was huge, powerful and as straight as an arrow.  It hit the earth with amazing power – and very suddenly too!  As it smashed into the earth I awoke with a start and remembered the wondrous experience of this dream, but I do not really understand what Jesus was showing me, except I knew the lightening bolt was sent down by God, the Father.

Shortly after this dream I happened to visit a webpage I read occasionally and was shocked to hear the latest ‘message’ apparently given to a visionary in the United States.  I encourage you to visit www.wordsfromjesus.com to read the message from June 2, 2012.

I have to say I was quite surprised at the coincidence…even the coincidence of the chronological sharing of my writings from many years ago and how they tie into things experienced by others that are becoming known now…but I guess nothing is a coincidence with God…He is the Divine Author behind all and He has mercifully chosen instruments in a cohesive and powerful way all over the world (if we could but see it!) to make His warnings known.  I am one small voice, but I beg those of you in the circle of my witness to accept the witness that I give with my full heart and identity.  Your soul and its’ state in eternity (after this brief world) is no small thing.  Stop ignoring it!  Please, I beg of you…heed my words…The end comes suddenly sometimes and I think it is only those who have suddenly lost loved ones that truly understand what I say.

But enough…I share with you the next chronological dream experience tied into the one from the last writings’ posting on this site.  As you read through the following, note that, again, I believe God warns with images, so I do not personally expect to see a locust plague literally appear…however it is an old, very well understood symbolic representation of chastisement, and this chastisement, I believe, is only the result of our failure to walk in God’s ways…love’s ways…

 Monday, November 7, 2005 – Early Morning

Dreamt I was in a field with many other people and saw the locust plague start to descend in my area.  People were unaware of what was starting.  I looked to the sky and lifted both arms upwards and saw a white bird like a dove descend towards me.  I said “I don’t know where to go to safety.  Will you guide me?”  The bird answered “Yes.  Follow me and I will lead you.”  The bird then alighted near my upwardly outstretched right hand and flew and guided me to the right, diagonally across the field to a green bus or trolley-type car of sorts made of metal with windows that closed securely.

I started to yell instructions and warnings to all around me as I followed the bird.  I said “This will be bad!  You must listen to me!  Head for secure dwellings made of all metal if possible and close all windows.  Seek shelter indoors immediately!  This will be devastating!  Do not hesitate!  Go immediately!”

People were caught unaware and were scrambling in unorganized, confused chaos to enter buildings for safety, but were unsure of where to go.  They began to try to enter homes and buildings around the field.

The bird then led me into the trolley/bus where a seat was prepared and waiting for us.  Others had also been escorted to this special instrument of departure/protection from the descending catastrophe.  The windows were closed and checked and the driver began to pull away from the area.  The man in the front seat beside the driver asksed the driver if he should check the vehicle’s ventilation system after I had checked all the windows.  I was like an informed leader of this group of people in this area.  I heard and urged him ‘yes’, because I knew the locusts would come through the ventilation ducts if he did not.  But the driver wasn’t sure he should listen to me as it would then get stuffy in the vehicle.  I said firmly, “I know what I’m talking about!  I’ve been forewarned!  Close the ventilation system!”  He didn’t immediately comply as he contemplated what to do, until a few locusts came in as the swarm/plague hit and he quickly turned it off.  There was then no threat to us.

The bird had come on the trolley car with us and turned into an angel – there to guide us.  We drove from West to East and as we did, all the destruction was before and around us.  We drove safely through the descending attack and into areas of complete devastation completely laid waste by the attacking horde as we headed East.  We became a select few on a life raft, floating down a stream or river Eastward.  We were all lying or holding on to the life raft, the end of which was taking on water and starting to sink.

As we looked at the embankments around us, there was no life/people.  There were only dead locusts littering the vegetation-less shores – dead husks of beige/grey bodies litteredin heaping mounds everywhere, covering the embankments/earth along both sides of this river.

We saw the raft begin to sink and the angel instructed us to slip into the water and swim to the very near shore where a house prepared waited for us – our safe refuge.  We could all swim and there was no danger in doing this.  Almost immediately we were in the house – completely dry and safe and cared for.

I then saw my angel fully as she really looked.  She was so pretty – a sweet, tiny thing almost like a girl, with long auburn hair.  She was so sweet I marvelled as I looked at her face to face.  I was attending to the others in the house, who I think sat at some table and I turned to ask her her name.  She smiled, but I don’t remember if she answered me.  She spoke of many things.  I think it was information of how to ride out the locust plague, but I remember no details.  I was, though, the most prepared of those with me and the most at ease or in connection with the spirit world and knew what was going on behind the scenes and I was not unprepared or surprised by the meeting of these two worlds in my life…

The others were all sitting and I was led apart and the angel continued to speak to me of my life.  She knew me well and I knew she knew all about me.  She had such a special way of looking at me – with such even, calm, sweetness and much love.  I then realized I related back to her in much the same way.  I loved her so, and even though I was a little demure and shy as I spoke with her, I was so firm in ‘the knowing’ (very hard to explain this feeling – connectedness?) that I spoke to her as one on the inside – listening to instructions, getting information and helping others – still – even in these circumstances.

I remember nothing specific of our conversation (the angel and I) – just the matter of factness of our exchange and how she interacted with me – specially pulled aside and singled out – even from this ‘inside group’ who had been protected.

Then, all of a sudden, Satan came – or was allowed to come.  He was allowed into the house – even as we were all there.  He came again in this dream as a man all dressed in black.  The angel was still there too and she watched the exchange between us.  He singled me out and took me aside and we sat down on a window ledge of this house.

He was completely disarmed and powerless as he spoke to me.  He even seemed to shake his head in exasperation with me.  He referred to me as holy.  He said:

 “I’ve been able to tempt most women with many things, but with you I can do nothing!  Nothing works on you!” 

 I sat beside him with complete innocence, detachment, holiness and simplicity as he said this and the angel watched.  I said nothing to him, but sat and listened as he spoke this in frustration and resignation out loud in front of everyone and I just sat, resolute and calm – completely unafraid and unaffected by his presence and knew this was true.  I woke up immediately with such emotion and recorded the dream right away.

I wish I knew exactly what these most vivid dreams mean, but in the end I don’t think that it is truly necessary for me to know the future literally.  I know enough spiritually to know that the truth of the spiritual life beyond this one is no fairytale.  That’s the good news.  There is life after this one.  How you spend your time preparing for it is, in the end, up to you.

I leave you with words to ponder from the next chronological dream experience that follows this one.  In it, there is a warning from a character in the dream that I experienced to be a newsman.  Was it the great Newsman, the Good News – Jesus?  I leave it to you to discern:

You will receive punishment for hearing not and listening not to that which you heard.” Dream of November 29, 2005


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God - Sphere of Light


Today I would like to share a profound spiritual dream from 2004 that illustrates the power of prayer.  In the process of preparing this writing I performed my customary search for photo images that were relevant to the sharing to bring the words alive for the reader.  I have to tell you, though, that I really struggled in trying to find an image to illustrate what I ‘saw’ in the following experience of God.  I did my usual search through Photobucket and Google Images, only to realize I was wasting my time!  Why on earth did I expect to find a picture of God?

So, the image you see above was the closest thing I could find with my limited time that symbolically portrays what I saw.  Today I think the words of the dream will have to be left standing pretty much on their own in illustrating something that just can’t be illustrated.

I offer this experience today because I hear and see all around me the difficulties, trials, pain, sufferings, discouragement and weariness of many.  I share in it also!  It is not easy to keep walking this earthly life, especially these days, even with faith.  How much more difficult it must be without it…

Sometimes the only thing one can do is pray.  The funny thing about prayer, though, is that it is invisible to our earthly eyes.  Often we pray without really knowing if it is doing anything, because we can’t see it.  Sometimes we are fortunate to see the outcome of our prayer, when circumstances are mitigated, loved ones are healed or requests are granted.  Many times, though, things do not go as we expect and it seems that our prayers are for naught.  It would be so much easier if we could see behind the scenes and understand why it seems God answers some prayers, but not others.

In truth, no prayer is unheard by God.  However, it takes great trust, when things don’t seem to go our way, that He is answering our prayers in perfect ways.  Unfathomable ways.  Every now and then it is helpful to have a little encouragement in the journey, and the following experience was, for me, and hopefully will be for you, an incredible motivator and consolation.


I dreamt I was on my living room couch preparing to put food in my mouth and then I was struck – BOOM!by an enormous energy blast that sent me lying back on the couch unable to move or speak.  I was frozen.  Then my mother (the character in the dream was my human mother, dressed in blue – it did not appear to me that it was Mary) walked in the front door of my house and I walked up to her in spirit because my body was left immobile on the couch.

She motioned to me without speaking to come and sit with her in my living room to watch something.  The television screen in front of us opened by itself and I was then shown pictures of me speaking to people in various snapshot scenes outside of the current time/space.  As I watched this I was also speaking to another character in the dream – another mother – and was telling her information about God and was speaking to her about the Rosary and other things.

Then on this television screen I was shown energy blasts and changing scenes of me speaking to various people I know and love, and saw myself giving them information.  Over and over again I was shown these energy blasts one after the other (boom, boom boom!) which showed me different scenes.  I was frozen in time, but I was shown I was able to help all these people.  In the moment I was frozen I was shown how my desire, prayers, words of good intention and wanting to help others goes out to each person.

Then, after being shown this screen of flipping pictures of me and my words in many people’s lives I was taken in spirit out of time and space to somewhere far away – like outer space, but hard to describe.  It was not dark.  It was a place of MASSIVE energy with a soft beige lighted background and in front of me was God.

God appeared as this energy – luminescence – FIERY, ELECTRICAL THING – that looked like a round depthless circle of radiating energy bands, with electrical fire crackling across It and around It constantly.  I was then shown that each time I acted or did things to offer myself to others in prayer, acts of suffering, etc., God would fire a ball of energy that welled up from inside His being and send it – BOOM!!! – at very high speed, like a hurtling energy ball of crackling fiery energy, into that person’s life.  WHAT I SAW WAS AN AMAZING AND UTTERLY INDESCRIBABLE FORCE OF ENERGY!!!  I understood that these balls of energy came as a result of my acts and that God would then sent these bursts – these electrical balls of light and energy – into the people as a result of my requests.

I saw God from an angle (as if I could see His front and slightly behind Him as well).  He appeared to be a ‘flat’ circle of radiating energy and light, but I knew He was actually a radiating circle of depthlessness.  I refer to Him as depthless, because although He appeared flat from this angle, I saw that the fiery balls were drawn from somewhere deep inside Himself – from inside His epicenter (the very centre of the radiating circle of light).  I could see that the energy balls were drawn from somewhere inside His being, so even though His face, or front, appeared flat to me, I knew that He was depthless.  (This is very hard for me to describe and I feel that no matter what I say I cannot do the experience justice with human words).

Then I was all of a sudden back in my body on the couch and rose in utter amazement and JOY!, JOY!, JOY!  I started to run around the room telling everyone and screaming “I’ve seen God! I’ve seen God!”  No-one believed me, but I proved it to them by telling them what I had seen in the flash of time when I travelled out of time and space ‘to’ God to see what my actions were procuring for others.  I’ll never forget the sight of seeing this energy Magnificence, like some science fiction energy vortex/plane/circle.

In this dream the intention was to show me how God sent these energy blasts to people to help them in response to my requests (prayer).  As I gave this information to people to make them realize I had been ‘there’ in this dream, they misunderstood and thought I was elevating myself.

In response I said:

 “No!!! Joy upon joy upon joy!!!  This is how my actions are helping others!!!”

It is indeed very hard for me in writing to share the utterly profound nature of this dream as I experienced it.  These experiences differ from ordinary, everyday occurrences and leave a profound mark on the one that experiences them.  Also telling is the way that an experience like this changes a person, in a way only God can!  The vividness of my many experiences, even those in the dream state, have left me so profoundly changed, that this change, from who I was ten years ago, to who I am today, stands also as my witness to the truth of God.

All I ask from you in response to this sharing is that you never, even for a minute, underestimate the power of your prayers, acts and sufferings.  Do not give up, even though you cannot see the fruits of your labour!  God wastes none of it and Oh what joy you will have in Heaven one day when you see what you have done…


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